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Come on in and set a spell
09-29-2018 until 12-30-2020
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Come on in and set a spell

We'd like to extend a warm welcome to all of our new users, present and future -- Please drop in to our "New Members" forum and introduce yourselves!

Don't worry, we're friendly, we won't bite . . . Okay, okay, with one or two notable exceptions, maybe

We do have a Rules list, so please take a few minutes to go over them. Site News is where to find these, along with threads talking about repeated issues that have shown up as of late. Any items in the top ten most recent bumps are things we've had to crack down on as of late

The big points are essentially: No flaming, no politics, no religion, no debates nor suggestions of violence against customers or other users, no meta-modding (read: if there is an issue with a post, Report it (the little ! icon), but do not say anything to the offending user), and basically just don't be a jerk. We also have a rule about terminology used for little children -- describing their behavior (e.g. "acting like a brat/little terror") is fine; referring to their (supposed) origin is not (e.g. anything including words such as "demon," "spawn," "crotch dropping," etc). No racism/sexism/other prejudice, either, but I hope that goes without saying. Also, while you are free to mention your own past or present places of work at your own risk, you may not do so to other users, period. We suggest that you obfuscate your own whenever possible, but it's up to you if you wanna say that you work at Wal*Mart instead of at "Voldemart." Beyond that, hey, what happens in CS, stays in CS.

We moderate a bit more heavily than other boards, and our membership skews a little bit older than many other boards, with the net result being that we tend to be a more civil place than some others . . . most of the time. That being said, we don't really care about cursing, as long as a) it's not directed toward other members, and b) you keep it reasonable. Throwing a couple expletives into a sentence and we won't mind; going full George Carlin, or blatantly cursing up a storm just to annoy people, we mind. So . . . use it in moderation

If you wish to debate, talk politics or religion, etc, please head on over to our sister site, www.fratching.com -- where such things are both welcome and encouraged. The rule about not flaming others still applies, however.

You can also use Report to get a message to us asking us to move your thread, edit the title, etc -- you will not get in trouble, and it's much faster than saying "Mods, can you please move this?" in-thread and just hoping we come across your comment eventually. Note that ALL Reports are anonymous to non-Mod/Admin users, we will NEVER discuss who Reported any post/thread, nor do we discuss the results of any disciplinary measures taken/call out the users. The most you will normally see is something like "We had to delete some posts because _____. Knock it off."

Please feel free to message me or any other mods if you have any questions (our names show up in bold in the online member list at the bottom of the main forum page.
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