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  1. What I sent to Rite Aid
  2. Ice Cream Parlor sighting
  3. Kids in my Stall and I Want to Harm You
  4. A quick WTF.
  5. Candy Lady Bitch...
  6. BURRITOS!!!
  7. Let's Throw a S**t Fit
  8. My Mom at Kohls...
  9. Excuse me, how much is this item?
  10. He knows the cashier's job better than the cashier.. and it's now my personal cart.
  11. Out of Icecream= one very upset worker
  12. Positivly epic suckatorium at the bank this morning.
  13. Plaidman fails to catch a thief: Much Pain: People Laugh: And Sardines.
  14. Would you like a side of pwnage with that?
  15. Supermarket Pervert!
  16. The ballet is not a social convention!
  17. crappy apartment
  18. Semi-sighting, Semi-Coworkers.
  19. You Don't Know Why You're Calling?
  20. Bus passenger cursed out bus driver; *language*
  21. McD Employee who cant hear.
  22. Free refill
  23. Iced Granny
  24. Not the best pick-up line in the world
  25. Where I am told I am a bother
  26. Grumpy Old Man Lives!
  27. New methods to beating the "10 items or less" rule
  28. A Royal Pain
  29. Mall Suckage (long)
  30. Neighborhoods
  31. Was that absolutely necessary?
  32. Is this why they're called "buttheads"?
  33. Rant About Doctors
  34. Its Always The End of the World
  35. Definition of Shithead
  36. "How do I get this phone for free?"
  37. I didn't want to see your baby's business!
  38. "I need my receipt"
  39. I only have two hands (long)
  40. KFC Dumpster Diving Old Lady
  41. ZW's Short Adventures In Wally World! (language)
  42. Stolen Items in the Stairwell
  43. Suck at Applebee's
  44. That's Mature!
  45. Am I in a Wendy's commercial?
  46. Graduation Sightings
  47. I just got into a confrontation in a Walmart parking lot
  48. Another bus incident; *language*
  49. Hah! Nice try, Mr. Scammer... (long, language)
  50. Oh The Drama.
  51. And you should care why?
  52. Ask, and ye shall receive...
  53. To the woman drinking a Frappucino on the treadmill...
  54. Bieber Gets The Boot (long)
  55. Happened to my poor co-worker :(
  56. I Feel Bad For This....
  57. sorry you cant read
  58. Movie theater fail.
  59. Train in Vain
  60. Why do you even bother drinking it ? ( a bit gross)
  61. Not your parking space
  62. Male bus passenger had to pay but not a female bus passenger
  63. A walk to remember
  64. Stop trying to injure our cleaning staff!!!!!
  65. Ignoring the bus driver
  66. Sad, disturbing, but not unexpected.
  67. So much sucky in one day
  68. Attempted wooing in Walmart
  69. What is up with other people's kids?
  70. The truthiness in advertising
  71. Not so much sucky. Just annoying.
  72. Ah, the joys of retail hell
  73. The Birth Of "Giving You Shit"
  74. Why I No Longer Use Your Company
  75. comment card drama
  76. Just Closed or shut down for good? (sorry long)
  77. Coworker Is Pushed Over the Edge
  78. It's worth more than that! And other tales of Gold.
  79. Doctor Sir, My EARS don't have a UTI!
  80. ...It's... just... sauce...
  81. Well, this was a new sort of dilemma.
  82. Of broken chairs and morons...
  83. Really?
  84. I think I figured out the source of your hearing loss...
  85. "Borders"-line Attitude
  86. Reverse Sighting
  87. SC I had the other day-"You're Irritating!"
  88. Two Sightings from My Mom
  89. "But I ordered it for here"
  90. Sighting from a hospital employee
  91. No More LOBSTER?!?!
  92. SC Time is TimeyWimey WibblyWobbly
  93. Add 4 morons to the Jail Population...
  94. why don't you tell me what you DO have?
  95. Toyota dealer...
  96. This is why DirecTV has so many new subscribers
  97. Another Very Special Customer at the Coin Store
  98. Hmm.. Not so friendly..
  99. Rev that Engine Louder, I Can't Hear How Small Your Dick Is!
  100. Don't Call Me!
  101. misbehaving kid... and a good parent
  102. Please Speak "Normal" English
  103. ONES....Gimmeee dem' ONES.....
  104. My friend tries to be funny
  105. The Window Reality Show
  106. The Cyclists and the Escalator
  107. Yet another $100 note story
  108. Duct tape.. I'm gonna start carrying it!
  109. Drama dept. instructor & his student
  110. Reparations?
  111. Saw it coming.
  112. Wherein EW Achieves a New Level of SUCK...
  113. Are You Sure You're Not Pregnant?
  114. Maybe you used to be important...
  115. Hello mudda, Hello Fadda
  116. You really want that phone, don't you?
  117. Vile and unsanitary
  118. Just Tell The Truth
  119. So much for manners
  120. I don't care. No, really, I don't.
  121. The One Where Munchkin Should Be a Manager
  122. Your kids come first!
  123. High Speed Internet woes (LONG!)
  124. Wherin Whiskey is denied her Happy Hour.
  125. A lesson in manners.
  126. kids at the bar
  127. Free public transit makes for an interesting night
  128. Oh AT&T, I'm going to strangle you (long and ranty)
  129. Wherein I Defuse a Rental Car SC
  130. Wherin I let you on a dirty little secret...
  131. Passive aggressive day?
  132. Camping
  133. "It's OK"
  134. But I made a reservation 3 months ago !!!111!!11!!
  135. Halifax Suck
  136. Charter Foolery
  137. to the hostess...
