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  1. How to Not Get Tipped
  2. Original Gangsta
  3. SC at the Way of Sub
  4. I'm naked so please, come in.
  5. Civilized people get dressed before going to the store!
  6. A friend who's a restaurant SC.
  7. Not an SC but sucky parenting overall
  8. reminded of this...
  9. never has acceptance felt so wrong (short)
  10. Sighting in a commercial
  11. Sighting at a clothes store (with added karma!!)
  12. My step-Aunt is an SC
  13. Estate Sale Bitch
  14. Some people need to be devoured by weasels
  15. Tipping Trouble
  16. Catholic SC
  17. Sighting in a fictional setting
  18. Judged by the Japanese
  19. Gazing into the abyss....
  20. The bag-less bag lady (epic)
  21. Told to me at the DEQ Station
  22. quickie sighting
  23. Come on, are you serious?
  24. This isn't a store...
  25. no, I'm not giving you that Indian Burn because I'm a jackass...
  26. A jaunt down the avenue
  27. Assorted Beach Suck
  28. Hey, thanks for ruining our day!
  29. Collection question
  30. Hurricane Bill wave sightings
  31. You did WHAT??
  32. Shoppin' and sightin'
  33. ...Say what now?
  34. Landlady's Family...
  35. Little brat
  36. short timmies sighting
  37. We do does, not because we can, but because we're French!
  38. Baby or Beauty?
  39. another mother of the year nominee
  40. Sighting, or just a minor annoyance?
  41. Idiot dad
  42. How to screw up a birthday dinner - and become somewhat sucky
  43. computer pars woe
  44. why I am considering cancelling my credit card
  45. Complaining about free stuff?!
  46. Oh no! Not a voucher! Gimmegimmegimme!
  47. Wait a minute you don't have what?
  48. Near castration by wrapping paper at Wally World
  49. One Liners and So Forth (longish)
  50. Victim of a very sucky employee!
  51. I don't even know what to make of this.
  52. Someone ordered a... Placeholder?
  53. "Hmmm I don't need this shirt...WHY DON'T I FLUSH IT DOWN THE TOILET?"
  54. Pizza place sighting
  55. Future shop employee suckage
  56. Coupon lady at the BK
  57. When you are late for a movie...
  58. Funny story in which I most definently was an SC
  59. "I am the blind"
  60. My Mother-in-Law Has a New Obsession
  61. Co-commissioning with an SC
  62. Self Sighting
  63. I need a NAME
  64. "That's SOOOO gay!"
  65. We share!
  66. letter I just sent to subway
  67. Victory!
  68. Sinking
  69. How to walk in a restaurant angry, walk out as a fool.
  70. Seriously???
  71. Trapped in an Elevator
  72. Sunday Lady Plays The Loach.
  73. That doesn't look trashy at all...
  74. Express Lane EW.
  75. "They'll be out of business in 6 months."
  76. Stop calling me!!
  77. Rude and considerate cell phone guy at the gas station
  78. The Timekeeper
  79. God forbid he makes a mistake!
  80. and ye verily he said "don't do your job"
  81. Almost an SC or Sighting--My Store Drops the Ball
  82. What part of "it's defective" don't you understand?
  83. Keep it on a leash!
  84. Mother's phone phollies from the Lab
  85. No, you can't return damaged goods.
  86. AT&T Suckage
  87. "I want a man to assist me"
  88. Bruises Don't Equal Abuse!
  89. You could have at least finished it.
  90. I swear, it's snot me!
  91. Worst waitress
  92. Facebook sighting...
  93. My niece's 4th grade teacher
  94. Getting upset here...
  95. The "speaker van" scam is alive and well...
  96. The epic of the abusive band teacher
  97. I did what you said to do. Why are you upset?
  98. Bitterly Biased Much?
  99. Our UPS sub (long and anger filled)
  100. A Letter to FexEx Office
  101. Really? All that for two bucks?
  102. Scam on Campus
  103. No please? No service!
  104. Little annoyances
  105. Woo hoo! Take THAT lazy SCs!!!
  106. SC at DD and perhaps sucky me? Not sure.
  107. SC at the supermarket
  108. Anti-Semitism? at DD?
  109. A Dumb American in an Irish Ice Cream Parlor
  110. Come for the animals stay for the SCs
  111. Seen at the computer lab where I go to school at
  112. No, you're not going to catch that in a kitchen.
  113. Frightening Bus Ride
  114. Bus suck
  115. In-flight suckiness (slightly gross)
  116. My own loach
  117. My seat. MINE!(Bus suck story)
  118. Geez, McDonalds....
  119. Holiday SCs
  120. Was it really worth it? (long)
  121. Customers have reached a new low
  122. I'm not an animal, please dont treat me as such....
  124. Non-existant Parenting
  125. Self-sighting...Sorry to disappoint
  126. Who Was the Bigger B****?
  127. Sightings from the UP of MI (Sorry Longish)
  128. B*tch Buffet!
  129. Massive Clerk Fail
  130. I guess Game Crazy really is insane.
  131. Me, a 419 scam, and my bank
  132. Uh how about you just deal with the word "No"?
  133. Must remember not to wear blue at Walmart
  134. 2000 more...
