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03-13-2009, 01:17 PM
Customers of pretoria

Dear customer...please note the following...
1.This is a self service store,I can not walk around with you and hold your hand.Neither can anyone else.There are signs to show you where everything is,if that fails we show you what you are looking for and walk away. No i can not sit and discuss with you which one looks better..It is your choice not mine.The next time go to woolies ask for the manager and ask him/her to choose panties/briefs and which one will look better on you.
2.Why is it,that you come to me to ask where I buy things from and my suppliers number?If I gave you that,why am i here selling the stuff?When you ask me this question I am going to say I don't know,it does not matter if you perform or scream I will just ignore your tantrum,Please do that with someone who cares.
3.Tantrums,I am sorry that your family/friends do not give you the attention you require at home,By coming to this shop with a bad mood and fighting with the staff or throwing your toys out of the cot,is not going to help you here either.
4.Discount.We are a wholesaler,there is a price for single items and a box price.We are not going to give you another discount,when you ask us,we are going to act like we do not hear you.
5.No stock/less stock.Yes 90%of the time , we can order stock for you.But if you not sure what you want I can not help you.To place an order a deposit needs to be paid.As i can order what everyone wants ,but no one buys it.
6.Respect.I am sure that you do not know what this word means,so let me explain...respect is when you treat someone the way you would like to be treated.So if you come here and speak to me in a demeaning voice,or like I'm rubbish I will ignore you and not help you.
7.Language.this is a english speaking store.If you come in here and speak in your language I can not understand you.When I ask you to please speak in english,I want to help.Swearing me and throwing things at me is not going to help you.Threats will not help either.
8.The till.Why do you come to the till if you not finish shopping?Than make me Till, everything and decide you need something else.There are other people behind you,I can not wait I will have to void the till and start again when you have everything.8.2If you come to the till and you are on your cellphone and tell me to wait you busy,Then I go to the next till to help someone else,and if i'm not done when you finish with your call,huffing and puffing and complaining you late makes no difference to me.YOU should have thought about that when you where making the other customers and me wait for you.
9.Damaging stock,If things come in pairs or in a box , by breaking the packet and box/,and than freak out because I will not sell it to you.Go to any MAJOR shoe store and say you want one shoe and you will only pay for that one and see what they will say.
10.Common sense,can not be bought.Your parents or teachers should have taught you that.Before you open your mouth ,Think before you talk.
Dear customer......I try to help you....I try so so Hard......But when you come here you expect me to be your shrink......So for once be mine.IM TIRED OF YOUR SHIT!!!YOU ARE DRAINING MY LIFE.YOU HURT MY FEELINGS AND MAKE ME CRY.I CAN NOT SLEEP.So have some empathy for me,for once.And if you don't like it PLZ DON'T COME BACK AGAIN.

03-17-2009, 05:23 PM
People ask for your supplier? That takes balls.