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  1. I guess only she's allowed to shop
  2. Those mall survey takers
  3. I lost a few brain cells because of this.
  4. Urged to be Sucky
  5. New depths of bad service
  6. To UPS and FedEX....
  7. Call centre people...
  8. Sucky Sticker Stickers
  9. Stop That Car!!
  10. Crazy Taxi
  11. You can't even enjoy a newspaper these days without EWs
  12. Just wait for the answer!.....
  13. You're complaining about contest rules?
  14. Self-sighting on my part....>.<
  15. I'll pick those up for you.
  16. 1 SC, 2 Punks, & 1 Cool Cashier
  17. Huh?
  18. They should have listened to me...
  19. Chinese Takeout Suck
  20. Making the express lanes a little less express
  21. Worst server i've seen in a long time
  22. At least it was a kid....
  23. Its a DONATION box, not a "Take what you want" box!
  24. My First School Related Thread
  25. Don't blame the Barista!
  26. The Line Cutter Who Wouldn't Quit...
  27. first time I've left a 2cent tip
  28. Abnormal Activity (long
  29. Wondering if I should do more than just rant to the forum about this sighting.
  30. Snapping, snarling stray dog is not that important.
  31. Started as my brain burp
  32. One from the hobby shop
  33. Possibly Sucky...
  34. Perennial SC
  35. Collosal Scumbag (ranty and probably foul language)
  36. Fabric Store Website and FB
  37. In Which My Things Are Grabbed (A Bit Long)
  38. Impatience
  39. Why I'm Switching Doctors...And Clinics
  40. I am the worst shoplifter ever! O_O
  41. Movie Theater Ignores Policies!
  42. Annoying and kind of sucky
  43. Yet another reason why I can't stand UPS
  44. Burger annoyance
  45. Off the clock, sorry!
  46. Self Sighting w/ a return
  47. Tipping: Do I suck?
  48. For the Love of all things Caramel Coated - Cancel me!! - Long Sorry!!
  49. Chikin B*tch (sort of a self sighting too)
  50. Here's a list of changes, now I'm off to Paris
  51. Snippy Teenaged McD's Employee
  52. A Gravekeeper-esque transit story
  53. An All New Suck Sighting
  54. Jewelery Store Is Just Begging To Go Bankrupt
  55. I Don't Work Here!
  56. A Tale Of Bad Service
  57. interesting blood drive sighting - but not a bad one
  58. Catering Suck!!!
  59. Didn't realize it until later
  60. My WTF moment
  61. Sucky family while shoe shopping
  62. Jewlry store suck
  63. Alliterative Suck: Cruelty to Christmas Carolers
  64. Do you work here?
  65. No, I am NOT impressed
  66. No, I seriously don't work here.
  67. Do you mind being the parent for a change?!
  68. Throwdown!! (Kinda long, but totally fun - for ME!)
  69. Turn your light off then
  70. STFU, please. (some language)
  71. Excuse you?
  72. amazon!
  73. Lady, I'm not even interested in that junk.
  74. Yep, it's really taken seriously...
  75. Where the sun don't shine...
  76. Wherein I don't loose my cool.
  77. Bilingual Dine & Dash Pwnage (old)
  78. My first real sighting!
  79. I suppose he was getting into the spirit of it
  80. That's not a good way to upsell
  81. Scatterbrained waiter
  82. Ihop suckage.
  83. Note to self: Be a slob.
  84. Minor Self sighting plus bonus brain burps!
  85. Annoying Cashier
  86. New doctor, bad nurse/aide
  87. Wherein a SC tried to ride the "Fat Man's" laurels. - Sorry it's long
  88. Return of the Moose man!
  89. Troll Supervisor and the Unmerry Christmas
  90. You've won an iPod! only an ipod though.
  91. Clearance!
  92. SCs Sighting in a Commercial
  93. How did this get past the editors?
  94. No, you can't help me!
  95. Almost...
  96. there are some sightings that really are sightings... (language)
  97. "I've ONLY Been Waiting A Week."