  135. K-Mart: The Final Frontier..
  136. Gas theif
  137. Death Holds A Grudge
  138. At 2am, your kid should be in bed
  139. Was this a scam?
  140. Cuz I'm black?!?
  141. Umm, it's my turn at the window now
  142. Stupid Bum....
  143. Creepy stalkerish guy in the office building (a bit squicky)
  144. Really? It's really that hard?
  145. Girls don't know anything about computers!
  146. memo to the McDonalds cashier
  147. I think they are closed.
  148. Toy story (1 & 2) was ruined
  149. Pwnage from a magazine
  150. The passenger who cried lice
  151. Epic KFC Fail
  152. Wow. Is -every- idiot in town out today?
  153. Dear assholes who think you can sell stolen armor back to us...
  154. MCD'S "fast" food
  155. On the way to work today...
  156. I smell a scam.
  157. My Landlord Is An Idiot....
  158. drive through sighting
  159. In Which I'm In L.P. Mode Even Off-Duty
  160. Sure, Let Me Just Teleport That Right To You!
  161. Let's see what card doesn't decline
  162. Were my professors SCs?
  163. My pulse is too low.. my doctor put me on new meds... blah blah
  164. Dinner for 50
  165. "Steve"
  166. Sometimes a wrong number really IS the wrong number
  167. Litterers In Action. (very short)
  168. Awesome Sign at store
  169. Smoking on the rooftop deck of a non-smoking building
  170. Express line difficulties
  171. HELLION is too nice a term
  172. The Tech people at my work suck (longish)
  173. The SC at dinner.
  174. New Concept: Personal Space
  175. If You Want Our Business...
  176. No, I won't trade my hat with your cap
  177. Holiday Inn bitch
  178. Idiot at Ikea
  179. Stop staring at me!
  180. Ahem... Your Mic is On.
  181. Hm, shouldn't you be in bed by now?
  182. Clearance Sale Disaster
  183. I'm sorry I'm not as much of a ***** as you.
  184. For the first time EVER I wanted to leave a bad tip.
  185. Service? What's that?
  186. theater was blacklisted
  187. Icky encounter at the gas station
  188. Thank you for damaging our ecosystem!!
  189. How Not To Sell Comics 2: Not Selling RPG Supplements
  190. Wherein a SC thinks my brother is rude
  191. is it bad that...
  192. Grr. Seat hogs on public transit....
  193. The next train to depart from Platform 2...
  194. funny that no one else was having problems...
  195. Tipping situation - advice?
  196. Movie Showing PWN
  197. Lottery idiots
  198. Met Life telemarketers
  199. Why I have zero faith in these people's intelligence (long and full of stupid)
  200. Minor self sighting
  201. Semi suck @ tire store
  202. An evening at Disneyland, where sucky customers can truly shine!
  203. Jerk Manager at Subway
  204. One Afternoon at The TV Store (rant)
  205. Not sucky, more... interesting?
  206. Rainy Day Drive Thru SC
  207. On A Ladder, On A Cell Phone...
  208. What does it take? (Long)
  209. Gym B*tch
  210. Skip tracing sorry people? (mini rant)
  211. More parking woes
  212. Crazy incident in cafe.
  213. How NOT to treat a hostess on a plane
  214. Minor difficulty using Taco Bell coupons tonight
  215. Halloween suckage
  216. Is that really the way to get a U-scan attendant's attention?
  217. Not Johnny Depp & The Awesome Bus Driver
  218. The Suck at Wendy's
  219. Bus pwning
  220. College teaching suck
  221. Taxi Suck Overload
  222. Airport terminal loach
  223. That's two...
  224. no, I'm weezin' the juice
  225. "Because somebody else got it cheaper, I was ripped off"...
  226. Sushi lust!
  227. this is my uniform, this is my spout...
  228. you look like a couch, and you live in an anus
  229. pushy telemarketer
  230. We wish you a Cranky Christmas
  231. I'm not sure I'd be bragging about that (and others)
  232. Co-worker told me "Thursday was a headache at work for me"
  233. thank you for your understanding....NOT! (an epic tale)
  234. The Snowbirds are definitely back!
  235. Drivers Ed Suck (VERY LONG)
  236. Apparently, Belk doesn't want to talk to me.
  237. Oh no
  238. keep fruit edible
  239. Cranky old goat...
  240. Oh yeah, he's screwed
  241. That's twelve items per PAYING customer, dude.
  242. Backup tantrum
  243. My bus driver was an ass
  244. I am so angry!!!
  245. Going Postal
  246. The delivery guy was being an a--hole
  247. A class-action suit waiting to happen?
  248. Epic Self Pwnage
  249. When other customers tell you what to buy
  250. Just make the damn sandwich!