• Ummm, Cheap are we?
    I’m currently selling an item on eBay for 50 starting, 60 buy it now. I’ve priced it at half its value for quick sale because I need the money. …
  • Um, how do I eat this?
    I didn’t complain to anyone about this btw 🙁 Yes, I know, I should’ve, but I was on holiday!
    So me & the BF took the holiday we’d been planning all…
  • /r/CrappyDesign/
    For anyone who does product design, website design… All I have to say, is… 😆


  • Douchebag(s) of the Week
    DISCLAIMER: The following candidates for Douchebag of the Week are from the last 2-3 weeks. I have creative timekeeping skills. Deal with it.
  • Trojans!!!
    (no, not that kind)

    So I’ve been having some computer issues so the other day I ran a full scan and yesterday my dad did some stuff and ran a…

  • Sorry, but no
    In the same vein of the laptop post, I once again am at a place that has free wifi (Starbucks), enjoying some coffee goodness (yay pumpkin spice!)…
  • Christmas songs that MUST DIE!
    I don’t want to jack the other music thread so I’m starting this one. Title is self explanatory:

    *It’s the most wonderful time of the year* – No,…

  • Cyber Monday?
    Does it really exist? I have heard that right after Black Friday, there is “Cyber Monday,” wherein a lot of techno stuff goes on stupid sales.


  • Corporate policies vs. reality
    A few months ago we were given an info packet to read over at work, it was mainly a refresher on the companies conflict of…
  • "What’s That Smell?!!!"
    After reading the stories here I had been wishing something would happen to me that I could post on this forum. You know what they say “Be careful…
  • Fun from yesterday
    A few from returns, a few from self-scan, and everything in between.

    *You better hope I don’t find you…*
    Manager C has become a champion of my…

  • I see what you did there. Price gouging
    Sis’s idea for an xmas gift to my BF and I was a tour of something local, like a little adventure for us.

    I found a website that offered tour…

  • Good feedback so far by workers
    [Mods: if this is in the wrong section, please move it to the appropriate place.]

    Aside from all the Black Friday and weekend chaos, has anyone…

  • Black Friday *dept. store* customers

    The above link pertains to this post.

    From what I understand, the GM who was working…

  • once again into the breach
    Well, I am sitting here right now on the world’s slowest wifi (make that the second slowest, Reno airport’s is slower) waiting for my plane to Reno…
  • Markdown Vultures
    As I mentioned before, I work in a deli\bakery. Lucky me, I’m the closer. Every day, day shift fills up the deli steam table with fried chicken,…
  • Crazy speeder nearly turns me into a pancake!
    Or at least nearly spins me out of the road. This guy was in a BIG hurry. To get in an accident, it seemed.
    So I was merging into the highway. I’ve…
  • True Blood
    Just started watching True Blood and Episode 1 Season 1 had one of the best cases of SC I have ever seen on TV.

    I will paraphrase some of this.

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