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  1. Sucky Doctor
  2. what is starbucks thinking?????
  3. some vegtables would be nice.
  4. Not sucky, just stupid - Starbucks
  5. I watched a kid get arrested the other day
  6. I'm debating if I should call a local campaign office..
  7. Laundromats - magnets for suck?
  8. I wasn't invited to the party
  9. She has a point, but eek. =/
  10. politics is like comedy...
  11. A Sighting of Special Proportions
  12. In which my friend gets accused of fraud.
  13. It MUST be fresh...
  14. My Turn To Be Stared Down....
  15. You're Supposed to Stop at the Train Stop Not After It
  16. It is over... move along
  17. Starbucks, the fail is strong with this one...
  18. Wow..sightings even at the library
  19. PROOF that SCs are blind!!
  20. I.D.'d and Complaining About It!
  21. Meanwhile, at Sam's Club...
  22. SC ahead of me at a drive thru
  23. The Proper Place for Ice Cream
  24. I forgot! I got stared at too! (This happened about 4 weeks ago)
  25. Asda entitled SC (long)
  26. Busted!
  27. Awesome coffee shop guy totally owns an SC!
  28. Wherein I am stared down by Best Buy employees
  29. Self-sighting: I'm a Bad Man
  30. How to help a hospital employee (long)
  31. A question for the guys
  32. Cashier gone to the DARK side!!
  33. Oh no you did NOT. (And *will* not, if I have anything to say about it)
  34. Sucky?
  35. KatieAirHostess, this is for you
  36. Me.. an SC... well almost!
  37. bus ride with 1/10 suck
  38. Uh... okay, old guy...
  39. Mind your own darn business, tutty!
  40. SCs in commericials
  41. I seriusly need an Effing CAPE for this. (bleeped language)
  42. We don't make mistakes! (epic length)
  43. But I'm hungry!!
  44. Scam attempt? Complete fool?
  45. Red light? Snore...
  46. SC gets pwned
  47. It isn't a TARDIS
  48. A trip to the Diner
  49. Stared down by an ENTIRE RESTAURANT full of people
  50. gross gross lady!!! Warning Grossest thing ever!!!
  51. Told to me by SC (longish)
  52. Man hits a dog on purpose (Strong language)
  53. Not Sucky...But Weird!
  54. Buffalo Bill
  55. Mind if I vent?
  56. Yay! I'm racist!
  57. a *lovely* encounter with the govhment peoples
  58. Theres gonna be a lot of dead people/why would you take it all
  59. Always wanted to apologize for this...
  60. Order! Now!!
  61. McDonalds sc
  62. teaching children to steal
  63. Oh you need this?
  64. Quantum of suck
  65. Restaurant suck
  66. Not the sign of good parents
  67. Why can't I find it?
  68. McDonald's....too many customers, not enough seats
  69. Redneck central
  70. I should know better
  71. wherin I almost ask the forbidden question and others
  72. We can't take that as ID
  73. My Store vs. Other Stores
  74. Stupid! Stupid! Stupid!
  75. Adventure at Beall's
  76. Bad cook, meh waiter, good manager
  77. SCO Suck
  78. Suck? Or not? You decide.
  79. Saydrah is grumbly at an Amazon vendor.
  80. I think I was the sucky customer...
  81. let the holiday decoration complaining begin...
  82. Airport Ticket Machine Idiots
  83. SCs at the taste test
  84. I Blanked Out When Placing My Order
  85. TSTST
  86. This pissed me off to no end
  87. Chewbacca VS the Homeowner's Association
  88. 2 SC's in a row - an eyewitness account
  89. As if Friday weren't bad enough?
  90. My mom is awesome and these woman are stupid.
  91. Medium-Largeish One!!
  92. Rugby...*sigh*
  93. There's no disk in this game I stole! Blargle!
  94. My Hot Chocolate Story
  95. Subway make great sandwiches, not great bedrooms.
  96. WTF?
  97. A couple from the all-night grocery store
  98. Fun on the train
  99. It's not stealing if you tell them you are going to do it
  100. had to call the bitch out on it
  101. Walgreens Bitchfest
  102. Two in one day
  103. Sighted my... DOG?!
  104. Rugrats in a restaurant
  105. Sometimes it really is the employees....(warning long)
  106. sucky teachers et...
  107. Smokes suck
  108. This one's for you Aethien
  109. I got the cat-but face
  110. I am SO getting coal for christmas...
  111. Stores that require minimum purchase using Visa
  112. EW in training
  113. Squealer Game Boy
  114. Some people should not be in customer service
  115. Anything for a free ride
  116. Express lane for fast walkers
  117. Major suckage on the road to work
  118. should this disturb me
  119. please say there isn't really someone this stupid
  120. Sucky customers or sucky company?
  121. *sigh*
  122. An "Out of Order" sign would be helpful...
  123. Wherein a SC delays my caffeine dose
  124. I'm handing out another a-hole badge!
  125. Amazon seller suck
  126. another contender for the a-hole of the year badge
  127. FIX it!
  128. "You can't buy that here" "Who told you that?"
