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09-10-2011, 04:42 AM
I just started a new job at a company I've worked for before.... and just started my first week actually on the floor taking phone calls...

(bg)I take inbound calls reguarding debit cards sent out by the state for things like disability, unemployment, child support, that sorta thing. they get these cards instead of a check each month. Most are cool but tonight a few calls made me want to rip my hair out...and the girl sitting next to me saw me nearly shred a plastic bag from the level of anger I hit....(/bg)

Story 1....the pompus jerk:
Me: thank you for calling (company) card services, this is Sarlon may i have your 16 digit...
SC: yes...I want to speak to a supervisor immediatly. (said in the nicest calmest voice you'd ever hear.
me: alright sir, I'll be happy to get a supervisor for you, but first I'd like to pull up your account for the supervisor for you.
sc: no no, this is to big for you to handle, I want a supervisor, now.
Me: one moment sir...

I call a supervisor over and tell her that the man wants to speak with someone, I had no information for her, no name, and no clue what he wanted....

long story short...what he wanted? he wanted to know when his card was shipped out....something I could of told him within 3 seconds.

Story 2: the rager...
Me: *opening speil including verification of account* and how may i help you today mr SC?
SC: yeah...I was told that you could forward me some money from my card for a hardship loan, since me and my kids have no food.
me: one moment while I research your account...alright sir I see that its still pending approval....however since your card has not been sent over 10 days ago, there is little chance of the money being approved.

poor manager....she takes this call again, and even over the headset I can hear him cussing her out demanding his money and her politely telling him over and over again that there is only so much she can do...but she will take his information down and research this to find out whats going on. never found out the outcome of that one before I left tonight...

SC 3: the broken record interupts.... (76 year old woman for the record)
Me: *opening speil with authentication* and how may i help you today Ms SC?
SC: miss you talk to fast if this is a problem I need to know now.
me: my appologies may I'll try and speak slower for you...now how may i help you?
SC: yes...I got this damn card in the mail today, and I filled out some paper work to have this money sent straight into my checking account at another bank entirely. now I want to know why there is a balance on this card!
Me: alright Ms SC, one moment please...alright i see where you set up your bank informatio....
SC: I know that what I told you! i wanna know why the money is on the card and NOT in my bank account!
Me: yes ma'am, as I was saying I see where the bank information was added to your account but i do not see that there was a transfer made to take the money from this account to your bank account.
SC: listen! i filled out the paperwork that I was told to, and the money is still sitting there on the card....I wanna know why it hasn't been transfered!!!
ME: ma'am, when you set up your account to be placed on this card, you did not set up a transfer for the funds to go to that checking account.

lather rinse repeat for nearly 20 minutes back and forth of me trying to help her get this transfer of money set up and her demanding to know why it wasn't transfered. I kept a running tally...she interupted me 12 times in that 20 minute conversation each time making her same point over and over as if I was some half wit she was explaining something to...

I finally managed to talk her into going online while I was on the phone, and walking her through the steps of setting up the transfer herself (since she wouldn't let me explain that I could do it for her...)

then she ends with this jewel:
SC: well, why didn't anyone tell me that thats all i had to do?
me *thinking* seriously?!!!?! I've been trying to tell you this for 23 minutes and you wanna blame this on ME?!?!?!?!?! :rant::pissed::hairpull::burneyes::banghead::punch ::burnup:

bonus story that makes me laugh each time...
helping a wonderful woman set up an automatic transfer for her account, and shes had me in stitches the entire call....and she pulls 2 GREAT lines while speaking with me....

me: Ms. customer, internet explorer tends to be more stable for using this website...
customer: well, shoot I don't know if i have that on this computer....HAROLD! Do i have internet explorer on this machine?
customer's husband in background: hell if i know....you bought the damn thing!

I had to put myself on mute to keep from laughing to hard at that one....

and towards the end of the call she pulls this other gem out....
Me: is there anything else I can help you with today ms. customer?
customer: no, thank you you've been alot of help....but i have to say dear...you can't of been working in this business to long....you have to good of a sense of humor!

ahhh its customers like her that remind me why I haven't yet invented my smart bomb yet....:lol:

An Haddock
09-10-2011, 03:37 PM
long story short...what he wanted? he wanted to know when his card was shipped out....something I could of told him within 3 seconds.

This drives me batty.

I'm the manager at our store so all the customers see me first, know me, etc. But half the time they call and specifically ask for me, any one of our employees could have answered their question. It's because of that shit that I can't get anything done. Keep getting interrupted by phone calls that ultimately I didn't need to take.

I love most of our customers, but they need to learn that my employees are competent and can probably answer their questions.

09-10-2011, 05:33 PM
Ah, but you see, Mr. Card wanted you (and everyone else) to know how IMPORTANT he is. That's why he would only accept the assurances of a supervisor as to when his card was sent out.
As for Ms. Constantus Interruptus, I've often wished somebody would invent a one-way "mute" button. You could push that and say your piece, and the person on the other end could rant, rave, scream and try to interrupt as much as they wish ... but you wouldn't have to listen to it.