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  1. ARGH.
  2. When you don't know what to do, Do SOMETHING.
  3. When the Boss asks you to look at his gaming rig, just say no
  4. What got published where!!?
  5. We had to know everything... somehow
  6. Sorry, but maybe I can refer you to the domestic dispute line?
  7. fun with laptops
  8. Are you kidding me? (Warning: May cause aneurysm)
  9. Paging techs and their responses (ranty, long)
  10. I can't find decent PC repair *epic*
  11. Really?
  12. ALL systems are down
  13. Stupid vendor support...
  14. Now for some SC stuff from the last 2 weeks (kinda long).
  15. You have an interesting definition of "saving time."
  16. Short & Simple
  17. Must Control Fist of Death!
  18. This one is for my DH
  19. I'm using a virus and I'm happy with it.
  20. Does anyone else hate Windows 7...
  21. Tech/customer support rules
  22. When I say it's broken, I'm not kidding...
  23. Who's Your ISP? *Facepalm*
  24. If you're going to write a complaint letter....
  25. Yes - infecting your computer with a virus is "user error"
  26. The printer is broken
  27. Celphones
  28. I'm a computer science major....
  29. Did you follow the directions?
  30. What I've learned about professors from one year as IT support at my university:
  31. Sometimes you DON'T actually need virus protection
  32. Your stupidity has stunned me into silence.
  33. If I say, don't do anything..,
  34. Yes, we know.
  35. Removing the liquid indicators
  36. A *headdesk* kind of day
  37. This guy is TECH support?
  38. You were warned so don't get mad at me.
  39. Focus on the "problem"
  40. HOW'D YOU KNOW?!?!?!?!?!?
  41. Calling Others Stupid Doesn't Mean You Aren't.
  42. Wherein TA kills a student laptop
  43. It must be spring time
  44. I am more important!
  45. Do you like to close your calls properly?
  46. That's a really long night.
  47. Mother-in-law and mobile phone (Long)
  48. Huge screw ups other people made....
  49. Be patient
  50. Wherein TA totally confuses the email server
  51. Gee! Ya Think?
  52. Yeah, I wonder what killed it?
  53. Two favorite stories
  54. Would you like to reconsider your answer?
  55. I hate Blackberry
  56. College email minor bad dream
  57. We're not here to keep track of your passwords....
  58. I get this way too often...
  59. If You Get an Error Message...
  60. Too good to speak to me? >.>
  61. Dont. Lie. To. Me.
  62. "You worked around it, you didn't actually fix it."
  63. No, I'm telling you, it's your fault!
  64. Are you sure the printer is not OK?
  65. No, I Don't Trust You
  66. Your son's a computer guru yet doesn't even know how to read system requirements...
  67. Don't argue with me...
  68. Coworker from Nunavut?
  69. IT is NOT paying for that
  70. Illegal? I don't know *what* you're talking about!
  71. Would that make a difference? (long)
  72. I stuck something where it shouldn't go - it's all your fault!
  73. "I don't know what I did but I'm not letting you help me."
