View Full Version : I just walked out of the PANDA cave...

03-16-2007, 06:51 PM
...to check on my lunch in the microwave and I hear my hubby(sales mgr) yelling at some mechanic uniform wearing cockroach who asked to go back in the yard(salvage yard) to look for some oddball part...

this (*^%*#^*$ was digging thru cars passing time or just f***ing around and cracked open some VHS tapes he found in some auto and proceeded to fling it all over (like toilet papering the tree and house as a prank)

Toilet paper would've been better, it rains and disintegrates

VHS tape just gets in the way, gets wrapped around axles (we use golf carts to get around) and flies in the wind, but not away!

He told this &*(*^ to pick it up, and that he should be ashamed

Would we do something like that to his auto shop?

Then he has the nerve to haggle after being quoted "aww, c'mon work with me here"

no way arsehole, you f- up my yard and then wanna play like you're "too mr important to me" not to care about losing your 20 buck patronage?!?

Get outa mah face!!!