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  1. Great parent sighting!
  2. No really, I am standing here for the fun of it
  3. Smoked Filled Room
  4. We've all been there before.
  5. Drunken blackjack and a dealer who needs to shut up.
  6. I made a telemarketers day
  7. Mr. Important's Sucky Logic Pays Off
  8. Are you insane?!
  9. Self sighting - I was too tyred to think!
  10. Annoying woman in mall
  11. I'll Give You Your Free Stuff!
  12. Combo MiM and Sightings, with a small order of pwnage
  13. Chips, dip, conversation, and dopes.
  14. That was a huge splash. I bet it compensates for your dick size.
  15. Uhm...FedEX?
  16. Was she sucky? (long)
  17. I really should not have ordered from you...
  18. No Dessert for Me
  19. One Weeks Worth
  20. This is a first for me...
  21. Slow People (Hate!!)
  22. Her Name is Woefully Inaccurate
  23. So thick / oblivious you had to be taught the lesson twice?
  24. What at Vic's Secret could be THAT freakin' important?
  25. Open mouth, insert foot
  26. No pizza for us, no business for them
  27. Some people need to not drink, and/or stay the hell home!
  28. This Is Bullshit
  29. Llama Attack!
  30. I won't be IGNORED, Dan!
  31. Pwned oh so very hard (possibly nsfw)
  32. I said NO!
  33. Just shut up and pay attention!
  34. Line cutting at Maul Mart
  35. Allowed to cut in line - long
  36. Put That Back!
  37. It's Not Delivery, It's De-Lupo**
  38. One of Mine, Plus Something with my Girlfriend.
  39. Um..if whoever is cooking would pay attention...
  40. Probable sighting at vid store
  41. Sighting: Worth Complaining Over?
  42. Maybe if you listened
  43. "The office is open until 6"
  44. Where did you think you were again?
  45. SC pwned by empty building, a WTF drama in 4 acts
  46. An interesting threat....
  47. No, you did not make my sandwich right
  48. CS Shut Down By Her Husband
  49. How NOT to address a letter
  50. Snowmageddon, take 2.
  51. Birthday Fun
  52. What color do you dye your hair
  53. On the Bus...
  54. Stay Open for ME!
  55. Race Card -- DENIED!
  56. Post Office Blues
  57. That's why you just filed for bankruptcy
  58. Moron teenager at BK
  59. Okay, now they're actually running after people....
  60. Tales of Shopping.....
  61. Passive aggressive arsehole in McDonalds
  62. Mr. H goes to the Buffet.
  63. You're not the ONLY disabled person in the world
  64. I think this finally counts as a Sighting -- epic fail by my clinic
  65. Right! That's why I hate people! (little bit of language)
  66. self sighting - and i am not repentant
  67. someone needs a life
  68. They are closed cause she didnt want to die
  69. The Tech and the Grandmother - nsfw (adult text)
  70. McDonald's Bigot-Man (Do you want fries with that?)
  71. couples and crazies and creepers, oh my! (Lupo's Shopping Shenanigans pt 11 million)
  72. Bullies get owned with no blood...
  73. Dedicated Football Fans
  74. Text Messages From The Past
  75. Dao of Sub Suck is Everywhere!
  76. I hate shoplifters
  77. It's Disgusting!
  78. Tech Support Stupidity...
  79. Sc @ Unemployment
  80. Those electric scooters in stores!
  81. Sucky Seagulls
  82. Slicey is PISSED OFF!
  83. Aaaaand, new thread...again...
  84. Lube of Jif strikes again.
  85. It FINALLY Happed!!!
  86. I Want It Like The Commercial!
  87. Owner Pwner
  88. HoneyMoon Stuff (suck and rock!)(LONG)
  89. The almost Sucky Customer
  90. The Old Biddy and the Chocolate Bars
  91. Man trying to pull woman out of car....
  92. ButtPaste n Pastries
  93. Your Taste In Music Sucks
  94. Things not to do and the dinner table
  95. Doc forgot about me!
  96. I'm not the delusional one here
  97. More people who ignore signs!
  98. What do you mean you're not open on Sunday!
  99. Apparently people in my state can't walk in the wind
  100. Shark Courtesy
  101. I've NEVER seen THIS in baked bread! (nauseating!)
  102. "They didn't give me my free stuff in a timely fashion, so I want more free stuff!"
  103. A New Spin on Racism
  104. Trail Stampede!
  105. The Day from Hell
  106. What's wrong with her?
  107. Hell of a night *loooooooong*
  108. It does help to know where things are in your store
  109. Sadistic sign designers
  110. Cranky old Lady
  111. Tantrum at the market
  112. My boss says we should be thanking our customers profusely for shopping here.
  113. TV sighting
  114. Stoned, Happy Young Man
  115. It's not like it's a one-way street...
  116. A parent fail, and a parent win
  117. From a co-worker - I believe this donor should...
  118. If you don't have it,tell me
  119. I can't believe HE got in trouble for this....
  120. Smoking showdown
  121. No, those aren't onion rings....
  122. You can clean it up . . . you're a nurse.
  123. Five whole minutes????
  124. Bump the employee!
  125. Real grown up, guys
  126. There's a Line in Back of You
  127. Wow! What a great example!
  128. Don't trash the merchandise
  129. Setting the ground rules . . . .
  130. Pizza fail
  131. Someone must have been really hungry!
  132. Sucky owner?, or am i too sensitive?
  133. self-sighting at the grocery store
  134. Phantom cashiers
  135. Best PA announcement EVER
  136. Pillage first, burn later
  137. Thank You for Calling Hell, How May I Help You?
  138. Smiley's mega UTA thread
  139. Walmart workers! Beware of.....
  140. More gross than sucky
  141. Idiot Manager
  142. I can't even think of a title to describe this f**ker!
  143. 12 Things I Found in the Aisles during Inventory.
