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Retail's Bitch
06-22-2011, 12:16 PM
My roommate is having a hell of a time at work... To the point where at the end of his shifts there's been times where he breaks down crying in my arms... But I guess I should explain a little more clearly.

Jason works at a bar as a bartender/bar back/entertainer. Which means he works there as a boy, and as a 'girl'. He's a drag queen and also has shifts as a boy, cuz carrying kegs with nails is just not fun.

The fucked thing is, the owner of the bar bought it when it went under the first time around, changed the name up a little and reopened it with his husband. They've made a decent go of it, except... They're not bar owners... IE: They don't really understand the concept of how a drag show should be run, the one owner - the one Jason has the most problems with - insists on weighing in on the rehearsals of Jason's shows, putting his two cents in and most often pulling all the girls aside after the show and yelling at them for everything from not being drunk enough

(IE: knowing their limits and refusing drinks from various tranny chasers - side note: Jason got drugged a few Fridays back and I had a hell of a time trying to figure out whether he was REALLY DRUNK or drugged... It was the latter and I should've taken him to the hospital but didn't realize this til after)

to being too drunk (Jason got yelled at for being drugged, until his coworkers - the other friday drag queens, told off management and explained he wasn't drunk he was drugged. One of the owners didn't even know what G was!)

For their show being 'choppy' or a plethora of other reasons. In other words they can't just let them be and work out the kinks to a show that's only been going on for a month... Always putting his two cents in and expecting something out of a show that's never going to happen. IE: wanting one of the drag queens who can barely touch-step to save her life but can 'give face' like no other to be dancing circles around Jason who's got National Ballet training. Or expecting three gorgeous 'real girl' queens to come out with props and elaborate trio numbers when two out of the three of them have full time jobs and no time to rehearse something like that. Nor do they get paid enough.

And Jason who works there at the bar as a boy has been given shite shifts for the last few weeks. The last straw however was through SEVERAL emails he asked for Father's Day off and was granted it. So he checked the schedule for the week as it was emailed to him and found that he only had one shift this week... Sunday - the day he asked for off. So he left town and went to his Dad's anyway and now isn't on the schedule for the next two weeks which Jason chalks up to his boss 'suspending him' but won't have the balls to actually verbalize this to Jason.

He's been having problems like this for months, being given squirrelly barbacking shifts lifting massive kegs and stocking large 24s of beer into the fridges, while the big burly staff are booked on the bar... Or demanding that Jason come in fulltits drag to his coat check shifts but not getting paid any more than his usual 'boy' shift.

He's scared what's gonna happen on Friday when he goes in for his drag show. I guess we'll see what happens. As it is, I'm getting him out of town for the weekend as I'm shooting a wedding back home... And for the oldtimers on the board you'll get a kick out of this one... It's Couchmonkeyhero. He's getting remarried and I'm shooting the pix and was invited to bring a date. Jason's coming in full drag to both the wedding with me and the reception afterwards which is being held at an All You Can Eat chinese buffet!! ROTFLMAO.

06-23-2011, 05:52 PM
What an awful boss. :mad:

*offers cookies to you and your roommate*

Retail's Bitch
06-24-2011, 05:28 AM
Well it turns out Ginger, one of the other drag queens and barstaff that also has a fulltime job at the bar had read the schedule wrong. Jason does have the weekend off.. THIS weekend cuz he's coming to the wedding with me. Ginger read it as next weekend and got Jason all freaked out.

All the other abuse still stands though.

On a side note I helped Jason cover umbrellas with rainbow glitter for their "Its Raining Men" number tomorrow... LOL.

The house looks like a gay exploded.

06-25-2011, 05:27 AM
On a side note I helped Jason cover umbrellas with rainbow glitter for their "Its Raining Men" number tomorrow... LOL.

The house looks like a gay exploded.


I don't suppose there are any other such establishments nearby that might be happier to have Jason on their staff? Really sounds like a terrible work environment for him where he is now... :(