View Full Version : Customer claimed we did not give her a card to exit Visitor parking

08-21-2010, 01:04 PM
First some background information pertaining to this post

According to the parking office any parking permit is not valid for free at Visitor parking. If you choose to park in visitor parking, & you have a permit, you still have to pay the $5.00 parking fee
You purchase your parking permit on-line, & it is mailed to you.
There are 2 garages students can park at, but you need an access card to enter the garage. The first garage is the one at the college of business. The second garage is the faculty/staff garage for night school students.
The university does not give you an access card to exit Visitor parking. A $5.00 token is needed to exit Visitor parking
There are 6 signs stating Visitor parking is $5.00. 2 signs even state where to pay for you parking at. One sign is posted at the ticket machine you see before entering the garage *you do not need a ticket to buy a token, & so the sign is posted over the button you push*. The other sign is attached to the "box" near the exit gate that you insert your token in.

I am not sure if this particular customer was a visitor or a student who came to the university yesterday to buy her books, to sign up for her classes *some students wait until the last minute*, ect.

The phone inside the Visitor parking booth rings. There is a car at the exit gate.

me: "How may I help you?"
female: "You did not give me a card to exit the garage, & I do not know what to do."

I tell her where the 2 signs stating where to pay for your parking are at & the fact that Visitor parking is $5.00. She backs up & leaves.

It was a strange situation. I kept wondering what she wanted & what she was up to after leaving work.