View Full Version : Fraud is funny... but you're not (and other stories... well... 1 other story)

06-07-2009, 07:14 PM
Ok, so the title is a bit misleading... (and customer wasn't actually 'sucky', but....)

Customer #1

Person rings in and wants to put some money on 'his' account. I do a full ID, as is a good idea so I can tell him what the balance is (it doesn't automatically store it... piece of crap software!).

We get to the payment bit, and I'm entering the credit card details, and I ask what's the name on the card. He tells me it's actually in his name (different to the account name!), and that it's actually his brother's account. hahaha

I point out that, because he's entered the details and officially identified himself as another person (ie, lied, to access the account) that it is technically fraud. hahaha.... yes, he's laughing about this.

NO, seriously, this is fraud, for which you could go to jail for... (yeah, spinning it a bit, but I'm not amused!!)

hahahahaa... and he continues to laugh...

And I point out that the call is recorded, etc...


Yeah - dumbass!

OK, we've paid that account, now can I get into my account? Umm - not now that you've already lied to me, mate, you're not! After all, I've got no idea who you really are....

hahahaha! (oh, that's me laughing now :D)

Customer #2

He's received bills from us for not paying before. Apparently, he's rung up and just spoken to someone else about this same thing... it happens (we all know it does, don't get the answer you want - fine, I'll just ring back and get someone else).

Anyway, as I said, we've had to send him these bills, including reminder notices. And... he wants a discount.

WTF?? A 'discount'?? This is a cheap version of a fine, and you want a discount on it?

For what, pray tell?

Well, his wife has just left him and he's had to move out... thus justifying his 'discount'... since money is short. Of course, the logic of 'don't use things that you have to pay for when you don't have to' doesn't enter into this part of 'thinking'.

He wasn't as happy with my answer as perhaps the ppl on this forum might be :devil: :D

06-08-2009, 07:26 AM
Lying still counts as suck in my book, even if they weren't rude.