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  1. I'm TRYING to be nice, here, lady!
  2. My Dad, The SC. (blood boiling)
  3. Uh?
  4. Ha! They had no idea.
  5. It's not the socks, it's your feet
  6. Oranges and strangers...
  7. My pizza is ruined!
  8. Wherein Irv gets farted on...again
  9. almost self-sighting
  10. Wherein I Encounter Paris Hilton's Hair Extensions
  11. Wherein I encounter a nearly empty Safeway
  12. Telemarketer rudeness
  13. There is no more room buddy!!
  14. Blood Drive sighting
  15. Confused phone call
  16. Gas Station Fail
  17. Put It Away Already
  18. Credit Card Throwage
  19. Line Cutting--- FAIL
  20. Yes, you have to deliver the mail
  21. Please Don't Wash Yourself In Public.
  22. SCs spotted at a buffet
  23. I do not like extended waranties, Sam I Am.
  24. Backhanded and Booty Theft (NSFW)
  25. One more year, and then I graduate...
  26. Sh! It's a Library!
  27. ANY kind! No not THAT kind!
  28. I think I sucked (long)
  29. My day made my head hurt.....
  30. Overheard in a carpet shop
  31. The Shred Monsters
  32. Holy Cow!
  33. Special Parents
  34. Ummm I didn't need to see that!
  35. "But it doesn't look like the picture!"
  36. Unprofessional?
  37. "They be hearing things!"
  38. It's a twofer!
  39. Overheard in a book store
  40. Here's your sign
  41. Why I gave a waitress a 50% tip
  42. Radio Hack Quack
  43. Did you just hit my car with a soft drink??
  44. to block cheese or not block cheese
  45. "Inconvenience" at the Kroger pharmacy
  46. SC Pwnage
  47. DMV Moronic Customers
  48. Overheard at the grocery store
  49. Lady, I sure hope you're on your way to the doctor
  50. Uh That's Marilyn Monroe...
  51. It Just Gets Worse and Worse.
  52. SC Endures 30 Seconds Without Entertainment
  53. 867 Alert Gravekeeper!!
  54. Age limits on pizza?
  55. I finally saw someone flip out...
  56. And these "kids" are our future?
  57. I Hate People
  58. Sucky neigbour OR a sucky Fedex driver. Dunno which.
  59. Because Kmart can really afford to turn away business....(long)
  60. I was trying to help!
  61. Cruelest Review Ever
  62. Sucky Company
  63. No, they're fake, want to test the theory?
  64. No it is not okay to leave raw meat by the cleaning products.
  65. The.....slowest..........customer.............
  66. For the Love Of Christ!!
  67. Soda Explosion
  68. Quarter to Close
  69. You engage the Vicious Hag.
  70. Buffet sighting-Gross
  71. Sucky Subway worker
  72. Teller Tell-All
  73. Bread now with extra protein (gross warning)
  74. Skinny for a fat Chick
  75. Mistaken identity - Or why I got to stop wearing polo shirts to retail outlets
  76. "I have a receipt!" redux...
  77. Wherin I try NOT to suck, and it backfires
  78. Yeast Wars (longish)
  79. Too hot to play video games??????
  80. Because Kmart can afford to turn away MORE business....
  81. McDonald's Shenanigans
  82. We Had to Ask...
  83. Overheard at Wamu (Washington Mutual)
  84. The Case of the Exploding Customer
  85. Two weeks. In a row. Ugh.
  86. saw someone get fired today
  87. Really? You're doing that here?
  88. Saturday's Sucktacular Sightings Soiree!
  89. From a friend working in one of the worst jobs ever....(NSFW)
  90. The dumbest "Are you guys open yet?" story ever.
  91. Terminal SC Made to Cry
  92. How high?
  93. Library sighting
  94. leave the cashier alone
  95. Weird things dropped wherever in stores
  96. How a Brain Burp evolves into a Sighting
  97. creepy experiences
  98. Using caffine withdrawal as a force for good.
  99. Playstation Suck
  100. I Smell A Scam....
  101. Second Maine sighting!
  102. How can you go shirtless in THIS weather?
  103. gross bathroom (old story, and yeah mildly gross)
