View Full Version : Can't You See?

10-02-2008, 06:52 PM
I saw raised to believe that most people are of average intelligence. That is before I got involved in Retail. Now believe the majority of people are idiots.


Where you at?
My duties requires that I step away from my work station on occasion. Only half my shift am I glued to it. I do have to return when needed. If a Customer sees
2 empty work stations they will ask, "Which one are you at?" A perfectly normal question. If I say the "Right one" there could be confusion over your Right or Mine. Often there are 3 empty work stations. I tell them "The one in the middle". No confusion over who's Left or Right. What do they do? Go to one on the side.

Going back to the 2 empty work stations option. Often is visually clear which one I'm at even if I've stepped away. One station is clean with a screen on. The other station has screen missing, with wires hanging out and broom in the way. Customer will go right to the clearly broken station.

What is this yellow cone for?
Spills happen. A janitor isn't always around. You place yellow cones near the spills. You can't miss them. Just like you can't miss a Circus Clown in the middle a busy street performing an unnatural act with a seal. One after another a customer comes to my work station. Smiling like always. Just in case they can't see the cones. I warn them by pointing to the cone and saying "Watch your step." Of course they step right in it and give me that "Eww. Why is it all wet" look.

Some are just so oblivious to their surroundings. Just take a second to look around. If you ask me a question, listen to the answer. Don't just act blindly smiling like an idiot.