View Full Version : Stupid girl at Mickey D's

02-16-2008, 09:37 AM
Why is it ALWAYS McDonalds?!

As I do every Friday after I finish my laundry, I packed up the car and headed home and made a stop at McDonalds for lunch.

There are 2 different ways of getting to the drive-thru. I was going through the maze of freshly plowed mountains of snow (the open trail was only big enough for a small car like mine, I should have taken the other way!), and I was THISCLOSE to turning left to get to the drive-thru, when...

I was cut off, within INCHES of being hit by some ignorant oblivious stupid girl in a green Sunfire who came from the other direction and didn't even look to see if anyone was coming.

Now, every McDonalds around here has those dreaded 2 lane drive-thrus. When you're dealing with sucky drivers like IOSG, you begin to wish McDonalds would go back to 1 lane.

I decided to stay way behind her, because ignorant and oblivious drivers tend to not know where they are going or what they are doing, and are known for making really quick snap (stupid) decisions.

I was right. She SLAMMED on her brakes before the lanes split into 2. I guess even though both lanes were empty, she just could NOT decide which one she wanted. She finally decided to take the one on the right, and creeped at a snail's pace to it.

I took the one on the left. I quickly got my order taken. I noticed a poorly handwritten sign by the speaker that said "Sorry no icecreme today, mechine is broken!" and had a quick silent laugh.

I began to proceed to the first window to pay, and I saw IOSG backing up from the second lane. I mean, she backed up and went into the other one. Then she backed up again, and was going to go back to the first one, then she slammed on her brakes again (you could hear the SQUEAK!) and she ultimately decided on the other lane.

As I pulled ahead and stopped to wait for my food, IOSG came ripping and tearing around the corner to go to the first window, and she again had to slam on her brakes to stop in time without missing the window.

After she paid, I started to fear she was going to rear end me. She tried to gun it the whole 15 feet to the 3rd window (they don't use the 2nd window) behind me, slammed on her brakes again, and sat behind me.

I looked in my side mirror. Not trying to be rude, but just from her physical appearance, she looked like one of those people who never really knows what they are doing or where they are or what the hell is going on. Maybe she was drunk (not uncommon around where I live, most people are starting to drink at 10 am or earlier) or on crack or meth.

I got my food and took off, and thankfully she didn't follow.

Just a totally random WTF moment.