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05-23-2009, 04:09 AM
ok so im in college >.< and have been for 5 years, im just going for my bachelors. i have another semester to go and plan on graduating in December

1 problem. im short 3 credits.

so because i have a 2 credit class this semester (which just ended) it dropped my to 11 credits and not my normal 12 which is full time. when i tried to get that 3 credits as a 4th class in the fall, they wouldn't let me unless i re-register to full time.

i knew that the Math 099 class i took like 4 years ago wouldn't count towards graduation, but i didn't realize during every evaluation they were counting it. WTF

i have the option mentioned above.
take a summer class (ew)
take a class at a community college and have it transferred (good luck)
or online class

i opted for the online class, i JUST registered for it. almost $1,200. and they need payment ASAP. no worries i have the money, but it kinda sucks.

it took the school 3 years to fix my minor credits. when i started out i was an art major, for the 1st 2 years. I then switched it to my minor and took up geography. those 21 credits just sat there for so long. well they finally fixed that too

damnit i just wanna be done with school!!

the stress from finding out how to graduate from this hell hole on top of bossman, leads to a sad sarasquirrel

/end rant

05-23-2009, 08:53 PM
o.o :eek:

Good luck with it!

Please don't let t his happen to me

05-23-2009, 09:20 PM
McGoddess, just stay on top of your advisor. Try to use the same advisor all 4 years, and if possible, use someone in the department you'll be graduating from. You usually can, although some schools require Freshmen to go to a college-wide advising office. As soon as you know the degree you want, learn ALL of the required classes, take them in the recommended order, register as soon as you can. It can be easier to get into classes that aren't at peak times, early morning or late afternoon classes don't fill as quickly as midday ones. Oh, and make the department, um, Administrative Assistant ( :D ) your bestest friend. Baked goods go a long way. I know from experiences on both sides of that desk!

Sara, I think you went with the best option. 4-year Universities are really cracking down on accepting credits from community colleges/2-year schools because they want the tuition money.

Irving Patrick Freleigh
05-24-2009, 02:26 AM
^^^What she said^^^

If nothing else, your adviser can also pull some strings for you if for some reason you can't get in all the classes you need to graduate.

When I was in school yet, there was a technical writing course that I was required to take to get my degree. Problem was it was only offered every other year, I didn't have the pre-requisites finished to take it the year it was offered, and I would have to wait another year to take it and I didn't want to wait it out. So she finagled a work-study course where my work as a reporter on the school newspaper would be counted as a substitute for that course, and I also spent part of the summer acting as sort of a file clerk for her, helping her grade papers and organize her office.

An adviser probably won't do this for just anyone though, so get on his/her good side and work as hard as you can to show you're dedicated to your studies, and they can help make the process to graduation easier for you.

05-24-2009, 02:57 AM
i had an adviser for my first 2 years, i the art dept. then when i switched got a new one in geography.

apparently neither knew of this problem, i actually spoke to the schools asst registrar who takes care of stuff like this.

i probably coudlve graduated last year, but working full time and school full time isn't fun. i can handle the 12 credit load ok, but doubt i couldve ever taken a 15 credit ouch

now to shell up the money

05-24-2009, 03:26 AM
I very nearly got f*cked. I had to graduate in 4 years, per the requirements of my scholarship. My last year I had to take 37 hours - 17 in the fall, 20 in the spring (I had to get special permission to do 20). Add on a part-time school job and working on shows and...well...you get a very, very interesting year. Same thing happened as with Irv - required classes only offered every other year, couldn't take them as a sophomore, had to do it as a senior.

05-24-2009, 03:43 AM
its funny i dont know many people who havent had a problem with this school.

or any that have graduated in 4 years