  129. Stupid move, Driver!
  130. BK suck all around (somewhat long)
  131. So you think you are a big shot huh?
  132. Oh.. Yeah.. my MEMORY DOESN'T WORK!!!
  133. My first set of sightings!
  134. Wherein I am gifted with a great line...
  135. To suck, or not to suck????
  136. Telepathy In a seasonal store
  137. Who is suckier?...me or the employee?
  138. Rude Lady In Store
  139. What goes through some peoples mind???
  140. Yet another sighting at the gas station near work ~ Warning - LONG!!
  141. My mom, almost an SC
  142. I never though I'd see this
  143. Happy birthday!
  144. JCPenny, with the snide crew. (longish)
  145. The FDR needs to be cleansed.
  146. Delivery Woes?
  147. Have to post this one...
  148. Dear Jiffy Lube, Screw You
  149. Almost Hit A Pedestrian
  150. Class building "sighting"
  151. a whole bunch of holiday sightings (bit long)
  152. Another one on me
  153. Dear Mom: You Failed
  154. people that abuse the christmas assistants.
  155. Pet Store Colorful Metaphoric Language
  156. condoms and sharpies
  157. Red Light Means....Free?
  158. Wal-Mart suck (I can't say I'm surprised really)
  159. I would do anything for love...
  160. epic parenting fail(uber short)
  161. Car, Plow. Plow, Car.
  162. So close!
  163. Can I Use Yours When You're Done With It?
  164. Hey don't throw that in my yard
  165. Manners and patience..... you heard of them you misserable old douchebag?
  166. God Bless you, Old Navy people
  167. Begging Kids
  168. I really hope he just wasn't thinking...
  169. Fitting room =/= playground
  170. No Christmas This Year/Pipe Down!
  171. What not to do on a Saturday Night...
  172. Funny comment card
  173. Hard Workers and Stupid Customers
  174. My Mother the SC.
  175. My kind of people? What asthmatics?
  176. Not even a full day back home...
  177. Sucky WoW freaks
  178. In which an SC paints a giant target on themselves for my suckiness.
  179. Cell Phone Suck - Sighted myself :(
  180. One liners
  181. Order early + faster shipping = waiting for delivery!
  182. Post Office Suck
  183. Memorable customer one liners.
  184. My family is full of SCs!!/SG makes a confession
  185. poor cashier--I made her laugh though
  186. multiple choice driving quizz
  187. Dear really really stupid people:
  188. Did the door do something wrong?
  189. Which Part Of "We're Not Your Customer" Did You Not Understand?
  190. I was a semi-SC
  191. Lying employee, and self sighting.
  192. Telemarketers who hang up on *you*
  193. Uhhh... That's okay... Never mind
  194. Supermarket butcher that doesn't get it...
  195. Epic Refrigerator Woes
  196. Parenting Fail
  197. 7+7+7+3+1.50 = $32.47
  198. SCs in the "news" again...
  199. I can't believe you just did that!
  200. winner at lowes
  201. Do you not know what "Going out of business" means?
  202. partial self sighting
  203. Unbelievable Kid
  204. Stupidity is Contagious
  205. New Years Family Sighting
  206. Did I miss something here?
  207. Grocery store SC
  208. Lost in translation?
  209. A question for the Toys R Us employees
  210. The bagger knows even less then you
  211. I read the sign...!
  212. Broken Taco
  213. this makes me feel so safe
  214. My Parents...NOOOOOOOOOOOO
  215. Chocolate Woes
  216. Being in the store now means being in line
  217. Wal-mart...need I say more?
  218. Christmas is over
  219. 1x6+2x4+3x7+4x5=12?
  220. The entire store does NOT want to hear about your Colonoscopy
  221. Well, I thought you were, but now you're not!
  222. Mostly amusing, but I thought was a little odd, too
  223. Im powerless and its so annoying!
  224. an open letter to Reno Tahoe International
  225. They did what?!!
  226. Stupid Teenagers + Drive Thru - Car = ...
  227. Why are you yelling at them in Spanish?
  228. A Weeks Worth of Sightings
  229. World of Warcraft sighting...
  230. Rude Employee
  231. Self sighting with TracFone
  232. The rules are posted telepathically! (A bit long and ranty)
  233. If there's a bright center to the universe, This store's the farthest from it.
  234. I guess somebody failed checkout school
  235. Crazy person at Charlaine Harris Q & A
  236. EPIC FAIL! A Charter Communications Story (LONG.)
  237. Yes arsehole, you're the reason I'm limping. Thanks a lot!
  238. Witnessing misinformation about DTV transition in Best Buy
  239. Sighting on the road yesterday
  240. Sighting at Chapters that made me giggle :)
  241. Karma will get you, my pretty!
  242. Poor choice of words
  243. The SC-Watchers Guide - Gamer SCs
  244. DWI (Driving While Imbecile)
  245. I just got reminded why I hate going out on Saturdays
  246. Not really sucky but sad
  247. It helps if you watch where you're going
  248. Gee...I wish I had your problems..
  249. Post office - the last straw
  250. Well Now im Never going there again