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  1. Self-Sighting: Campus Parking Office
  2. Catbuttface vs PJs... PJs WIN!
  3. I Want to Check My E-Mail
  4. Where's My Damn Food?
  5. oops.........self sighted myself.......
  6. The Apocalypse is Nigh!!! (Or, small post, just for slicey...)
  7. Crazy parking attendant (one from my mom)
  8. Oh, this is kind of a sad...or "where's my ice cream?!"
  9. This was cute
  10. Tub thief
  11. Wherein the impossible is possible
  12. How to lose sales & alienate customers
  13. Stalked by the crazies again.
  14. Nuissances get around fast
  15. That's not how you get hired
  16. Queues don't apply if you are dressed super-smart
  17. Sucky Apartment
  18. innuendo needed - paging sheldonrs and others
  19. I didn't care enough to try.
  20. Picasso's Mom Has Got It Goin' On
  21. Grandma at the Dance School
  22. Justifiable homicide anyone? (sighting and a praising also)
  23. Halloween Hassle
  24. apartment maintenance
  25. Bit of a sighting averted?
  26. Haunted House Hijinks
  27. the Halloween thief
  28. Why we have the obesity epidemic
  29. Just, ugh.
  30. One of Lupo's friends found me...
  31. reading is not her strong suit (and a really funny prank)
  32. Wherein I pull the red pen (long, bad language and self sighting)
  33. So I got robbed today
  34. Lupo, take them back!
  35. Messy McDonalds/Bank Situation
  36. Self sighting - I go bump in the night!
  37. ...What was that for?
  38. Wanted: C4 and a decent alibi. My neighbors... are idiots.
  39. Messenger Pigeon...How About Not?
  40. Epic fashion fail
  41. Syrup Shots (witnessed)
  42. At least I tried
  43. Ten minutes...
  44. 2nd degree burn=hospital, right?? (language, much rage )
  45. I am never helping anyone again
  46. God, just shut up!
  47. 2nd shift sighting
  48. looking a gift horse in the mouth
  49. ARG! *rocks on couch*
  50. No Can Has Mah Phone Number!
  51. Hey lady, you forgot something!
  52. Automatic Checkout is a bad idea
  53. Bracelets for a good cause are walked off
  54. YOUR garbage. I don't wanna see it.
  55. Wherein the paperboy takes a swing at my dog. :-(
  56. minor laundry room annoyance
  57. Not what I wanted to see
  58. "I do not see a 2nd level inside the garage"
  59. A stupid kid at McDonalds from this summer
  60. Stupid Teenage Girls
  61. Get a Refund without a receipt
  62. my name is Spork4pedro and I'm a cleaning freak..
  63. Bananarama
  64. Two for one sale! Okay not really.
  65. Self-Sighting: MoonCat almost goes apesh*t (long)
  66. Too good to last for long... (and Lupo's back to having shopping shenanigans...)
  67. Fun at the Loop
  68. Encounter at Kroger/Related to me by co-worker
  69. "You tryin to KILL me?!" (Epic EW freakout)
  70. "Shnakc Waps"
  71. My Dad. The SC buster :D (LOOOOONG)
  72. Lots 'o suck at Walmart today! *LONG*
  73. In defense againt a Sucky Customer
  74. gotta be a better way
  75. RestaurantDude Goes Shopping...
  76. Zombies don't need pills!
  77. Why Mytical shouldn't ever go shopping
  78. There are other viewpoints...
  79. 15 Catbutt Faces...
  80. An excerpt from my friend's Facebook status.
  81. A Perfectly *Innocent* encounter... (or, Lupo's BUS RIDE shenanigans!)
  82. The Chinese restaurant guy just owned a SC.
  83. Stockholder =/= boss
  84. Second-hand sighting : Uncommon Infected
  85. The Power of Alcohol Propled them (or DRUNKIDOSIS! CONTAINS SPOILERS!)
  86. Crotchety Lady vs Dirty Hick Lady
  87. Icky Icky Icky
  88. Casual Dining, Public Grossness-Warning, Grossness!
  89. Such a f%*cking lady...
  90. So, Should I File A Complaint?
  91. Crazy ideas from people who don't know computers with a self sighting
  92. Krogers sighting
  93. I can stare at you all day, too, you know.
  94. Why? For the Love of God, why?
  95. Premature SC (Record Breaking!)
  96. Leave my boyfriend alone!
  97. Short And Sucky
  98. Dubbleya-Tee-Eff
  99. A Tale Of Bigotry
  100. Cheery working on black friday commercials..
  101. Dad? What did I tell you about buying stuff "open"?
  102. Excuse me, what? (long and ranty)
  103. 80 years to get it right and your still stupid...
  104. Letting agent reasoning failure (some vaguely gross passage)
  105. A Few Shopping Shenanigans From The Last Week
  106. Meeeeehhhh, but whhhyyyy?!!!!!
  107. Sody Pop
  108. Not as bad as I thought it'd be, but...
  109. Someone is going to get fired for this
  110. Frozen Turkey Fail
  111. Furreal friends walking kitty FAIL
  112. Don't you dare...
  113. Black Friday..
  114. The Convenience Store That Wasn't That Convenient After All (LONG)
  115. How to Get Three for the Price of Two
  116. Uh...what?
  117. you're...welcome?