  138. You know how in musicals when a person starts singing, the entire crowd joins in?
  139. slight pet peeve
  140. It's okay - I'm a regular...
  141. Ameren
  142. Phone Upgrade Transferrence Man
  143. very small sighting
  144. "The parking offfice is closed"
  145. Grouchy Old man at 7-11
  146. oh just go away!
  147. I Wish I Could Punch You
  148. The Child SC
  149. Public Parking Space Squatter
  150. The Regular
  151. Hit & Run - I think I did a good thing
  152. My dad yelled at a Charity Worker
  153. Yell At Your Coworker!
  154. Entitlement to the max!
  155. Silly sighting on the way to work
  156. Minor problem at the staff entrance was a major problem for a staff member
  157. Various Sightings From College Town Hell
  158. SC at Applebee's....
  159. My deal with a drunk SC
  160. *blinks* WHAT?! *confused*
  161. What the HP...
  162. (gross) Tw** Full of Needles!
  163. I'm not an SC, but my Mother is! (Long)
  164. Price Matching Mayhem and Other Shopping Tales
  165. Haha...a regular..you're funny! (long winded, as is my style)
  166. What a professional
  167. Crazy old bat saves invisible children
  168. Just Sad
  169. Yes Mistress.
  170. Sighting on the bus this morning
  171. Heated discussion
  172. Entitlement and a food pantry????
  173. Dear Visitor...
  174. Rude old passive aggressive bitch
  175. South Aussie Hygiene Tip #836
  176. Sighting from close to 10 years ago.
  177. WALBB defined
  178. Theatre Group - fun with Boris and Doris
  179. Toy Story 3 is unrealistic (contains major spoilers)
  180. Honk Your Horn Again...
  181. Because you're a rolling advertisement!
  182. Two sightings within four days.
  183. You Talk to Your Mother Like That?!?
  184. Arguing about sales tax
  185. My grandma, the EW :(
  186. Tech Support shenanigans - Language warning!
  187. A few Quick Vegas Tales
  188. Pissed off bus passenger; warning language
  189. Parking office gives customer a receipt but no token
  190. What Happens in AC..(lawng)
  191. Craigslist robbery...
  192. Proofreading DOES help
  193. A nice ice cream...and leave my can of drink alone!
  194. The best thing about this potential new job is...
  195. A couple of sightings from this week
  196. Food Stamp Crazy
  197. Your meal will be there..eventually
  198. Dine-N-dash during my birthday dinner.
  199. Dine-and-Dashing and the Assumer
  200. Big Cockney guy tells it like it is....(a bit longish)
  201. EWs should NEVER have to wait for their lunch
  202. Idiot valet parking customer (long-ish)
  203. A Day At The Gas Station
  204. Clearance Hogs
  205. This is why I don't like people!
  206. Fake Bill . . . DENIED!
  207. Who's the thief, again?
  208. Movie Toddler
  209. If You're Going to Park Illegally...
  210. Unprofessional bitch.
  211. Another piece of awesome parenting - not (language)
  212. /Sigh...FB Posting.
  213. Oh yes, oh yes (Gross)
  214. One employee at lunch rush
  215. At the OG
  216. Another sign post
  217. "Oh, I really need a job"
  218. You turned it into a third party check!
  219. "I May Or May Not Have Called Her A 'Runt'"
  220. ...the ladies love you, don't they.
  221. Drive-Thru Line Jumper
  222. Power failure FAIL!
  223. Oh You! (Ridiculous)
  224. Ow! My brain!
  225. queue jumpers
  226. The glare...it burns us..
  227. No, you don't get a meal voucher [long]
  228. Cruise Ship Sightings
  229. Impatient Beyotch At The Gas Station
  230. So..I went grocery shopping again
  231. For cryin' out loud, lady, buy the CD
  232. Why E-ville Movie Theatre is my favorite
  233. I Target Restaurateurs
  234. Witnessing suckage at the amusement park
  235. quick one from duncan donuts (well not so quick i guess)
  236. The Problem Solver
  237. "Don't answer that!"
  238. Liquor store D-bag *Language*
  239. Talk about cutting off your nose...
  240. Creepy drunk guy (and awesome bartender)
  241. Might have been a bit sucky at Kroger this morning. :(
  242. moving can be... fun... long
  244. shopping woes
  245. Just admit you like Twilight
  246. Veterinarians
  247. Hey Pizza boy, i'm looking at you ;)
  248. Does she LOOK like an oil refinery?
  249. Self sighting (maybe?) on my vacation.
  250. A New Low