View Full Version : So we were watching one of those pawn shows on tv last night

08-17-2011, 05:19 PM
This lady comes in with a bunch of stuff in a bunch of bags and pulls out a playstation 3 and puts it on the counter in front of the girl.

And she says "I need $150 for each of these things here".
The girl says "Well, I can offer you $100, but it will probably only sell for $150 so I can't give that to you".
woman - "No, I need $150."
girl - "I can give you $100, no more than that"
woman - "You will give me $150 for each of these things"
girl - "No, I won't."
woman getting irate - "You have to give me $150."
girl - "No, I don't, and I won't. You won't tell me what I will pay you."
woman getting belligerent - "No, I have to have $150 so thats what you WILL give me." She's starting to yell by this time.
girl - "Ok, we're done here. I won't accept any of this"
And now the security guards and the girls father/the owner of the pawn shop get involved
father - "Whats the problem here?"
girl explains
woman - "I need $150 and she's trying to cheat me out of my money"
father - "Get out. We won't be paying you for these things"
woman suddenly gets nice and packs up her stuff thanking the girl and her father for their time, and then she gets escorted out by security.

And thats only one of the many that I've seen on there.

I love the father. He won't put up with anyones dirt and has nearly gotten into fistfights with people, including one woman who decided she'd pull down her pants and moon him after he refused to deal with her.

Its so nice and refreshing to see a show that won't put up with peoples crap.

08-17-2011, 05:39 PM
I love that show

08-17-2011, 05:42 PM
Hehe, its all about living vicariously.