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05-29-2007, 09:26 PM
It was a nice slow day that seemed to be filled with people not so crazy and mean. I was on the opposite end of the front line from my co-worker who got Mr. Drunk Crazy.

Well, he went up to my co worker and said that someone under paid him 1000 dollars and only gave him a hundred dollars in tens. :eek:

That actually could've been true. Just the other day another co-worker DID under pay someone by that much.

The man didn't know who helped him, what they looked like or how long ago it was... His eyes were blood shot and even if you were ten feet away you could smell the alcohol on his breath.

Well, two of the lead cashiers and the supervisior came out to investigate.

SV: So, one of our cashiers under paid you?

SC: No... The machine gave out cash. Yeah... And I didn't get all the money.

SV: :confused: Sir, our slot machines don't give out money. Tickets only. Was it the ticket redemption machine? Did you put your ticket in there and the machine just didn't pay you all the way?

At this point they're about to dial slots and see what happened.

SC: I mean no. I was up here!

SV: Okay, so one of our cashiers shorted you?

SC: That's what I said. Yeah, see I had three tickets and I only got ten tens!

We're all confused by this point.

SV: And you have no idea which window you were in?

SC: No. I have hundreds? See!

He starts pulling out his money to show us as if that has anything to do with the current situation.

Which is a problem because that means the cameras have to go through each window to find this guy. None of the cashiers knew if they had him or not either because as horrible as it sounds we don't really look at the customers we're more interested in their money.

Side Note: All the cashiers are women except for one man but he was on his lunch break.

I remembered seeing this man earlier but I didn't recall which window either.

About fifteen mins later the male co-worker came back from lunch.

MC: Male co-worker

MC: Back again?

He asked the SC! Ah, so someone did remember him! I guess SC was in MC's window when it happened. Good that narrowed it down. They started to review the tape from that window. So you're telling me that out of a whole bunch of women you couldn't remember that a man had waited on you?

Turns out the incident happened like an hour ago and they ended up having to count down MC's drawer.

Now, guess what? His drawer was perfect! I guess the SC had 1100 altogether, asked for all large except the last hundred because he wanted tens!

So after reviewing the tapes that too proved that MC did pay him the full amount but SC just "forgot" that he got all his money! :lol:

That's sad when you get so drunk you forget about getting paid!

MC was a good sport about it but was a bit confused. The SC finally left.


05-29-2007, 11:30 PM
At least he wasnt overly violent.... lol he sounds like a happy drunk.