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09-04-2007, 05:36 AM
Today at work i had to put away the load for my dept. It was two pallets, the second one was only about half full. The back rooms in our store are at either end with a hallway that runs the length of the whole store. The main back room/loading dock is at one end, while a smaller room is at the other. I pull the full pallet from the main freezer, near the loading dock down the hall about 75 ft to the doors. Then to my dept to put it away. I return about a half hour later put the empty pallet on the empty trailer and go the freezer for the 2nd pallet. As I start to pull the pallet out I turn around and see a customer standing in the freezer doorway.

SC: sir, i have question about toilet paper
I'm essentially trapped in the freezer the other door is blocked by a pallet of ice we never ordered.
Me: follow me to the sales floor and i will get someone to help you.
I follow behind the guy and grab a 2L soda from one of the pallets on the side. It's something, just in case. He opens the door and I watch as he goes off to the paper goods aisle. I ruin to the nearest phone and call MOD
MOD: hi
Me: it's matt from <dept> and i had a gut follow me into the back freezer.
MOD: What!!
I explain what happened as quick as possible. She has me call the grocery mgr and tell him that the guy wants help and what happened.
MOD: I will be right back their.
A few minute MOD and LP gut come back and I re-enact the situation form my perspective.
MOD: As soon as you finish putting that away com of to the office.
Me: sure
I put the test of the load away in my freezer and then go upstairs to find groc mgr, myself MOD, anf LP guy in the managers office. We all fill out incident reports and then the LP guy puts tougher the tape form the cameras in the are that this occurred. It clearly shows the guy on the sales floor looking at stuff and look when I go by, but makes no move to stop me for help. I am seen bring the pallet back and waking in the freezer. While I am in the freezer the guy come thru the doors and looks around, and heas the 75 feet or so th the freezer. I don't know what will happen to the guy. He left the store before LP could figure out what hppeed exactly.

09-04-2007, 09:03 AM
So was the guy trying to steal merchandise out of the back room..?

09-04-2007, 01:55 PM
Right after I started working at the grocery store, Something like that happened to me. It was 9:PM and I had just clocked out. The store was still open for another half hour but because it was dead, the FEM told me I could go home. :highfive: I had to go get my stuff from the lockers in the break room, which is above part of the stock room at the back of the store. Once I retrieved my coat and crap and started for the steps that lead down to the stock area I noticed a guy walking through the stock room but he was not wearing the God-awful green shirts that all employees have to show up wearing or they don't work.

As I stood at the top of the stairs I watched the guy go over to the loading dock bay door and unlock each side and tug on it a bit to make sure it opened. My thought process at the time was that this guy was going to come back after closing and clean out the place. (It wouldn't have done him much good. When that door opens it makes a horrific sound that you could hear even when the store was busy, let alone in the dead of night) Not believing that someone would be that bold, I was kinda dumbfounded at first. :eek: I watched him leave the stock room and ran down the steps and quickly re-locked the bay doors and grabbed a phone to call the office.

They called the LP guy (Rick) but our wannabe thief had already gone. :cry: So Rick called the cops. The guy was caught right after he jumped onto the loading dock and tugged on the door. I felt glad for him though. He should be glad too. Had he opened that door and our night stock manager had been there to greet him, he might not have made it out of the store. The NSM is about 6'8" tall, 275 pounds of pure adrenalin, attitude and muscle. (which is the reason he worked night stock. Customers complained about him intimidating them then he worked during business hours) I mean seriously, the guy could lift me up like I was a kid and I weighed 300 pounds.

The nice thing about this is after I went to court and did my witness thing, on my next paycheck there was $100.00 bonus. :spew:

09-04-2007, 07:12 PM
The guy didn't appear to be trying to steal, jut thought that "employees only" signs didn't apply to him and it was a good way to find help.

We have had people try to steal from back rooms. They usually will go in grab something real quick and try to sneak out.

cinema guy
09-05-2007, 09:55 AM
The nice thing about this is after I went to court and did my witness thing, on my next paycheck there was $100.00 bonus. :spew:

I think this is an appropriate point to say: :yourock: