View Full Version : Well blow me down

05-07-2009, 11:46 AM
Sorry channeling Popeye this morning.

If anyone has read some of my posts, you'll know I've been fed up with my job lately, mainly due to the owner seemingly deciding that I was going to be passed over for a promotion when my boss retires.

And by passed over I mean he was probably going to hire someone else and make me train that person.

His biggest gripe was that I "don't do enough". I once asked him how he could say that when he's rarely in the office and is therefore basing that on maybe 30 minutes a day.

Last month my boss had prostate surgery, leaving me to do everything, and I did, and I did it quite well (since I do it all already anyway).

In the meantime I've been applying for jobs, gone on some interviews, etc.

Background over. Yesterday my boss tells me he wants to send me to some classes again, and am I busy Wednesday evenings.

Turns out the owner decided to send me to take some Management classes so I can become a better manager in terms of people working for me, and in terms of project management.

Well damn... Didn't expect that to happen.

The classes start 5/20 and go for 7 weeks. In the meantime I'm continuing to look around and keeping my options open