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11-19-2007, 10:02 AM
A lot of our customers place their orders over the internet. Some of them place the order over the phone, but give out an email address because we ask for one. Many of them have typical email addresses, but some of them are quite priceless. We collect the best ones to show to each other, and here, for your perusal, are some of the choicest.

Note: Second part of most of these email addresses, after the @ sign, have been changed to protect customer privacy. I used the domain name "fake address", except for the ones which were obviously not real. I left those in because they are funny just as they are.

phenolbarbidoll@fakeaddress.com (Love the double pun on this one)

abtchonamission@fakeaddress.com (ready to take over the world...one cell phone at a time)

asssman@asssman.com (customers name: you guessed it, "Asss Man")
asssman@fakeaddress.com (same phone, same name, this one was sent around with the note Look! he's back and he has a new address!)

no@thankyou.com (this account was under the name "Thank You")






ilove12yearolds@fakeaddress.com (this one is admittedly, disturbing.)

sexylady@fakeaddress.com (this order was listed under the name "Sexy Lady" and in the notes the rep put Ms. Lady would like to make a payment for the account of Jane Smith.)

mourningstar666@fakeaddress.com (this one was on an order with the name "Lucifer The Devil". It was sent around the office in an email with a screenshot of the ticket, titled "The Debil gots prepaid..." by our black supervisor :lol:)


The recharge reps regularly get fired for putting inappropriate notes on accounts. Here are some gems for you.

Notes: Cust who was speaking "female" did not know any info, and would not give her name or let me speak to "male" who knew all info.

So "female" is now a language?

Notes: i hate this customer they should burn in hell

Notes: his voice sounded normal at first then changed to sound like a hollywood devil!

What do the CSR's do on their breaks?

Notes: cust is not american citizen does not have ass

Notes: cust would not give phone number, says he's scared of me...hahahahaha

11-20-2007, 01:15 AM
Notes: cust would not give phone number, says he's scared of me...hahahahaha

OMG, he didn't... sadly that sounds like something I would note on a reservation.