Your Team at Customers Suck

These are the people who keep your site running smoothly.
Keep in mind that all of these people volunteer their time to lend a hand whenever and wherever they are needed. They are all very dedicated to the site and will do their best to help anyone who needs it.



“Just some guy”

A member for several years, ‘Raps’ as he is fondly referred to, bought the site early in 2006.

Known for his sharp wit and intelligence, and for his easy-going manner, Rapscallion always has a great story to share. His “furry manboobs” line is one of the CustomersSuck! classic tales. If you’re a newbie, ask anyone who has been here for any length of time.

Despite being born in the early years of Queen Victoria’s reign, Raps is a man often let down by his socks.  Known to his colleagues as a workaholic and ‘that guy in the fridge wearing shorts and a Hawaian shirt’, he’s got a decade of experience in retail behind him and now plies his trade in retail.

Make no mistake, though – he has a fun and fuzzy exterior, but beneath it is a core of pure bastard that is only seen on rare occasions.  Malfeasants beware.



“Heavy Metal Admin”

You know, you just need a good “behind the scenes” guy and MadMike fits the bill. He’s been around CS for a number of years now and knows all the ins and outs. When he’s not online, he’s behind the scenes doing his best to make sure all the bells and whistles are working like they should.

Don’t underestimate the power of the “Heavy Metal” . . . while he’s very personable and funny with a wicked sense of humor, he hates spammers and has counted many coup (and the tally is still running.)

Don’t be shy about asking him a question – he’s really good at responding to PM’s.

If he bites, we’re not liable for any damages.



“Driven to the drink”

Boozy is one of our Canadian mods.
She is actually more often seen over on our sister site, Fratching but she also manages to fit in some moderating time on CS.
She has been described by Rapscallion as “very portable” after meeting her in person.
She may be small in stature, but she does an amazing job of keeping things at fratching on friendly terms, and ensures that mature, intelligent debate takes place over there. She brings that same calm and rational style to CS.
Boozy is very happy to give any advice or answer any questions you may have about posting at CustomersSuck!


“Super Moderator”

Crazylegs has been a member of for a couple of years now.
He is very level headed, and good at keeping his head in frenetic situations.

Another recruit for the “Brit” Mod team, his username stems from his great height! He is always willing to lend a hand, and be a sounding board for those who need advice.


“Den Mother”

As her title suggests, DGoddess is the Den Mother of CustomersSuck! She has been hanging around the halls of CustomersSuck! for a few years now, so she knows what makes the place tick.

She loves her kitties, and always has some great pictures to share. She also has some hilarious tales from her workplace. She has a quick wit and can find the humor in the most daunting of situations.


“Cosmetic Brain Surgeon”

Dips lives on the east coast of the United States, a few miles from Boston, Massachusetts to be exact. She is married and has an adult daughter and two cats.

Job experience has included stints as a fast food server, a banquet waitress, a bank teller, answering complaint letters at a travel package company and a hunchback in several research labs at a teaching hospital. She currently works at a Mom & Pop software company doing sales, customer service, tech support, administrative work and filing (when she can’t get out of it).

She’s always been intrigued by what makes sucky customers tick and likes to weigh in on their thought processes or lack thereof. You’ll see her in the forums most often in the early mornings for her time zone (GMT -5 aka Eastern) and periodically throughout the workday when things aren’t too busy.


“Mrs TTO 😀 :D”

Iradney is well known across the board for a number of reasons; her sense of fair play, her quick wit and lastly an avatar that would cause a revolution if changed!

Iradney presents a caring and benevolent side to those among the boards, but don’t let that fool you, she will bring down the burning fury of a thousand suns should the need arise (mostly though for spammers you’ll be pleased to note!)

Always helpful to those who need it, “Rads” will show people around the place, answer any little (or large) questions and generally help out.


“Funky Boy!”

Probably one of the least known and less visible members of the team, but if you have ever checked to see who’s online, chances are, you’ve seen the name.

Moogoo lives a life of leisure and is able to be online at odd hours when the rest of the team are sleeping, ensuring a mod presence on the board pretty much around the clock.


“Hot Coffee Mod”

NightAngel has been a member at CustomersSuck! for a while.

She has been known for her strong defense of family and child, and her intelligent posts. She has some wonderful tales from behind the counter at a video store.

She keeps a very close eye on the workings of the site, and doesn’t hesitate to step in if she sees anything amiss. Members can confidently PM NightAngel, knowing that she will assist them in every way.


“Super Moderator”

He may not be very visible at times around here, but Protégé’s been around for many years and has been a big part of the CS we’ve all come to know and love.

He’s a “been there, done that” kind of guy – he’s worked for various retail employers in the past, so he’s got some good vintage tales to share as well as occasional situations from his current position. He loves his kitties and his MG – his babies – and he does like to talk about them both. He’s a real sweetheart to all who know him here – but in a flash he can really take down a troublemaker faster than you can cry “help.”

Don’ be shy about asking Protégé a question or sharing a concern: he doesn’t bite.

Unless it’s a full moon perhaps. But we can’t guarantee that either.


“Lunatic posing as normal!”

Ree has been a member at CS for close to 10 years. If you have a question, she probably has the answer, and if not, she will do her best to find it.

Members have sort of adopted her as their mother figure. She has been known as a ‘sounding board’ and sympathetic shoulder. She always welcomes PM’s from anyone who may need advice or just someone to vent to.

Known for her fierce protectiveness of the site, its members, and her friends, any member can rest assured that she will do her best to right any wrongs committed against them, to the benefit of the site.


“Mistress of the House of Books”

Created from the fertile mud of the Nile River, Seshat is the one who records the names of the Pharaohs for later generations to remember them.

When resting from her divine duties, she enjoys knitting, crochet, and violently destroying the bad guy in computer games.

Spiffy McMoron

“Historically Inaccurate Mod”

As you can tell by his name, Spiffy has a wonderful sense of humor.

Spiffy has shared some great stories with us during his time at CustomersSuck!
One of his tales even made the War Stories section. He is a staunch and loyal fan of his beloved Calgary Flames hockey team.

His work schedule, and his Canadian time zone mean that he doesn’t get on the site during the peak posting hours, but Spiffy always manages to catch some of the action and doesn’t hesitate to step in. He is very open and honest and eager to help in any way he can.