View Full Version : Well I just had an "exciting" end to Christmas

12-26-2010, 05:46 AM
I stayed in the dorms over Christmas break because, well, it was just easier. I did visit home today, and it was fairly nice. :D And I got to see my nephew who was, as always, adorable. ;)

So I got back to the dorm, and did several things [including taking a nap. :p Turkey always makes me tired]. Basically, I was in bike shorts, my shirt, and slippers.

The fire alarm went off. :eek: So I had to scramble around, shove my feet into my sneakers, and grab my coat. I even forgot my cell phone. :o Run outside...discover that thank Gawd I am not the only one who stayed behind...

And discover that obviously, it was not a drill. :eek: I live in C wing. Apparently there was a very strong smell of burnt rubber in D wing. So what it sounded like was...someone might have forgotten to unplug something this break... :rolleyes: The fire department came. And the fireman was like [to the 4 of us who were standing right outside D wing], "You guys can come in, it's freaking cold out here. If anyone gives you crap about it, just say the fire dude said you could." :lol: AND then he turned the fire alarm off.

And then on his way back through, basically said we could go back to our rooms if we wanted, so I did...and by now, the burnt rubber smell had permeated through to my hall. Yuck. :(

And JUST now...like about an hour after I got back to my room...the firetruck left. :eek: Yikes. I guess it wasn't anything terribly serious, but I have a feeling that someone might be in big trouble after this... :p

12-26-2010, 07:08 AM
Remember, unplug the inflatable GF before leaving her.:D

12-26-2010, 08:46 PM
Someone is getting a dorm damage bill!! :D

12-28-2010, 04:23 AM
That was very cool of them to let you back in. We had to keep everyone outside for a fire once in about 4 inches of snow! This happened at 8am. LOTS of pjs and no shoes.

12-28-2010, 04:53 AM
One night in december a few years ago I was attempting to take a shower in my dorm. I was in slippers and a bathrobe. Fire alarm goes off. I go outside in said slippers and robe. In december in the north east.

We're finally allowed back in the building, I get to the shower and manage to start the water running. Then it goes off again. I swear rather loudly and go back out.

We're allowed back in, I make it to the stairs and it goes off again. I stomp back out and look at the fireman who hadn't left from the FIRST time the damned thing went off and told him that if it went off again I wasn't coming back out, I'd be in the third floor shower if they needed to look for my body but damnit I'd be warm.

We finally determined it was a short in the wiring and told us to ignore any further alarms that night since it was just the wiring shorting out and they'd fix the wires in the morning. ::facepalm::

12-28-2010, 08:15 AM
^ You know, I was thinking what if someone was in the shower...and then I decided hell, at least I'd be covered in water if there really was a fire. :D

Trish, I think the fireman let us in 'cause it didn't seem very serious, for one. And he was asking us if we knew who all was there--since it's holiday break and we don't have to sign in or out, no one has any idea who's here or not. :eek:

Also, I'm very glad there was no snow, although it was probably 20-something degrees anyway. *shivers* My legs were FREEZING!

And then of course I got in my room and within 5 minutes was too warm. :p Although I suppose I'd rather them have the heat on that high than have them turn it off...they did that for a lot of buildings on campus where they lowered the heat a lot since no one should be in them.

I have a feeling whoever did it IS getting a dorm damage bill...even if it's just the effect of the firefighters or whatever. At least they didn't freak out over it, both the public safety officer and the firefighter I saw were very blase about it. :p

Although the public safety officer was like "Did someone burn toast or something?" and I was thinking HEY we aren't allowed to have a toaster! :lol: