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  1. Should rename this section "Smellings"
  2. Confirmation that my husband doesn't listen to me
  3. Alarming moment at 99-Cent
  4. Drama at the salon
  5. Another good one.
  6. Spotted this in passing
  7. Very unprofessional behavior!
  8. This made me very uneasy, not sure if I'm being paranoid
  9. Collague as a SC?
  10. Stupid b*tch at Wal-Mart
  11. Public transportation silliness
  12. Customer actually brings the shelf tag to the check out counter!
  13. Unprofessional dentist office
  14. i couldn't believe it
  15. Petco Hell
  16. I didn't kill anyone, give me a cookie (long)
  17. FailureShop ( Argh! )
  18. While he haggles, I'm dying over here...
  19. Was I the SC?
  20. How many gamestore get this?
  21. Train Passenger
  22. I didn't take it!
  23. Tantrum over chocolate and $5
  24. Oh man...now they're at SCHOOL TOO?
  25. witnessed suckage at my store
  26. Tuned Out at AutoZone
  27. Um, I'm pretty sure its not THAT cold...
  28. They Never Listen
  29. Varied 7-11 sightings
  30. They never listen...
  31. Tis the seaon...Aww, screw it.
  32. Kinda funny
  33. Soliciting Phone Calls: Why they suck
  34. Walmart Beast
  35. Is this being an SC?
  36. Stupid El Chico Occurance
  37. Diva at Borders
  38. 47% tip not enough?
  39. umm they cannot perform miricles!
  40. young family in wal-fart
  41. Woman in Starbucks
  42. My hubby's morning adventure
  43. Sucky workers and an I Dont Work Here all in one.
  44. Public Transit Princess
  45. Hag and Cow go out to dinner
  46. Idiocy at the Hospital.
  47. Thieves and just deserves
  48. Suckitude on my part?
  49. Oh dear, I erupted
  50. Two Sucky Employees within 30 minutes
  51. Annoying old grouch at the high school auditorium
  52. Rude worker at a music store
  53. Question about return limits...
  54. Psychos dining out
  55. How Sucky Customers become Sucky
  56. Rude woman on her mobile phone
  57. Panic at the WalMart!
  58. go ahead and hit me then!(long)
  59. Definately NOT getting the Job
  60. I was behind an SC at the F/S yesterday
  61. Today at the Big Yellow Ticket . . .
  62. Rude sales assistants
  63. I can help the next person in line
  64. Clueless thief
  65. Animal Shelter = Wal-Mart...NOT!!!
  66. Co-workers are EEEEEEEEEvil (long)
  67. When Customers Know The Policies Better Than The Managers
  68. Parking lot assholes.
  69. yeah..talk about her butt some more
  70. Oh kid, you really picked the wrong time
  71. Does anyone know how to bag around here?
  72. Wii Bad
  73. Jerkface.
  74. Can we have a moment of silence
  75. Asshat at the Mobil Station
  76. Drive-Thru Fun!!
  77. If it's that much of a problem...
  78. No the store will not open just for you
  79. Piercing God's ear
  80. I was the sucky customer
  81. Another story from the bus
  82. Why some people should be turned away...
  83. wtf moment at home
  84. We made a customer mad...
  85. I really hope he gets in big trouble for this.
  86. Sucky Customer Victory
  88. I'm Not of This world.....
  89. Sucky manager at BK
  90. Parking lot dink gets called on it
  91. No, you may not sign the cast!
  92. Express Line means 12 or less
  93. Read much?
  94. Got a question.
  95. If only I could see more SC's off the clock....
  96. "Crumby" customer
  97. Bah, Verizon is annoying me.
  98. It's not the cable company's fault
  99. Weird waitressing maneuver.....
  100. SE on the phone
  101. Attention in the village!
  102. 2-4-1 Apps
  103. not sucky.. just wow!!
  104. What they call the food doesn't change what it is!
  105. Parking in Handicap Space
  106. I didn't receive the services I paid for! (illustrated)
  107. Ma'am don't start
  108. "Just 5 cents!" (kinda long)