  118. Entitlement whore @ Waffle House
  119. You want it HOW long?
  120. *facepalm*
  121. Flippin litterbugs!
  122. We got a word for these people, we call 'em GROCKLES!!!
  123. Seriously, a waffle iron?
  124. Don't get mad at me!!
  125. I apologize for my parents...
  126. A PSA from your friendly neighborhood fat man
  127. This is why I don't let people touch my cars.
  128. The SC that almost was..
  129. Annoying little teenyboppers PWND!!!!
  130. Bitch at Mcdonalds
  131. Supervisor's got a spine
  132. Short & direct answer from guy in dispatch
  133. "But I have no money!!!"
  134. "I have your phone...."
  135. What a mess!
  136. Good Luck getting out of this parking lot without an ID
  137. Defrost it for MEEEEEE!!!!!!
  138. post office sighting
  139. Student anger at school today
  140. Can't believe she didn't go to jail
  141. The finger
  142. An interesting way to deal with SCs ...
  143. once again, I will fail to feel sympathy for our property manager
  144. second life sighting
  145. For once, the old adage was correct
  146. More Disneyland Sightings
  147. Guess what time it is!! (Yeah, I had to go shopping again today...)
  148. Wrong Side of the Counter...
  149. Never go flying with me....
  150. self sighting at the gas station convenience store
  151. Customer tried to park in faculty/staff garage
  152. They hate me a little bit.
  153. stopped myself!
  154. I want to run up a Tab, at the Bank
  155. Can't have what isn't there
  156. How Can We Do Business Like That?!?
  157. Is this some kind of conspiracy?
  158. Questionable Timing: a Nice Fail/Win Combo
  159. "But I am late for me final!!"
  160. My EYES! My EYES!!! (NSFW)
  161. You cut in line!
  162. Move Up
  163. Because she has nothing better to do on Christmas Eve
  164. Really? You don't know where she gets it from??
  165. The Starbucks cricket
  166. They don't get to have a nice night
  167. Thanks, Dad, but....
  168. Target Mobile Kiosk creating more trouble than it's worth... (a bit long)
  169. But who would do that?!
  170. One per transaction=four per transaction
  171. Screeching Bandshees Part 105
  172. So He's Bad and you Give him a candy??
  173. El no a you smoko
  174. "I was told that my access card can be used at any garage"
  175. Bad time for a scam
  176. From the mouths of babes
  177. You're updating the system NOW?
  178. "This is ridiculous; Where are we supposed to sit?"
  179. Ordering stuff from China *sigh*
  180. Ma'am, I'd move that cart if I were you
  181. Game Gift Card Suck
  182. The Man Will Get You
  183. Sucky Patient (TMI Warning)
  184. SC in training
  185. I can see the SC's a comin'
  186. So why did you ask anyway, and other grocery store fun
  187. Stop watering your lawn!
  188. SC at Great America in Santa Clara
  189. I think our waiter may have gotten fired last night . . .
  190. For Sky Wizard's sake, SHUT THAT KID UP!!!
  191. Feliz Navidad to you too Senior
  192. A Three-Hour Tour...
  193. "People are just in such bad moods this week..."
  194. Not all you bartenders are like this I know...
  195. I'll let you decide
  196. Get Off the Phone and Pay
  197. I'm Old!
  198. A story from my mother
  199. My parents...
  200. Headlight cleaning for $7/light at eleven-freakin'-thirty?!
  201. I need this...
  202. A sign I saw on a door for door to door people
  203. More Yuppies At The Gym
  204. Slobs...
  205. omg MOVE!
  206. Tis the season to be a slob!
  207. The Christmas Photos
  208. I conceded defeat...
  209. 'Order Generated' (longish)
  210. DMV Sucky Workers (maybe an SC, too)
  211. Short-Notice Banquet EWs
  212. You caused me to have an accident even thought I violated the terms!
  213. university thesis feedback
  214. Geez Buddy!
  215. Absent Waitress
  216. Christmas Even Shopping Trip
  217. My Dad is an SC
  218. Double-Sighting.
  219. Narrowly avoided tip-suck
  220. Hurray...
  221. When did Football become a religion?
  222. I'm a Wheelie Big Deal!
  223. Ask, and ye shall receive!
  224. Nice try......
  225. Clipping nails in pubic.........FACKING GROSS!!!!
  226. New pub pwnage
  227. Day THREE.
  228. "Nauseating" moment at the dentist's office
  229. Coffee Shop Suck
  230. Group Outings
  231. After Christmas "specials"
  232. Being Fat = Not having to card the customer
  233. Golden Corral Sucky Customer
  234. Seasonal Temps..
  235. "But I'm preeegnaaant!"
  236. Obnoxious car horn
  237. and THAT is how you shovel snow
  238. I Hate "Family" Pubs
  239. Drunk New Year's eve partier ran into Visitor parking entrance gate
  240. Come On Eileen (NSFW text)
  241. Your child... what?
  242. Wally World Supports Terrorists
  243. Bad flooring install...
  244. seriously? *boggle*
  245. Sucky 2nd shift incident at Visitor Parking
  246. Self sighting - feel free to laugh
  247. I Know You're Bored, But....
  248. What the hell?
  249. How to deal with sucky students(customers) (Long)
  250. Self-sighting: pwnd by the SCO