• …It wasn’t me. I SWEAR
    Our internet’s been horrific all day, and I finally got annoyed enough that I called up our ISP about it. Turns out, there was a fire in Baltimore…
  • Pet Peeves!
    I work at a game store so this might be a change up from the usual retail PPs (some of them will be the same but I get a few odd ones). We sell board…
  • Atten, HUT! Rip "Stormin Norman" Scharzkopf
    Goodbye to arguably the last of the great generals.


  • Pizza tipping…how much?
    I know it’s probably different depending on where you live, but I’ve never been sure what’s an acceptable tip for pizza delivery folks. I always tip…
  • Apartment property damage from EW neighbor
    *Background – skip to next bold marks if you don’t want backgrounds or don’t care ;)*

    My apartment complex is on “Firefly Drive”. Well not really…

  • Being a lead sucks ASS!!!!!!!!!
    Being a Lead SUCKS ASS!!!!!!

    Being a lead is NOT what I expected. They “promoted” me to lead because I bust my ass and get things done. But being…

  • New computer no ethernet
    Hubby’s built a new computer and is having issues.

    Specs are:
    Items Ordered
    Gigabyte 760G, AMD FX-6100 X6 95W AM3+ Processor, 8GBs Kingston…

  • Let me tell you about..
    A great man.

    His name was Thomas, at least the name we knew. He changed his name when he came to New York from Michigan. He wasn’t alone though….

  • Mr Plow is not what I’d call you
    Got a huge dump of snow last night and the snowplows were out early (and surprisingly quickly for our area). I wake up to a freshly plowed road with…
  • Dead Switch
    We came back from the Christmas break to find that half the computers in the bank couldn’t get on the network. Joy.

    At first, we thought it was…

  • Autism advice (LONG explanation!)
    So I have a Special Education placement next year (currently studying Special Ed at uni, by the time I graduate I’ll be able to teach both mainstream…
  • I think I just found the perfect game for Seraph.
    Now Seraph can bun things to her hearts content….safely!

    Little Inferno

    Little Inferno, a virtual…

  • Minor grumble
    So today I posted up a few journals on the sites where most of my customers find me, asking about interest in a plush pattern project I’m…
  • If I ever have to come to my hospital for medical care…just shoot me.
    Please. Put me out of my misery because I am honestly afraid of these people.

    I had a person call tonight because they forgot their password.

  • Are… Are you being serious?
    Remembered this while at wally mart today; I suppose it’s a sighting, not too sure and it’s from a couple years back.

    But let’s start with today…

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