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  1. I am so embarassed.
  2. I think this is a sighting....
  3. My EYES!!! They BURN!!!
  4. Not Too Far Away To Avoid Seeing...
  5. MORE pharmacy suck (kinda long sorry)
  6. Amusing Car Dealership suck
  7. Cell phone store suck (I'm so very tempted to write a complaint letter...)
  8. I wish I could do this sometimes...
  9. Ancient self sighting.
  10. Banking and Bad Customers
  11. At the convenience store...
  12. Travelling suckage (several stories)
  13. Taking tsumani scare a little far...
  14. Fun at the Post Office
  15. Sighting on Facebook
  16. Water Works Suck
  17. Erm, uh, my porch?
  18. Atlanta Flying Fun
  19. I hung up on a telemarketer today
  20. Collection Agency Suck
  21. Thanks For Sharing
  22. It's only cutting in line if you're in it.
  23. Pwnage from Yesteryear
  24. Corporate fires towel-folder
  25. You only need to ring the doorbell/knock once
  26. Wow, how very typical of a SC!
  27. How not to tighten your tie...Managerial "hang" ups.
  28. Hair malfunction?
  29. Stop, Thief!!
  30. Mother of the year
  31. Store made me pay for sucky customer!!
  32. what goes around comes around
  33. It's a Youth Event!
  34. Too "Nice"
  35. wtf is wrong with you?
  36. at another store
  37. Fun with Online Movie Tickets
  38. Not sure where the suck is here...
  39. So now being caught drinking on duty is not your fault?
  40. Following policy...
  41. Screaming @ 4am is now ok!!
  42. But I've Never Done This Before
  43. Bite me you idiot clerk.
  44. Watch where you're going!
  45. "I am 45 years old & I do not want to walk"
  46. Training The Dog.
  47. bus drivers and "reduced fare" eligibility
  48. Disappointed with Jimmy John's
  49. Guns 4 Tots
  50. I'm almost sorry I missed this particular lunacy!
  51. Fire on a petrol station... and SCs want petrol!
  52. caught in the act
  53. Wherein Irv causes arthritis and nearly witnesses elder abuse
  54. Boyfriend got screwed over
  55. Stylist scraped my neck up; should I complain?
  56. No, I don't work here
  57. Road trip suck
  58. Suck at Local Magistrate's Office
  59. Parking lot tomfoolery
  60. Watch it jerks!
  61. Contractor Suck (longish)
  62. Walmart again...:p
  63. OMG STFU!!!!
  64. Good old fashioned.......bitching?
  65. Of St Patricks Day Idiocy
  66. Old Story: Run-over by Cleaner Who Skipped Country
  67. 5yr old attitude... really?
  68. Trying to sleep!
  69. That's NOT funny -- WARNING: Possibly disturbing
  71. Firewood theft :(
  72. So why didn't you tell me
  73. Just what do you have against the sidewalk?
  74. Verizon, round 2, FIGHT! (rant & need halp)
  75. Vandalism Fail - WARNING Offensive
  76. Coffee scam
  77. Calling too late...?
  78. Entitlement and Brainlessness at the Redbox
  79. Medical Centre double sighting.
  80. I'd suggest reading the exchange policy?
  81. Hotel security fail
  82. 911 Prank Call Idiocy
  83. my apologies for making your day easier
  84. "Mother" of this and every other century
  85. Sad and Disturbing 911
  86. Unaccetpable!
  87. Someone's in trouble
  88. No response from online company; advice?
  89. Wherein my brother sells a car
  90. Erm, not on her porch?
  91. Boyfriend Makes Me An Sc
  92. Ripped Off By Store
  93. Rude Parisian coin dealer
  94. At The Hibachi Restaurant
  95. Bring your own book! (long)
  96. Bad service.. from both the power company and 911.
  97. I think I saw a "dine and dash" at Denny's today!
  98. Half little arsonists suck...half sucky 'neighbor'
  99. Movie Theater Sightings Major Suck
  100. Neighbor suckyness
  101. Of Pot and Awesome Roasts
  102. I'm really not scary.
  103. Van Woman With A Deathwish...
  104. Raisin muffins
  105. Call Center Accent
  106. Chinese Buffet Suck.
  107. Seriously?
  108. Absolutely abyssmal customer service at our bank (long and ranty)
  109. Um, What The?
  110. Was this a bad waiter?
  111. Where Do You Think You're GOING?
  112. Patience Grasshopper
  113. Teen Pregnancy
  114. Nice Try, Lazy Customers
  115. Of Gimme Grabs, Patronizing Patrons and Jeering Juveniles (Or, Lupo goes shopping...)
  116. bitchy panhandler/scammer lady
  117. Karma?
  118. Tinkle tinkle...
  119. And I care why?
  120. I'm sorry, but you scare me.
  121. Playing Eenie Meenie Miney Moe with my bank accounts
  122. Coupon Customer
  123. 14+1 equals the same thing in French as in English
  124. What's a Paper?
  125. Confused Amazon buyer
  126. My EARS!
  127. Prankster Dad...
  128. ...really!?
