Customers Suck is a website devoted to those who face customers in all forms.  Over time, it developed into a community of people who had shared experiences and could sympathise or laugh at the inanity of working with people.

We have a selection of our tales on these front pages, so feel free to cry, goggle, or laugh out loud at the inhumanity of customer to CSR.  We also have a forum – click on the link to the left and feel free to join in.

Customers Suck is owned and operated by Rapscallion.  The moderators give up their time to keep the board running smoothly.  The site is run without revenue from adverts or subscriptions.

The site is free to all intents and purposes, and it’s open to all to view, as long as you are willing to behave with respect for your fellow visitors.  The main pages are where the stories are kept, but the real action is in the forum and chat room.  We have standards we wish to maintain, and we will do just that.  If you’re willing to play nice, we’ll keep the sandpit nice for you.

We’re here so the oppressed can vent and celebrate.  We’re not here for people to debate or argue with each others.  We have our purpose and will remain true to it.  Some customers suck, and this is where we talk about them.

Hold on, we just said ‘some’…

That’s right.  Not all customers suck.  The very philosophy of this site is that not all customers are evil and should be treated with contempt.  We even have a section of the forum for praising customers who go out of their way to help workers deal with their life.

We’re here for the minority who make themselve noticeable by acting … suckily.  There is a huge mass of people who are barely noticeable because they act as normal human beings, but others commit acts of weapon-grade stupidity or cruelty that stun even the most hardened CSR.  That’s why we’re here.  Be they cheating the system, stealing, scamming, dumber than a bagful of spanners, entitlement-minded, or the most loathsome creature to have set foot in sunlight and still survived, this is where we gather to speak of their foulness.

This is  While there are customers like that, this place will exist.