View Full Version : Just bring it over for God's sake! <Long>

Mr. Crow
04-19-2007, 11:52 PM
I missed the brunt of this one.

Yesterday around closing time, we get an emergancy call from a town about their sewage pump motors. Both of the just go flooded and crapped out (PUN!). Problem is, there is no back up or redundancey. So now they had to pay trucks to haul the stuff away.

So they ask a verity of silly questions, such as:
If we dry it out really good, will it work?
Will it really take a whole day?
Can they start it right now and pretend those sounds are normal?
Was it bad to start it?
Those sounds aren't normal?
How bad is flooding?
If we dry it out really good, will it work?
Will it really take a whole day?

And so on.

Back and forth.

For eight hours.

Really, my boss had to wait until midnight before they finally gave it and brought it over. He worked until 2:00AM to get the thing apart. And given the amount of hammer damage, it was taken apart and reassembled by apes.

We work only on it all day long, half the time just repairing the damage the last repair caused. they call about every hour, making absurde demands like "You had it for eight hours already!" and the complaints about us repairing at all. "We could have just dried it out!"

Now, the bearings were totally shot, and the whole thing was rusted to hell. And there were chunks of things crammed inside of it. Speaking of which, the next time you plan to flush something that does not normally go in the can, just don't do it. Please.

Well, in the end it was looking good as new, and we get another one to play with monday.