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  1. Another dead body (gross)
  2. Pissed-on by Parked Car!
  3. Awful
  4. Possible check scam sighting
  5. Rude bus woman
  6. Whiney eBay seller
  7. Just can't wait
  8. Restaurant failure...
  9. Wrong number. Still wrong. Still wrong...
  11. Kalamazoo Ribfest
  12. More MBTA Morons
  13. how to deal with phone stalkers...
  14. 'I Hate Mexicans!' and other stories...
  15. Dyuhh...I don't get it, George.
  16. Anonymous Reviews Online...
  17. welcome to my neighborhood...
  18. A co-worker who's an SC
  19. Supermarket niceties
  20. Oh the entitlement(2 stories)
  21. But I Still Love My Bank
  22. I used to feel bad about the treatment Property Management employees receive..
  23. What The Bloody......
  24. Entitlement whore at the grocery store
  25. reason number... I've lost count... that John Inglish is the most hated man in SLC
  26. Mother of All Meltdowns
  27. What did I do to deserve this!?!
  28. Possible self sighting at UPS Store
  29. I got yer personal space right here
  30. The Amazing Inflating Blood Test Price! (self sighting?)
  31. Stupid family at animal shelter
  32. Shopping Shenanigans - Friday the 13th Edition!! Oh dear gods, WHY!?!?! (LLOOOOOONG!
  33. The crazies are out in force!
  34. annoying chick at the movies
  35. Wally World
  36. You stole my pizza!!!
  37. When worlds collide
  38. Please SHUT UP!
  39. Vacation Sightings
  40. poor communication from the bus driver
  41. Self-sighting tonight *sigh*
  42. When did having appropriate ID become suspicious?
  43. Why do I even go to shows anyway?
  44. Dude, I just want to lift weights.
  45. Motorized Carts are NOT toys
  46. If there's no tag on it, it's free... at the wine store
  47. First home-based Sighting in... I don't know how long. (language)
  48. 'Oh Deer'-A 911 Story...
  49. Private elevator
  50. Do you not understand how a drivethrough works?
  51. I Finally Witnessed It!
  52. A Skunk in the Orange Apron
  53. The professional returns
  54. Entitlement whore parents at their finest
  55. We guarantee a smile with every transaction.
  56. Crotch-Rocket SC
  57. I'll boink brother and you can't stop me... (eeeeewness)
  58. Potential self sighting but rather satisfying. (gross)
  59. "No Truck Parking"
  60. Self-sighting? Pizza people?
  61. Baby on the table
  62. Laundry bully & a true lunatic (w/ police goodness)
  63. Black tank top+green pants=works at Wal-Mart? (LANGUAGE!!)
  64. What the Hell Is Wrong With..(Warning Gross)
  65. Manager Vs. Moron
  66. disappointment
  67. That doesn't look like child abuse at all....
  68. My School in the Paper
  69. 20 items or less? Doesn't apply to ME!
  70. Careful Who You're A Bitch To....
  71. A bat in the swamp
  72. Lost passport? Call the post office!
  73. My sister's EW
  74. SuperSucky Sighting at Super Cuts
  75. Does McDonalds look like...
  76. Corn molesters
  77. the next person to say nothing is wrong...
  78. Did the bookmobile spring a leak?
  79. Night school student called non emergency number to complain about campus cop
  80. Don't you ever call me that [superlong]
  81. Wherein Nox almost picks a fight (LONG)
  82. Creepy girl + "awesome" mother
  83. Fun and interesting things in the school cafe. O.o
  84. First Time College Parents
  85. Dick Glue
  86. At the dentist office
  87. Old Douche At The Car Wash
  88. Pizza Delivery :(
  89. I must smell bad or something.
  90. Leave me alone already
  91. Attempted theft at the diner
  92. Baseless complaint I saw once....
  93. Lupo's Shopping Shenanigans part seventy billion...or I looka like a man?? ;)
  94. Epic Scam at Cash for Gold...
  95. Wait, you got a WHAT, now?
  96. Exploding light bulbs and guns
  97. Things I Learned from Crazy Craig's List Lady
  98. Another Tale from the Coin Shop
  99. Sighting via my mom: "helpful" SC at Walmart
  100. THis is getting really old
  101. Odds 'n Ends from the past few days
  102. A Little Suck on Both Fronts
  103. SURPRISE!!
  104. Doin' the No-Pants Dance
  105. What part of "deceased" are you having trouble getting?
  106. How dare you tell me off for using someone elses card and PIN!
  107. Suuuuuure. You forgot your Zip Code.
  108. You call yourself a computer repair shop??
  109. Entitlement Whoritis at the Race Track (Horse Racing)
  110. "I want that one"
  111. The CNA decides what nurse can visit. . . huh? (long)
  112. Drunks at Jack
  113. A Forgotten Pot.
  114. National treat BuggedMei like an idiot week.
  115. My First "Do You Work Here" Story!
  116. Name change fun
  117. Wrong old man, wrong day
  118. ... Not Stupid
  119. Campus sightings
  120. Several sightings
  121. Bus Sighting, or, Nurses Are A Waste of Time
  122. UGH! (gross)
  123. Weird Sight at the Bookstore
  124. Question for Frosh
  125. Never Argue With An Idiot
  126. DMV Sighting (short)
  127. From My Mom
  128. Do you like Boobs?
  129. Busted another store for fraud
  130. Feel sorry for employees at ...
  131. Begging Bachelorettes
  132. Sexist guy at school sighting
  133. 50% SC, 50% Cursing out coworker, 100% suck
  134. The Young and The Restless
  135. *sigh* what do you THINK I'm writing this thread about...?