  74. F**k you, virus!
  75. It doesn't matter how it got there, stop playing semantics.
  76. Extreme "shut up and reboot"
  77. What do you expect on a $550 laptop?
  78. Smaller Screen
  79. Where I'm incapable of installing a printer..
  80. I'd Rather You Admit You Don't Know
  81. When IT screw up
  82. Experiment in virtualization.
  83. Someone touchd it, crap.
  84. Mr. Big Credentials, one ear and out the other....
  85. Our pos POS
  86. Dumb person of the year
  87. Epically Long Weekend Exploits
  88. I don't have a magic wand...
  89. If the listing says it won't work on your configuration why did you buy it?
  90. Three SCs and stupids....
  91. Epic Failures of Communication
  92. I.... don't think that is covered.
  93. No, your're not getting on that list
  94. We Are Not Responsible for Your Impending Doom
  95. Coulda, woulda, shoulda... bought the service plan.
  96. He Spoke the Truth
  97. Password Follies
  98. MTV Unplugged
  99. I Am Going To Strangle You
  100. Epic Load Average
  101. If I argue long enough... [long]
  102. TV suck - on our end.
  103. EPIC FAIL End User
  104. New laptops
  105. We are not here to teach basic office skills.
  106. I must make the web admin love me!
  107. Vague & Vain
  108. No, you really aren't that important. STFU and deal...
  109. Lightning
  110. I'm not looking forward to tonight...
  111. SAVE ME!!
  112. Mr. Wonka, is that You?
  113. Failure is always an option.
  114. I didn't log a ticket, FIX IT!
  115. Outages
  116. It's your fault I lost my files!
  117. New record
  118. Let's do more work because work is good!
  119. Nicotine cake (gross)
  120. Now this is different
  121. Some shorties....
  122. Security? I'm sorry, I have no clue what you're talking about (Long)
  123. Tech Support Customer Oneliners
  124. Watch me
  125. Damn, dude! Tell us how you really feel! (long)
  126. Toner of mass destruction
  127. Job security
  128. Misdirection
  129. You picked the wrong engineer to argue with
  130. Data rendering
  131. I wish this wasn't real...
  132. So why can't do do my project work tomorrow?
  133. D'oh. (Quickie)
  134. WD-40
  135. Wherein TA is screwed either way...
  136. Email Marketing
  137. Ethernet cable...
  138. Business Email? What's that?
  139. Wrong department. You need *life* support.
  140. Impatient Angry People That Need Less Java (long)
  141. Desktop support
  142. The end all be all massive waste of time
  143. The old "I bought it from you" crap.
  144. The Clairvoyant Server admin
  145. And in a minute you're going to tell me you have a POP3'ing machine...
  146. Needless to say......
  147. Perpetual Stupidity
  148. Welcome Back!
  149. Let's stall to get more attention!
  150. My Server Rack Sense Was Tingling.
  151. The Porn Debacle... again...
  152. You can't take my printer!!!!!!!!
  153. I helped with a printer problem...
  154. Your post is not the only one on Craigslist.
  155. Can you fix my computer, it won't connect to the network
  156. Leave me alone, I wanna go home
  157. Funny Spam Subject Lines
  158. "Reply to all" Hell
  159. Who Dares Approach the All-Knowing, All-Powerful IT!?
  160. Not taking things personally.. MAJORLY EPIC length
  161. "Computer engineer" plus some more....
  162. What's worse...
  163. Why I Will be on the Evening News Someday
  164. I want to print these business cards but I don't know anything about templates!
  165. I don't work here, I just answer the phones
  166. Quasi game for the tech heads
  167. Congrats! We get to end the call again!
  168. Sheetrock conduit??!!
  169. Like talking to a brick wall.... (long)
  170. If you can't behave, I will take it away from everyone
  171. We have to cover people's stupidity....
  172. Keyboard Fun
  173. Repairing the Artifact
  174. "Recycling" for fun and profit
  175. The farmer in the dell
  176. *.docx Denial
  177. TV & software jerks.
  178. Browser?
  179. What they said doesn't surprise me....
  180. iTunes Password
  181. I'm starting a new rule at work.
  182. skypein is acting weird
  183. Illiterate Customer
  184. Damn surveys again....
  185. From: One of my "Special" Users
  186. One recommendation, 2 different responses....
  187. So I guess a technical limitation is our fault now....
  188. Another Clueless Luser
  189. Reaped What They Sowed
  190. Wii + expensive broken TV = jerk.
  191. How not to start a conversation
  192. Human Memory FAIL
  193. So many words, so little time
  194. The Only Thing Worse Than a Virus Writer is...
  195. $200 to fix a printer?
  196. Did a SCW maybe actually learn?
  197. Mac security scam
  198. Self-described Village Idiot
  199. Unrelated Problems
  200. Refreshing thing
  201. I want to get rid of those ads.
  202. Password security is IMPORTANT!
  203. How to email your IT person..
  204. From facepalm to headdesk...
  205. No power, no computer
  206. The Chronicles of Tier I
  207. From the old days of dial-up...
  208. So your a computer person?
  209. "It didn't work!"
  210. That was not a helpful answer
  211. Not Just Clueless, Also Stupid
  212. Password Requirements are Non-Negotiable
  213. Like some sort of dummie!
  214. Helpless Desk Call
  215. Am I being a snob?
  216. Why We've Had So Many Workplace Violence Trainings
  217. Stop it! It's not a virus!
  218. Call Hopping
  219. This weeks gems.....
  220. They're gone!!!
  221. If you'd shut up for five seconds...
  222. For installation help...
  223. Know the difference between Personal IT and work IT?
  224. Damn, who pee'd in your cereal? (Long - sorry)
  225. Yes...yes, I do charge for my work
  226. I need more space to backup files
  227. You stole our property!
  228. Help me to help you (By stopping being clueless)
  229. Monitor != Computer
  230. Hat Trick!
  231. Verify who you are = poor service!!
  232. Copy-paste? What's that?
  233. Speed EW's.
  234. Intelligence Deleted
  235. Yes That's Normal
  236. A Conspiracy of One
  237. Routed straight to HECK!
  238. We Don't Support That
  239. Hey, you're a computer guy, right?
  240. Wherein non-bank tech support controls bank accounts.
  241. And this guy is an IT manager?? (long)
  242. Accusing me of incompetence...
  243. Paper faeries?
  244. For Your Own Protection
  245. Well, I'm an Idiot.
  246. Two notable SC's from last week....
  247. Pointlessly Continuing the Call
  248. Schooling the IT teacher
  249. Simple solutions for simple (people's) problems
  250. DVR Dumbass