  98. Dear Maker at least give us 24 hours!
  99. If You're Off Work Because of Snow.....
  100. When no thank you really does mean no - with a little SC on my part.
  101. No, it's not allowed!
  102. I want moisturizer, not a lecture, please.
  103. Crazy... crazy for feeling so lonely... (EPIC)
  104. Of course I work here!
  105. Pushy TV Salesman
  106. Security didn't like me
  107. Levels of professionality
  108. I Lost It Today and Stood Up To A Spineless Manager!!!
  109. I just won. I got you ALL beat.
  110. Maybe he thought it was acid rain?
  111. A few movie rants..
  112. Was it really worth it? (Bad parenting)
  113. Christmas Eve rudeness
  114. Tough Cookies!
  115. Sucky Supermarket Customers
  116. WIC Witch
  117. Good job, Dad.
  118. Kind of funny, but still annoying
  119. This One Had the Police Called on Him
  120. The Redneck Sand Truck
  121. Got my groceries with a side of pwnge.
  122. Pwned a line-jumper
  123. I'm returning an empty box, give me mah moneys!
  124. Lois Lane must have rung me out at Best Buy.
  125. Hit by my own cart.
  126. Bank drive thru fun
  127. indeterminite gender
  128. Family Suckage
  129. Waiter issues
  130. The Blockbuster Zoo
  131. I did NOT just see that...
  132. Just sell me the phone!
  133. A customer's confession (long)
  134. Pwned in Burger King
  135. Oblivious Driver
  136. waiting for an itunes reply
  137. Virgin Hamster Birth!
  138. Credit card and family issues, all rolled into one!
  139. Blockbuster
  140. Greedy Waiter
  141. How not to promote your business
  142. Flight Time Follies
  143. Teacher/professor suckiness
  144. Don't honk at me and lie about it
  145. Shitty Parenting (Gross)
  146. Gaming turns-into job suck!
  147. Pharmacy SC
  148. I catch them even when I'm off work
  149. Closing Down Suck
  150. Argumentative & frustrated customer at Office Max
  151. KFC Tuesday Suck
  152. Tire store suckage
  153. Telemarketers attack!
  154. Self-sighting: I'm embarrassed
  155. Tire Alignment Woes
  156. As told to me by my mom...
  157. No I will not buy your magazines!
  158. At the movies...
  159. So mad about the people at the movies!
  160. So I've had to make a few phone calls lately...
  161. Bad experience at local IHOP (LONG)
  162. Twi-Tard at the movies
  163. 1 Sighting, 1 Reading
  164. Other Workers At The Flea Market.
  165. Tire place/electronic store/apartment/mechanic/retirement suckiness (long)
  166. That's a nice way to introduce people to PVP
  167. *snerk* with a side order of win
  168. Fitting Room Fail
  169. SC actually gets place closed down...(long)
  170. Jackass at the doctor's office
  171. They threw away what!?!
  172. Clean up after your baby. Seriously.
  173. Self Scan Idiot
  174. Traffic mess at 5 p.m. at the faculty/staff garage
  175. Where in my best friend becomes a SC
  176. What do we look like, a nurse's station?
  177. Just leave him alone!
  178. Icky Aisle
  179. Boss Man brags about being an SC...
  180. Employee phone numbers are not public information
  181. First Aid Fail
  182. Spambot on the phone!
  183. College Library Gangsta (some racial stuff)
  184. No I don't work here....
  185. I run HOSPITALS, not health spas!
  186. Contractor Sighting
  187. Two Crazy Biotches At Wal-Mart
  188. Old bag at the movies
  189. Loaded Lady at the Best Buy return counter
  190. Open Another Freakin' Line!
  191. Female night school student and the campus cop
  192. Don't You Know Who I am?
  193. Late Night Bowling With Daddy
  194. military "intelligence" (semi long)
  195. Drunk old ladies make me smile.
  196. Way to go, you made the teller cry
  197. Playground Rules At The Dr's Office
  198. Sometimes I'm glad people like this are around
  199. Concentrated Sightings in One Hour
  200. Good cashier
  201. govt workers
  202. Some secondhand suck....
  203. Dude, seriously??
  204. The Legend of Dragon Lady
  205. A two for one...
  206. Dear Jerk RA
  207. Tip Lady Saga
  208. Did I ask you?
  209. Wherein my SO was an SC... and how I handled it
  210. Sucky Customers at Antiques Market
  211. You young 'uns don't know what work is!
  212. Nice language
  213. SC = sucky cashier in this case
  214. Dognapping
  215. The Horror of Mama Mia!
  216. I'll read your sign, but I'll argue anyway
  217. More Subway Suck
  218. Contact Lens Saga
  219. Don't bring us into this
  220. Oh it's just MRSA!
  221. Seriously, neighbors, clean up after your dogs.
  222. Parking Suck
  223. Female student wanted a campus cop to be her chauffer
  224. TelephoneAngel got carded for this
  225. More RA suckage *really long
  226. If you're going to pig out on my food, then it would be nice if you'd contribute...
  227. Give That Employee a Medal!!!
  228. A little service....very little
  229. Gift card scam, or why is Dytch so cynical?
  230. Letters you shouldn't send to 1 year olds
  231. A Quick Encounter
  232. The worst stench ever!!!
  233. A fail I overheard.
  235. People At The Gym...
  236. Could you at least tell us when you're going to mess with the hot water?
  237. "But theyre too DARK!!!!!"
  238. Whiny College Student Got Pwned!
  239. Bookstore Silliness
  240. Yeah, I'm not going to agree with you
  241. Fail at the coffeehouse
  242. Sightings at Subway
  243. The Clown Will Get You For That!
  244. Just got back from an oil change
  245. Bank Idjits
  246. No, I won't help you commit insurance fraud
  247. Wait to look like a shoplifter. Oh wait, you are a shoplifter!
  248. Even Profs are Allowed to Show Compassion
  249. Pharmacy suck
  250. Is this normal at the drive thru?