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  1. "Huh! Someone's in a mood today!"
  2. How NOT to interact with the police
  3. WARNING: Religious suck
  4. "Do You Work Here?"
  5. I had every right to be a SC but I refrained. . .
  6. Okay taco bell quit it
  7. Is "Mall Information" Written on my Back? (bit of language)
  8. Uh huh you "accidently" charged me a protection plan.
  9. my blockbuster is awesome
  10. forgetful telemarketer
  11. Kink's Mythbuster: Is Oprah Sucky or Not?
  12. Make up your mind, Gym
  13. "Yes, of course I will break the law for you in front of cops!"
  14. The most unusual store flooding ever....
  15. Timeshare scam for the win! Or lose. Whatever.
  16. Parenting fail
  17. College Graduation Sighting
  18. Vacation sightings
  19. Buyer beware!
  20. "You tried to shred a book?!?"
  21. More Plaid Suck
  22. And then I got to completely tell off an SC (language!)
  23. Quick "Dear You"...
  24. Prick at Home Improvement Store
  25. Screaming, Raving Lunatics at the Post Office (very long, language)
  26. I think you're getting your 'ists mixed up (Long)
  27. You mean I have to watch my own child?
  28. College Lab Sighting
  29. That Was Humiliating...
  30. I will be a SC tomorrow so I'm sighting myself
  31. Butt bongo fiesta
  32. An 'I Don't Work Here' story...with a twist!
  33. whew, close call!
  34. Good One, Insurance Company...
  35. "If you're rich, I'm single."
  36. No English. Well, maybe a little here and there.
  37. coach for the win :)
  38. Second-Hand Scam
  39. Plane suck
  40. I Smell Impending Suckiness...
  41. Ah, my wife. How I love thee. (long)
  42. "Yes, the Black Thai Peanut sauce has peanut in it" and more from just one night
  43. Well I guess i'll pay with exact change
  44. Oh, please, please no... (aka Travel agents! To me!)
  45. I knew I was going to have a Sightings story before this even started
  46. Strange encounter at the Card/Party outlet with BONUS management suck! **LONG**
  47. That's right, laugh at me. Ass!!
  48. How dare you eat you sky slave!
  49. Can You Talk About Your Animal Urine Somewhere Else?
  50. Transformers... not for children under 3
  51. My housemate was a SC.. kinda?
  52. Welcome to London.
  53. She must Dance the Dance of Kleenex
  54. Orange Fight
  55. Asshat in the Food Court
  56. The Bus Hag!! (TOTALLY gross!)
  57. Why did I DARE....
  58. Nope, got it on sale...?
  59. My faith in humanity has been restored (somewhat anyway)
  60. Disabled(?) W**ker
  61. Fabric store sighting from my parents
  62. Random Sucks
  63. Ah, now I understand (mini sighting)
  64. Complimentary Complaint or Whiny Compliment?
  65. I. Do. Not. Work. Here.
  66. Am I wearing a sign that says "Please mock my weight?" & other grocery store sights!!
  67. They are going as fast as they can...
  68. "This Place Is Awesome....."
  69. Not about SC's but about the mall they shop at.
  70. Um, I'm having an emergency you jackass.....
  71. vacation sightings
  72. Sighting from my vacation
  73. Book signing SCs
  74. Darn it Mom, you know better!
  75. Asshole Of The Week
  76. Please stop screaming
  77. A different take on the "in these tough times".
  78. OUT! Out I say!
  79. Why Today?
  80. Yeah, we got rid of it just to tick you off
  81. customers Suck the home game.
  82. Is today rude and stupid day?
  83. I'm a "regular" douchebag
  84. Is this really something you want to be advertising?
  85. Private Beach suckiness
  86. You Make Patriotism Ugly
  87. SC complains because I have the audacity to puke outside a building (somewhat gross)
  88. Ah yes, Wally World...
  89. Eight whole dollars!?
  90. ...ALL THIS!
