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07-31-2008, 08:24 PM
So last Sunday I was the morning FES and it was fairly steady all day. Then sometime before noon it got really busy and I needed to call up some backup. So I called up someone from the Drug/GM department since she was just down the aisle anyway. After she opens up the Drug/GM Manager comes up to me.

GMM: Drug/GM Manager

GMM: Hey can I talk too you.
Me: Yeah what's up?
GMM: Hey I was told that the supervisor needs to be on a register with a manager supervising the front before you call up my people.
Me: :confused: Um, no we don't. We're suppose to call backup first.
GMM: Well that's what I was told.
Me: And I was told by the DM, and....
GMM: Well I don't care what you were told. Cause I was told you have to open up first. We are really behind and y'all don't need to be calling my people all day *And she walks away*
Me: :rant:

Ok that was the first time I called anyone in her department all day. Maybe the checkers called them up before I came in. I don't know. But she was totally wrong. I don't care what she was told. Company policy says that we call any and all available backup first (rotating through departments if need be). The FES is suppose to be the second to last resort. Management being last. I am not going to constantly keep a manager up front when they have other crap to do. The whole reason we FES exist is so that management isn't running around the store all day taking care of minor problems and none of their stuff gets done.

And to top it off. The people in that department usually are the ones that give Fuel their breaks in the morning for me. Come to find out the GMM wouldn't let them go out their and Fuel never got their break. And I didn't find out till just before the Fuel person left. :burnup:

Ugh I wanted to kill her so badly! Thank goodness she left at noon! And that was just the beginning of the suckiness of that day.

08-01-2008, 10:40 PM
Report her. Both as the reason management IS called up front so you go on register and because she refused to give someone their scheduled break. Not sure how your state is, but breaks are a big deal in NY state and punishable by hefty fines. My store is anal about breaks because they're otherwise just begging to be sued.