  129. rent woopsie
  130. Get your stories straight!
  131. Sexist Asshole Lube Attendant
  132. Know-it All Associate
  133. No, really. It's not for sale.
  134. Numbers aren't that difficult...(Or, Lupo went grocery shopping. Again...)
  135. Too close, TOO CLOSE!
  136. Loud Noises, Parties and Cops (Long and Epic Sorry!)
  137. Flea and Tick prevention. Use it.
  138. You hid the screw WHERE?!
  139. Waiting room follies...
  140. annoying bathroom lady
  141. Gee, I Wonder Why You Closed Down..
  143. Bathroom TMI
  144. Express bus riders
  145. I HATE Shopping... and kids...
  146. Coffee Aisle Rudeness
  147. So sorry for buying a -phone- at a -phone store-!
  148. Asshole Bus Passenger
  149. Drive By Rude
  150. Blame the RMV
  151. Careful when flicking your butts.
  152. Bbbubuut I wanted to take molecular biology, not microbiology!! *wahh!!*
  153. My biggest pet peeve, twice in one day (part 2)
  154. Was I expecting too much?
  155. Lean some damn math.
  156. Immortality!
  157. *Hack, cough* OH GOD WHY?
  158. 2:30 in the morning!
  159. I'M 73 YEARS OLD B*TCH!
  160. Ikea and such
  161. You were robbed? I want a free bagel.
  162. Wal-Mart Suckage
  163. Evidently, I will never be free...
  164. Golden Arch Customer Scam
  165. Another one of my mom's sighting. Good times.
  166. I don't get it...
  167. Someone Is Dead, Passed Out, Or Not Home...
  168. Subway quickie
  169. Hot Topic Bitch
  170. What people will do to exit a parking garage for free
  171. If You're Going to Complain...
  172. Tow Driver Threatened at Apartment Complex!
  173. Wherein my car gets laughed at
  174. How many times can I say it?
  175. 4:45am is too early on a Saturday
  176. Parenting Problems and Melon related Mayhem (Yep, Lupo went grocery shopping again...
  177. Gym = Country Club
  178. ...meanwhile, at the gas station
  179. Bad health and staring contests.
  180. Used Car Salesmen
  181. Fast Food??
  182. Advance Auto wiper blade suckage
  183. Boiler repair dude!
  184. Visitor Parking reserved for 2nd shift but only 2 vans arrived
  185. Wow, just wow
  186. The world is my trash can
  187. Free McMuffins At Subway!
  188. Sorry I interrupted your impassiveness
  189. Damn Drunks
  190. On The Bus
  191. Hey Juwl..
  192. I think Lupo's crazies were following me
  193. Life can be one big joke. :))
  194. Asshats in my own industry!!!
  195. Pranksters almost killed me
  196. *sigh* So close to a crazy free shopping trip. SO....CLOSE...
  197. People at library who can't read
  198. Quick Stop
  199. It's a freaking WRITING CLASS!
  200. neighbors...
  201. Mexican Bell WTF.
  202. Mother's Day card
  203. Empty containers in the fridge
  204. No! Seriously, I am NOT your professor, dear.
  205. A museum is not a playground
  206. Bad Way to Start the Morning
  207. Online Classes...Oi Vey!
  208. Co-worker dealt with a difficult customer on Monday
  209. Why us?
  210. Learn to read!
  211. House-Building Suck All Around...
  212. More Transportation woes.
  213. What's in a 'nym?
  214. I guess you suck everywhere you go
  215. It's Just a Movie Bud!
  216. "I don't speak English" wtf
  217. This is SO not a Kodak moment!!
  218. Little plastic bags are everywhere...
  219. Can I get my iced latte now please?!
  220. world's worst mcdonalds
  221. Abry's customer thought his good looks would pay for the meal
  222. why there?
  223. Dream a little dream...
  224. Jewelry Snob Insults My Engagement Ring
  225. Real men spill beer.
  226. Grabby Manager Finally Fired
  227. My OWN FATHER is an SC!
  228. Oh God I don't Envy that Assistant...
  229. Where the OJ roams free...
  230. A new level of spinelessness?
  231. He's Lazy
  232. Some advice to the happy couple... (ranty)
  233. And so the war begins
  234. Proof That Assholes Lose
  235. Don't tell us the final is on one thing, then make it on another!
  236. Outside the courtroom...
  237. Sex in a Hottub. (Gross)
  238. Classmate suckery: an epic tale of college
  239. Accepted Forms of ID do not include 'Cross my heart...'
  240. creepy t-shirt man
  241. No Trash!
  242. Of Metal Bands, Insufficient Funds, and Debit Cards
  243. post-dated coupons
  244. the wrong thing to say
  245. Misleading Car Dealership
  246. Human instict to ignore signage and helpful info?
  247. NC Waitress Fired for Facebook Comments
  248. More School and MAX sightings.
  249. Incident at Jack in the Box
  250. Boston=Manchester?!