  136. This is why I tip my mailman at Xmas
  137. Idiot Parent
  138. Professors sucking
  139. FB suckage. Would you block these people?
  140. Good customer service is not hard. . .
  141. Sighting WIN
  142. Just because I'm buying ramen..
  143. The real piece of work I talked to today-long, minor language warning
  144. Poor RX people
  145. IHOP: Bad & Grocery Shopping with Mom
  146. Little hands and sucky parenting
  147. I'm scarred for life now, thanks NSFW (gross)
  148. Asshattery at the car parts place
  149. Epic Fail Over Minor Violation
  150. Racist subs.
  151. Natural Selection at my brother's hotel
  152. LOUD Sighting in the Parking Lot
  153. Music on the Train
  154. Oooh! Hot coffee!
  155. Not real patient with other people's dogs on my property
  156. Shopping, the good the bad and the wtf?
  157. *sigh* Could you stop leering for just a moment so I can pay you?
  158. Kroger customer wanted refund for an item bought at a different location
  159. Change scammer thwarted by his own pockets
  160. Just... Thanks for sharing...
  161. Buffet Restaurants - again!
  162. Inattentive Waitress
  163. No, there's no reason I'm standing here...
  164. Gas station stupidity and bonus story
  165. Annoying Customer at Gamestop
  166. Talking during the movie
  167. A memo to pet supply store customers...
  168. A Bitch And Two Wild Brats
  169. Problem with a clerk from another store
  170. "I know where you live." Oooh I'm so scared!
  171. Go Inside Next Time, You Jerk!
  172. Feuding customers
  173. Jerks from the Bookstore.
  174. Convenience store rumble
  175. Doctos office Idjit
  176. Campus Signs - irony
  177. Apartment Signs - annoyance
  178. That Music Be BUMPIN'
  179. Again, why do I shop here?!
  180. Congratulations You Just Lost A Sale (Short)
  181. Has Irv emigrated to England?
  182. Not to be used for ramming
  183. idiocy at the orange apron
  184. Puppy Panic, Starbucks Stupidity and Shopping Shitheads. Lupo goes shopping again!!
  185. Dining hall compliment
  186. Cookie brat
  187. that poor dog...
  188. Get away from our dumpster!!!!
  189. Get out of my face!!!
  190. Ahhh. . . Crazy neighbours
  191. The Bus Ride From Hell (Slightly Gross Part)
  192. Post office mini-sighting
  193. ...Wait...what?
  194. It Finally Happened to Me!
  195. chubby chasers
  196. Monkey Business... groan
  197. And This Threatens Me How Exactly?
  198. Don't you DARE hit my dog!
  199. My time's more important than yours!
  200. Best shopping trip ever
  201. Communication: Harder Than it Looks.
  202. So... you went in anyway?
  203. I don't think that's all that's wrong...
  204. Talk about getting into the game.
  205. Technically doesn't say "Employees Only", but still...
  206. Race and/or Gender Suck?
  207. Visitor parking reserved for 2nd shift but only 2 people came
  208. I'm A Freak Magnet
  209. Smoke near the gas pump (includes self sighting)
  210. Something that always pisses me off.
  211. Short and sweet but lovely pwnage
  212. This Applebee's is asking for trouble
  213. Wal Mart self check outs suck!
  214. Sunday Shopping Shenanigans - This is all xx_wolfie_xx's fault!!!
  215. Wal Mart sighting
  216. Disneyland Detour
  217. Apartment Neighbours...
  218. I'm a little worried at how many EW's will form because of this.
  219. I don't work here, and bonus stories
  220. 2 sightings
  221. And just how lazy and/or stupid do you have to be....?
  222. Delivery isn't slow enough
  223. Thank You...it was a little chilly this morning
  224. Blood drawing sighting
  225. Mc'Ds sighting
  226. This made my day.
  227. Shoppers 1 Corporate 0
  228. Bi-polar sales person?
  229. Temper Tantrums at Target (Hey, not that bad of a shopping thread, woo hoo!!!)
  230. SC friend doesn't realize his SCness even when told
  231. My mother is a freak!
  232. Leave the nurses alone (long, a little gross)
  233. Fail, after fail, after fail.
  234. Myrtle Beach Sightings
  235. The $250,000 Hooker
  236. Woman is obviously a spitter.
  237. Pushy Receptionist
  238. Was I sucky with this?
  239. A warning
  240. The Usual for You Guys
  241. A quick story from one of my customers
  242. Nursing home troubles
  243. The mall, the mall, the mall is on fire!!!
  244. I was the semi-sucky customer.
  245. I can't come in, there's a guy in my mouth!
  246. Bank Sighting
  247. But they always let me! A self sighting
  248. "I can't remember what my car looks like!"
  249. EW while getting my lunch
  250. My "SC" moment - the WORST thing to say!