  109. Overheard in Borders
  110. Overheard at a Plus-Sized Woman's Store
  111. Three in two days! (SEVERE language and stuff)
  112. I'm not leaving the house for the rest of the day......
  113. How not to get the job, Part 2
  114. More happy times at the Mobil station
  115. Please end your cell phone conversation before using the self service centers!
  116. Sucky employees at the end of the night
  117. How to start a plague. <Vile>
  118. Yelled at a crap customer
  119. Vacate. NOW.
  120. couple quick no sucky sightings
  121. Dinner and a show at the Chinese buffet
  122. Fellow passengers on a long-haul flight
  123. Odd old man in a bookstore
  124. Cutting off your own nose (long and rambly)
  125. Trashy stories. (share your own)
  126. YEILD! As in SLOW the **** down!
  127. Oops!
  128. Gross Sighting. What's worse...it was me.
  129. I was with my parents at Winco
  130. You might be a Sucky Passenger if...
  131. SC on the phone
  132. Rude at the Gas Station
  133. Good Times at 7-11
  134. Um... food is cooked differently at different restaurants!
  135. Was I sucky, or not?
  136. She doesnt need a man.
  137. Spit lady at McDonalds
  138. Trash at Applebees
  139. spotted at the local bank
  140. A little lesson in assuming...
  141. Well, I guess it stopped her spending...
  142. I was an SC, but admitted my wrong and apologized!
  143. He's probably an SC somewhere!
  144. Buses and peak hour traffic...
  145. Crazy old lotto coot
  146. Oh just leave that anywhere...
  147. I still can't belive this happened. <Grim>
  148. My Dad the SC
  149. Happy CSR
  150. Grumpy Lady at Grocery Store
  151. You really think that woman was a terrorist?
  152. I weep for the future of the US Navy
  153. They serve beer at Chuck E Cheese???
  154. Rules of thumb when out in public
  155. Does your home look like that?
  156. When Employee Incomptenece Becomes Dangerous
  157. People can be so mean...........
  158. Bwah?
  159. How to get back at parking space stalkers
  160. So sorry to interrupt your tunes
  161. All this, over a grape...
  162. A GRUDGE of my own!
  163. Hate to be this guy's Plumber...
  164. One from the mists of time...and grapes.
  165. Odd post office sighting
  166. In line at the cellphone store...
  167. Minor Sightings from Today.
  168. Let's kill all the stupid people.
  169. The Peter Pan Scandal
  170. I finally lost it...kinda long
  171. Slightly annoying cashier
  172. Would it kill you to wait for two seconds?
  173. The Lotto Incident.
  174. Old people and HD TV
  175. A sexual harassment story....
  176. Pawn shop preek
  177. Green hair and Jesus lovers...
  178. It's all about the ending
  179. You can't be that ADD? Can you?
  180. Sucky Workers too
  181. Oddball tip jars
  182. Bad chicken, no crispy for you
  183. Excuse ME for interrupting!
  184. lazy customers and carts
  185. A week's worth of Sightings.
  186. A small sighting...
  187. Wal-Mart parking lot: Sucky Customers Parking.
  188. So I was listening to the radio this morning...
  189. The Girl I am Dating is a SC!!
  190. Overheard in the call center today
  191. The end of Muffy.
  192. I want to kill Doug and Skippy.
  193. How dare employees have time to themselves?!?!
  194. Its back!!
  195. Lady in Walmart
  196. Funny sighting
  197. How old is that food I'm eating?
  198. He said WHAT??
  199. Do as Judy says, not as she does...
  200. So, apparently accounting is evil.
  201. My father is oblivious
  202. Sucky Customer almost made me miss my train!
  203. How dare he quench his thirst!!!
  204. Oh, the looks on their faces...
  205. phone lady
  206. Dude at McD's Gets Told
  207. Get the hell out of my personal space!
  208. Eating perfume
  209. Accusations of theft
  210. go ahead,don't talk to me.
  211. why kids think heelies are ok
  212. No! We want it to stay there!
  213. Store coupons
  214. The land time forgot gets a visit
  215. Pétoncles, not Scallops!
  216. Sucky Curves Lady
  217. Mousse Cake Madness
  218. Blast from the past
  219. She just don't care
  220. A Day at Workers Comp School
  221. Do you really gain +2 charisma with each alcoholic beverage?
  222. Am I gonna read about this on CS?
  223. From Bad to Worse
  224. Excuses, excuses... and possibly an example of bitchery
  225. Expensive Dinner man finds me.....
  226. In addition to Waiter's list
  227. How NOT to raise money for your charity
  228. Snap Addict is the Stupid one.
  229. "I'm writing a letter!!!!!"
  230. Dressing room disasters
  231. Loud, annoying, and racist!
  232. Yah, like I wouldn't have noticed that
  233. The "no shoes, no shirt, no service" issue
  234. Parking deck idiots
  235. System requirements are usually inclusive
  236. Gucci Gucci goo.
  237. Return of Oscar the Grouch part III (long)
  238. Sightings on my Day off.
  239. My first parking-lot vulture
  240. Yes we know thanks!
  241. This was so funny I couldn't stop laughing
  242. Wherein I get other people's SCs
  243. I Didn't Accept, Where's My Cash?
  244. Usual Wally World SC Annoyance **WARNING: B***hy and Whiny**
  245. Look honey, I'm an a$$hat!
  246. You're suppose to follow the Pilot car, not race it!
  247. Almost run over in Tar-zhay
  248. For gods sake give the girl a chance
  249. Let it Dry?
  250. When on hold...