View Full Version : The crazyiness at work today.

10-19-2010, 03:14 AM
(I'm not sure if this goes here but as its not so much a sucky customer as sucky all around I figured I'd put it here. Moderators move as needed.)

So today is Monday and Monday's are normally chill. I go into work this afternoons expecting a decently busy but kinda slow day.
Within the first 2 hours I realize that ain't happening.
Its not until like 6:30 ish (I worked a 3 to 10:30 shift) that we find out that its so busy cause the grocery store across the street is closed cause a pipe burst.
So we were slammed until like 8, then it slowed down. But I was hardly off my register for the first 5 hours of my shift. I got only a little bit of the stuff done that SM wanted me to do. And about every 15 minutes I'd have to call for help checking out the customers. Often my co worker helping would walk away when the line got down to one person and I'd have to call them back 5 minutes later.

Thank the goddess I have tomorrow off. I'm off to bed soon.

10-19-2010, 06:18 PM
I can somewhat relate......sounds a little like how things were for me at the library yesterday. Only in my case, it was because over the past few days, we've had VERY sparse coverage in my work area, and customers seemed to be flooding the book drops with returns. Where it got especially sucky for me is that because there was nobody to do any shelving, we quickly ran short on book trucks.