• Build Advice
    Intell Core i7-3770K – Processor
    Intel BOXDZ77Gal-70K – Motherboard
    16gb Ram
    750gb WD WD7500AZEX – Hard Drive
    Intel 180 gb Solid state for smart…
  • Today, I Lived the Dream
    I just started a new job in a chiropractor’s office. I’ve never worked in a doctor’s office before, and I am learning all kinds of valuable new…
  • …This Explains So Much. aka Seraph Finally Figured It Out.
    So, I’ve mentioned a specific ex-client thorn in my side (http://customerssuck.com/board/showthread.php?t=69205) a few times. He shows up…
  • happy bday
    To me!!!!!
  • f*ck, f*ck, f*ck
    so here I am alone(hubs is in chicago for a week-work stuff), already feeling bad because no one wants to do anything/talk to me/return my texts/come…
  • small rant….and slight sadness…
    around this time of year, I hear stories of people saying about their grandparents and either ranting about them or saying things that I feel like…
  • The Duel in the Desert
    Last night was the annual football game between my alma mater, the Arizona State University Sun Devils, and our hated rivals to the south, the…
  • Good things about books 😉
    Book/Reading Pet Peeves (http://customerssuck.com/board/showthread.php?t=94570) got me thinking about… what about the good things in books?


  • O_o wow, what a Thanksgiving she’s having! 🙁
    I’m not even sure if she’s back yet… but one of my neighbors had a very … bittersweet Thanksgiving.

    Tuesday night I was up late playing…

  • Alicia Keys on "Late Night with Jimmy Fallon"
    Like most musical artists she was asked to perform before the interview. So what does she choose? One of her hit songs?

    Not quite. This one needs…

  • Back for a moment to give updates!
    hi all
    back for a moment to give updates.
    if you didn’t know i moved from louisiana to texas. without internet beyond going to the library….
  • Desktop Wallpaper – Holiday Edition 2012
    Haven’t done one of these in quite a while, but what’s on your computer desktop?

    I’ve got mine ready for Christmas . . .

  • Pay Attention To What You’re Ordering
    I work in a deli/bakery. It’s all one spot, but I’m actually a deli clerk. However, at night I take orders after all the bakery people have gone…
  • dammit Yodel.
    If you are in the UK you may remember a company called Home Delivery Network or their newish trading name Yodel.

    The short version is that they…

  • SIGH Don’t prank callers have anything better to do with their time?
    My guess is, probably not. I was the unlucky unfortunate victim last night when I delivered some food to the address. I’m only in my second week, and…
  • Cuteness, Hillarity, Stupidity and RAGE all in one day (Long)
    Thankfully, I started work at ten today and as such missed much of the frothing wars over the more desperate bundles (we got in 5 wii Us that weren’t…
  • My customers are well, you decide.
    Today we had a few customers that seemed a little “not all there”.

    Me: awesome game store manager
    SC: well you know

    1st customer

    Me: Hi,…

  • Mysty’s List
    Because Skippy isn’t the only person who gets rules laid down for him.

    Just because I’m not the same snarling bitch I used to be doesn’t mean that…

  • RIP Larry Hagman
    Goodbye, you magnificent bastard. 🙁


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