• Murder mystery parties
    We did our first murder mystery party last night and it was a blast. Granted we all started drinking around 1:30 in the afternoon, but hey.
  • Why would I answer if we’re not open??
    Me: you’re ever present receptionist
    Caller: some choad

    Me: thank you for calling (redacted), how may I direct your call?
    Caller: Are you open…

  • Cops live while at In-Law’s
    The players:
    DG- Drunk Guy
    Woman #1 – DG’s GF
    Woman #2 – Woman #1’s sister
    MIL – My Mother in Law

    I may be in trouble with my MIL. …

  • Another Threatened Assault…Do I Have a Neon Sign Above My Head or Something?
    The difference between this time and the last time, when a bum came at me (http://customerssuck.com/board/showthread.php?t=87315) (it’s under the…
  • RIP Gerry Anderson!

    Thunderbirds and Stingray….oh, the memories…

    I think I have my brother’s model of…

  • Taking the Train
    As I write this, I’m on an Amtrak train on my way home from Brother’s house after spending the holiday with him and his family, and getting to spend…
  • Never seen someone so irate over not having a problem…
    Greetings fellow SC-haters. Here’s a good-un for ya.

    My dad sometimes flips used cars to make a little side money. The one he currently has was…

  • Insistent 4am Caller
    It’s nearly 5am, on December 27th.

    For the last *HOUR*, this one guy has been calling and texting my wife’s work phone, trying to get her to pick…

  • model tardis bigger on the inside
    …via augmented reality.


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