  104. Today at Aldi...
  105. Spoiled Brats Sighting
  106. People paying with a $20 for a $0.85 purchase
  107. You know, I don't really want to be that kind of parent....
  108. Ha. Ah Ha. HAHAHA!(Epic length)
  109. Sucky Pizza Delivery Guy
  110. A question from a customer
  111. Trashcans: What you put your trash in.
  112. It's about consideration, not time of day
  113. Sunday school (long, ranty)
  114. To the people texting in my movie...
  115. Am I really so different?
  116. Do not EVER touch me again!
  117. Local graveyard wreck
  118. Wherein I am seen eating pork. (2 bonus episodes inside)
  119. WHY do these people bloody do this?!?!?! *warning: Gross*
  120. craziest sign I've seen
  121. The Crazy and the Overreaction
  122. The Epic Bus Battle
  123. Parents, Children and Public Art...
  124. Bus suck
  125. Crappy Bus Ride (No, Not Literally)
  126. How do they FIND me?
  127. Seriously WTF?
  128. Strange encounter at the movies
  129. Worst Professor Ever
  130. Grocery Grabber
  131. You just crossed the line into obsession. (Warning: Long and a strong language alert)
  132. In Her Own Little Cell Phone World
  133. You ran a credit check on WHO!?
  134. Don't you guys have a school bus?!
  135. Draggar to the IT rescue at the gym!
  136. I'm riding UTA again...
  137. Turkish Titillation
  138. This one just came in from my brother.
  139. I can, why the heck can't you?
  140. To the local Gamestop....
  141. Bad Pancakes and Free Food
  142. Stop that!
  143. "Ain't Got None! Ya Hear?!"
  144. I think I <3 Gaiman even more...
  145. Stupid bitch with cart knocks me into wall.
  146. Gay, Gay, Little Homo Gay
  147. "Express" lane
  148. cashier suck
  149. Thank You, McDonalds!
  150. Dear Dairy Queen Girl
  151. local school suck
  152. To many what???
  153. This lane is closed
  154. Harvard's finest Best Buy employees are not.
  155. THIS is how you raise your child!
  156. RUN AWAY!
  157. I snarled at a scammer today...
  158. PG-13 for a reason
  159. Mormon fashion tip #36
  160. New? Or... stupid?
  161. It's not that hard
  162. Sorry for the outage
  163. Contractor suck
  164. Its been Quite a Weekend...
  165. Microwaves, Sandwiches and Allergies
  166. It's closed?
  167. These kinds of people should be slapped
  168. Take all the time you need...
  169. You suck for ripping-off the Salvation Army
  170. SC's at the steak house. [Kind of Long]
  171. Sucky Starbucks staff
  172. Sucky vet receptionist
  173. Frigid Applebee's and the (sucky) response they gave us.
  174. Overheard in the mall today...
  175. Misplaced my Prescription!
  176. Call my husband an asshole will ya
  177. Was this sucky?
  178. In this instance, I heartily endorse littering
  179. maybe a self sighting?
  180. Sent the wrong parts.....TWICE
  181. Bad places for a carwash
  182. Do I look like I work here?
  183. Drive Thru Suck (language)
  184. Yard Sale Suck
  185. Who ya gonna call?.....(first that is)
  186. your tears bring me happiness (short)
  187. DairyQueen Suck (A.K.A When I whitness my first REAL catbutt face)
  188. Train stations...
  189. Memorial Day Office Supply Emergency!
  190. If you hate it that much.....
  191. Made me so Sad...
  192. Oh no you didn't!
  193. at gun point!
  194. Do you think a good place to have a meeting is in an extremely crowded building?
  195. That's 1... 2...
  196. Sandwich Suck at the Supermarket (long and ranty)
  197. Oh Noes...
  198. Things you should not do at an arcade. (personal experience from years visiting one)
  199. Convention weekend of suck. Long.
  200. Sighting and a Question...
  201. Please just pay attention to me
  202. Geeze! Get OFF me already!! (rant)
  203. I can't tell if he's just burnt out from his job, but his attitude is getting worse.
  204. Question on service & tipping
  205. Doctor's office rant
  206. Mom and I do something good or dumbass houekeeper(long)
  207. Self Sighting - Mental Health
  208. Slimy Realtor (LONG)
  209. Everyone loves butter.
  210. Oldie but goodie (includes pwnage)
  211. Toilet sighting
  212. Kids and Kandy
  213. apparently not everyone understands the concept of fast food
  214. Take 1 Autistic Child with an obssessive streak, put her in a grocery store ...
  215. Groceries, Tantrums and Hypocrites
  216. Furniture store suck
  217. In all the times I've ordered from them, I've NEVER had been talked to rudely.
  218. That's not 50 feet!
  219. Troll or Luddite???
  220. Dont wear scent... thanks for letting me know now!?
  221. Unholy Pet's Crazy Train of Vacation
  222. So you lied to my face
  223. Fear of Impending Suckiness
  224. Ah, the joy of the laundromat
  225. Library Suck
  226. Told to me by a Customer...
  227. No they will stay away from me
  228. put up or shut up (PSA)
  229. More Like a Hearing Than a Sighting...
  230. the shrieking cart-pusher
  231. Plaid Suck
  232. Tipsy McStaggeralot
  233. like a pack of wild animals
  234. The SC's are Definitely Breeding
  235. Well I thought it was funny
  236. LOUD shoppers...
  237. ...I can haz shooz?
  238. Library annoyance
  239. Adventures in Waterbed Deliveries
  240. Moo!!! Moo!!!
  241. "No pecans in my butter pecan ice cream!?"
  242. Hammertime at MicroCenter
  243. No, really - I don't work here.
  244. Church sightings
  245. smoke free parks
  246. i think i got hit by the "i need gas" scam
  247. no politics in class
  248. Messing up a SC
  249. One can only imagine how much suck casino-workers have to put up with....
  250. Why phone center people get screamed at