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06-15-2010, 04:23 AM
We're doing an office move. The most important thing you can do on an office move is label things properly. All the boxes are mixed and matched throughout the whole process, so a label is the only way to identify anything. Common sense, and just in case we're dealing with a moron.... rather since we're dealing with morons, it's clearly explained in the instructions to clearly write your number on a label on your boxes.

So we do the move and we wind up with 5 boxes with a label that doesn't match anything on the move list. I'm not going to go crazy on this, so I set them off to the side and we'll wait for the complaint about missing boxes to roll in on the post-move.

I'm there and the complaint comes quickly. I advise her that I've got 5 mis-labelled boxes but before I can finish the sentence I'm told that "I DID NOT mis-label my boxes... YOU must have lost them!" Oh... okay, I was going to bring you the boxes that are clearly yours, but since they're not, I'll go hunting for the boxes that I lost. I lethargically wander about the floor looking for the lost boxes and cannot find them... but I don't give up. I grab a coffee, take a break to re-group, and once again go on the hunt... to no avail.

Me: I'm sorry, I've checked the whole floor twice and can't find them, what was your move number again?
SC: SA22!!!
Me: Okay, well these ones are labelled "$4?AC", but do you think they might be yours.
SC: Yes, those are mine.
Me: Okay, great, sorry about that, we didn't know what these labels were.
SC: Why not?
Me: .... because your station number is SA22
SC: .... and ???
Me: :confused: ..... alllllllrightythen.... you have a nice day okay.

I suppose she just didn't get that the label had to match our human numbering system. I imagine she had some logical means of deciphering her symbols into normal numbers, or more likely it was just horrible handwriting. Either way, it would have hurt my brain too much to continue on with this.

Jangles the Moon Monkey
06-15-2010, 08:29 AM
I used to work in a HUGE open plan office (old converted factory) and when there were moves done we were sent templates to put our names and new locations on, hand written notices were left behind and you had to move them yourself.