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07-12-2009, 10:58 PM
...and boy, do have alot to tell you!

First off, the good:

Gelato Cashier
While at local mall, I decided to get some gelato as a snack. Unfortunately, I was a dime short (I didn't have enough change in my wallet) when it came time to pay. But the cashier was very good about it, telling me that what I paid was enough and that she'd let it slide this time. :)

Excalibur Bartender
During a side trip to Las Vegas, I decided to make use of the 'free drink' coupon that came with the room package. At the casino bar, I ordered a whiskey & Coke (since the coupon didn't cover the liquers I typically enjoy).

Anyways, I was wearing my Pokemon T-Shirt that day (Yes, I'm an adult Pokemon fan, don't laugh!). I was half-expecting the bartender to card me because of it, but I was kind of surprised when he didn't. This is what the following conversation went like...

Me: Despite my T-shirt, I can assure you I'm over 21.
Bartender: *laughs* Don't worry about it, you look pretty honest anyway.

Just to confirm I was old enough, though, I showed him my ID anyways. And the whiskey & Coke was quite good!

Excalibur Pool

The Excalibur has has four pools, and one of them is for adults only. I was pleasantly surprised to find that people were actually obeying the signs put up around it, as I didn't see anyone try to bring their kids in. But then again, there were 3 other pools, so...

The bad:

Aquarium Shrieker

In the 'Outer Bay' area at the Monterey Aquarium, I heard this little kid shrieking the whole time I was there. The kid wasn't in pain either, he was just shrieking for the sake of making noise. Yet his parents ddin't do a thing to correct him...

Near Theft

In Santa Cruz, my dad and his girlfriend nearly became victims of a purse-snatcher. We were walking back to where we'd parked the car when this group of guys came by laughing and talking. Then one of them walks up and tries to grab the canvas beach bag my dad was helping his girlfriend carry! Fortunately, my dad was able to keep him from making off with it, but it resulted in our trip to Santa Cruz ending on a sour note...

Vegas Car Trip

The long drive to and from Vegas was mentally taxing, since I basically had to ride there with two grumpy and pessimistic old men (one of them being my dad). My iPod's battery ran out early into the trip both times, so I had to listen to my dad and his friend talk about how we're all doomed, and how bad things were.

And the weird:

Mall Kitty

While at the mall's food court, I met a young man carrying around a live kitten! I asked him why he was carrying the kitten around, and he said he didn't know. The kitten looked healthy, and wasn't in any pain or distress. I later saw him ordering some food, stillholding the kitten, before meeting up with an older woman.

Pet Bike

While in Santa Cruz, amongst some bikes parked near the beach, I saw one where the frame had been wrapped in a pink and purple plush material. My dad jokingly called it a 'pet bike', and I thought the name really fit.