  91. Why you insensitive, selfish...
  92. Cashier said it first!
  93. Is this really an appropriate thing for a child to wear?
  94. Isn't He a Bit Old for That?
  95. Casino sighting
  96. Back from staycation.
  97. Religious experience at the supermarket
  98. Powerwash Scam?
  99. Am I Right?
  100. I Take Bra Shopping Seriously...
  101. Mental Health FUN!(much suck)
  102. I'm Glad He Didn't Last Long
  103. Handicapped Parking Spot=Shopping Cart Corral?
  104. Oh i love flea markets lol
  105. Similar sightings at the library book sale
  106. Another "large bill" story
  107. No wonder the USA is so obese
  108. Back from North CA!
  109. One from tonight
  110. I know you guys would promote giving a whining kid a good smack but....
  111. Peon! My taxes have bought your soul! (long)
  112. Geez, would it kill ya to smile at the nice lady?
  113. But you work here
  114. The "Jackass"
  115. I'm 25 cents richer! Thanks, Mr. Safety Spurs!
  116. Really, what business is it of YOURS where I sit on the bus??!
  117. EW Parking Pwnage
  118. That was a Sh*tty thing to do!
  119. Gas Station MORONS
  120. Earthlink Begone! (ranty & long-winded)
  121. I was a witness...
  122. You are why that rule exists.
  123. Customer tailgated @ exit gate; university cop gave her a ticket
  124. Yeah yeah, hassle me; arent u CLEVER!
  125. This is not your country.
  126. This deserved its own thread.
  127. laundry quarters - self sighting
  128. Just TMI..and a jerk EMT
  129. We Didn't Want a Pool, Anyway
  130. Dog left in car
  131. METRO Mayhem!! (Or, how Lupo almost got into a fight...)
  132. Used Bookstore Sighting
  133. Future Self-Sighting? Long....need advice
  134. Was I sucky?
  135. Ugh, Subway....
  136. Interupting the Doctor
  137. Debit Card BS
  138. Future SCs/kids injured by their own stupidity
  139. gas station moron
  140. Walmart greeter tried to check my personal items not bought at Walmart
  141. Child endangerment, anyone?
  142. Trashed fitting room....
  143. Sucky Parenting
  144. Dealer sighting online
  145. woman hates me why? And also hates me for being served first
  146. Sightings at my old bar
  147. I was an SC and it feels so good!
  148. Karma's a b*tch... and so am I!
  149. My mother and her ham.
  150. T-Mobile Suck
  151. Spoon Spankings
  152. Just shut up and bring out the ID's already!
  153. I feel sorry for the poor person who had to clean this up and report it (Crappy)
  154. Two sightings from today
  155. UGH!
  156. Pedestrians have the right of way...
  157. Unclear on the Concept
  158. Crappy Services Rendered This Week
  159. A 30-minute wait: How cruelly we mistreat you
  160. A Fun Day For All...
  161. Confusing Sunday suckage
  162. Arcade Sighting quickie
  163. Collection Agency Woes...
  164. Two bus sightings. LONG. MILD LANGUAGE
  165. McDonalds Suckage
  166. Not quite a sighting, but not really my customer.
  167. Warning: pretty darn offensive..
  168. Ask her to pay for your cookie too ...
  169. Sighting at the movies
  170. Smoking pot at a concert and getting caught...
  171. Poor little dog
  172. Americans in Austria
  173. Mild restau-Rant
  174. Yes, I'm an a-hole.
  175. Are you eye fornicating me?
  176. Petty theft - and other stories. *long*
  177. Dropped it in the toilet!!!
  178. 6'5" man with 100lb AC coming through. That means MOVE.
  179. Airport sighting (border sighting too)
  180. Movie going tales (long)
  181. Extreme short-term memory loss
  182. guy makes a scene in mcdonalds
  183. The Biggest Fry Ever, or... Hyena Dandy sounds like Borat.
  184. What the HELL was I thinking?!?!
  185. Self Sighting
  186. She was trying to steal....
  187. I'm beginning to think my complex is sucky
  188. What, My Money Isn't Good Enough For You??
  189. Lying Sc's, Demanding SC's and Entitlement Whores - All rolled into one
  190. Someone was sucky here.
  191. Spider in the buns!
  192. I'm a terrible, terrible person.
  193. So, on to the NEXT OPEN REGISTER, please.
  194. Little Kid = Little Legs
  195. I wonder if she owes us money?
  196. Wal-Mart sighting
  197. The PASSION ....
  198. Teens @ McDonalds
  199. Phriggen Phones!
  200. Just one of those days...
  201. Restaurant Rudeness
  202. Cable TV woes at a hotel
  203. I suck
  204. Airline suck (very long)
  205. How many times did you run that card??
  206. Help in the paint isle!
  207. You obviously don't know...
  208. High turnover rate?
  209. *headclutch*
  210. Is that a child working in a C-store?
  211. vacation sightings (again, and mostly positive)
  212. Old lady at the bus stop
  213. quickys
  214. Best Buy madness
  215. The Mom Shorts Story
  216. Evil Chanel sunglasses wearin' ... chick..
  217. One from today...
  218. How to not suck in a movie theatre.
  219. Parental error at the state fair
  220. I really need to find a new theater.
  221. Ok...I Really Don't Work Here
  222. grumpy old man goes shopping
  223. How not to win customers
  224. crosswalks & handicapped spaces
  225. Company T shirt earned me a Glare of Death
  226. Typical Vegas Tourist Douchebaggery with an Added Twist of Suck
  227. online newspaper comments
  228. Cross-walk self-sighting from a while back
  229. RK Goes To The Mall
  230. How Not To Sell Comics
  231. Butt-crack day at Target
  232. Self-sighting right here on the boards
  233. Short one from the movie theatre.
  234. Helping The Elderly But Infuriating Me (language)
  235. Going Out the In Door
  236. BYOB on the airplane
  237. How NOT to be an Asshat in the Financial Aid Office (long)
  238. Airplane Fun!
  239. Gym hag
  240. Pizza...?
  241. it's easy to sign up... just not to leave
  242. Coupons - possible self sighting! Warning ~ Long!
  243. How a sucky landlord almost resulted in beheading
  244. another tim hortons story
  245. Rolled for AP +12
  246. Valentine's Day dinner suckage
  247. That is just digusting!
  248. you're one to speak
  249. this is why I avoid the 5th north 7-11
  250. You did WHAT with my cigars?!