  144. space hogger
  145. My cable company is SO dumb...
  146. You got it for free and your still not happy?
  147. Story from Dad again - No poking involved!
  148. You must be really brave, or really stupid..
  149. The Howard the Duck story
  150. All in one day
  151. Suck Suck Suck
  152. The banana lady
  153. Kids are EVIL
  154. Movie Titles
  155. No words to describe this really
  156. Another one about Hell
  157. You're Not Elderly, Bud.
  158. San Antonio Sights
  159. GYAAAA that carts POSSESSED!
  160. In the absence of a life, they substituted a cart
  161. Is the economy THAT bad or are people just crappy??
  162. Going crazy in Walmart
  163. A true story
  164. New Neighbours
  165. Maybe you should watch your kid if he is afraid.
  166. Unbelievable ranty worker
  167. how did oyu make the best of list?
  168. MORONS!
  169. No, it's cool, Nemo likes freshwater!
  170. Panic under your rock
  171. One bad apple...
  172. Even reality tv can have scs (and GC's)
  173. WTF Met-Ed?
  174. The ISP Horse Race (Bring a lunch, this one's for pages)
  175. It is not only true for elephants...
  176. Talking is Not Your Skill
  177. Terror At The Pagan Store.
  178. A few...
  179. I don't even have a witty comment.
  180. I *must* use my CrackBerry!
  181. Cashier was kinda rude
  182. Liquid Ass
  183. Sacreligious Sighting (gross!)
  184. Umbrellas and underwear and teens!
  185. Crazy Craigslist Biotch (expletives)
  186. How not to get customers
  187. Torture-time at Target or "Lupo's Shopping Shenanigans part...meh, I stopped counting
  188. Shopping Shenanigans: Hellmouth Edition!! (or, Lupo needs a drink...or 12) LONG!!!
  189. family member nearly an SC
  190. No paper bags?
  191. What not to name a bar
  192. Idiot Girl, the Gym Bunny and a Grossout
  193. It's called privacy...
  194. Why are our bathrooms so gross??
  195. Movie Theater Creeper!
  196. bagger-1 scammer-0
  197. 157.00 of Groceries in express lane
  198. A couple from my CW (gross)
  199. Rena's "fun" adventure
  200. omg so adorable!!
  201. CaptainJillian vs. Target
  202. You can't use those coupons. Seriously!
  203. Why I Didn't Cry at Gram's Funeral
  204. "this doesn't smell new"
  205. Stupid Rubbernecking Jerks
  206. I want my chicken NOW
  207. Don't know if I did OK....
  208. Karma bus runs over SC
  209. SCO mayhem
  210. I'm an American!
  211. This is a movie theater, not your living room, or Shut up already!
  212. The Geriatric (Near) Smackdown in Good Will
  213. Going Greyhound: Lupo Style... >.<
  214. Fiesta Follies: Lupo & Wolfie vs. Carnies, Kids, and Idiot Parents
  215. Frustrated with Target
  216. No, he doesn't sell cupcakes
  217. I guess I looked like I worked there!
  218. Straight to DVD
  219. Yesterday was almost Douschnozzles day to die.
  220. (Open letter to Comcast) When it's on autopay...
  221. I got bitten by a dog at PetCo today..
  222. Just knock next time!
  223. No, 18 is not to young...
  224. We all like different things ...
  225. WG's....it's a pharmacy so it counts? (gross!)
  226. Your house is trash
  227. Cannot move 10 feet?
  228. It's your fault they messed up my sandwich!
  229. Ron White calls out SC
  230. Do you know the muffin sniffer that lives on EW lane?
  231. Street date disaster
  232. Hick Wedding
  233. "yes i said no bun"
  234. Control your dog
  235. Pwnage of an Idyllic Parent, and other road asshattery.
  236. The stereotype carnival flies into town. Or not
  237. Teach your children well.
  238. Try apologizing
  239. The Great Ham Caper
  240. They have the POSTER, not the MOVIE
  241. Lupo Takes the Stage - or, shopping shenanigans, plus a bonus sing off, METRO style!!
  242. Grape Goes Shopping or reduce reuse recycle
  243. Yay, Trains!
  244. Elevator Rudeness
  245. This Is Why I Go To The Gym
  246. Booked? Paid? So?
  247. pwnd by little chinese lady
  248. Demolition Derby at Safety Inspection Station
  249. You disgust me ...
  250. Nope. Not a park, or a bedroom