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  1. Total McSuck and bonus: What did that old man say???
  2. Shopping Mall Suckage
  3. I Hate Ensenda!
  4. Some proof of stupid parenting...
  5. My Pharmacy Woe
  6. It's 11:30 p.m., do you know what your kids are buying?
  7. I found faith in humanity...
  8. Synthetic oil suddenly required = SCs.
  9. Can you NOT play for FIVE MINUTES?!
  10. not bait and switch...
  11. Lien Release Hell
  12. The reason I was at Best Buy
  13. First suck I've experienced in a while! Store that just cba
  14. Check-out entitlement whores
  15. SC 0 Manager 1
  16. Sucky Day
  17. Sorry you didnt listen!
  18. I Hold the Keys to Talking to the Boss
  19. They found me at home...
  20. Way to treat your fellow vendors.
  21. Lying about wait time then being in the way
  22. I must complain! It's the law!
  23. "Who cares if there is a tornado I am hungry"
  24. I took a bus!
  25. minor rants on the honeymoon
  26. Handicap convenience
  27. She's Lost....
  28. Impatient gas station bitch
  29. You don't look as great as you think you do
  30. Drive-Thru speakers are *not* a brand new invention...
  31. Why lie about cheese?
  32. Training the BF not to be an SC...
  33. Wish I could have heard the whole thing . . . .
  34. Not optional price
  35. A complaint I never thought I'd write
  36. Sucky Starshmucks employee
  37. Unlawful imprisonment by Starbuck's
  38. Husban tells off an SC
  39. Can I haz 3rd Grade Maff Skilz?
  40. Hands off, NOW!
  41. Apparently being a bad parent makes you first in line...
  42. Hope I wasn't sucky
  43. Very strange custy
  44. Escalator CF, Hong Kong Edition
  45. You really need that many photos?
  46. Sucky breadstick customers
  47. I Knew This Was Coming...
  48. Hotel Pwnage
  49. Nobody saw the red flags, ehe?
  50. It Is ALWAYS Me!
  51. How About You Just Fix My Problem?
  52. Adventures at the Inbred Carnival
  53. Ew, no, you can't have your picture taken today (Ever so slightly NSFW)
  54. Um, sorry to burst your bubble?
  55. Upsold into a Downsell
  56. Dead Plant + No Receipt = Fail
  57. Wal Mart and Spanish
  58. The sinister minister
  59. What about red?
  60. Tonight for dinner: 5 Dollar Footlongs and all the money in your drawer!
  61. Wow. (Warning: Gross)
  62. Makes me proud of what I do
  63. No. Excuse YOU!
  64. Heard in the bathroom...
  65. I Can Haz Cart?
  66. Being Phone Stalked
  67. So today we went to Sams and the first 2 minutes went something like this
  68. Know what, Verizon? I can play this game alllllll night.
  69. Don't take pics of my kid!
  70. Oil Change Rip-off
  71. Sure, Wal Mart's Uniform Totally Includes a Pot Bandana
  72. My review that I just submitted to U-Haul
  73. Bunny Thief
  74. Do You Have To Do That Now?
  75. Night club shenanigans
  76. Conspiracy Stromboli
  77. She's Too Lazy to be a True Nemesis
  78. Back in my day...
  79. Whining about no free cruise...
  80. SC makes me have to buy a new knee brace
  81. TV stupidity...
  82. Pride of the Boonies
  83. laundromat fun
  84. The cart goes over there!
  85. Aisle Blockers
  86. Snail Mail Fail
  87. Make it work, even though I broke it!
  88. Pizza Yuck
  89. Confused Women and Skeevy Men
  90. Did That Really Just Happen?
  91. Wherein I get mistaken as a Hooker Muffin
  92. But they illegalized it.....
  93. SC Ruins It For Everyone
  94. Someone needs a chill pill
  95. Get a rewards card or face my WRATH!!!
  96. Yeah, you too. Have a nice night
  97. Parents? Anywhere?
  98. Tales of the Traffic Tickets
  99. Desert Drunky
  100. You've GOT to be KIDDING ME!! (long)
  101. What part of not going to be home do you not understand?
  102. It's not that hard
  103. The taxi
  104. Trail hoggers
  105. The penny customer
  106. Well, gee, would of been nice to be told that first.
  107. This could have turned out REALLY bad. sorta long.
  108. Rabbits and chicken wire
  109. Landlord Blames The Girl
  110. I Could Swear They're After Me
  111. Phone sighting - scam found on my voicemail
  112. You go weave 'round them cones. Weave them cones!
  113. Rather minor, but still annoying.
  114. That Isn't Silver and Prices Change
  115. Pizza!
  116. I suspect a shoplifter sighting...
  117. Racist pizza
  118. Shoes =/= Food!!!
  119. Wherein I Almost Break My Pacifism
  120. Bad salesman
  121. Listen to the pilot, he knows what he's talking about!
  122. Do I look poor?
  123. Great fools
  124. Wherein TPM Gets Stabbity
  125. It's your fault!
  126. But... where is the sour cream?
  127. The Feast and the Furious
  128. Cable woes
  129. New pool rules!!
  130. Waiting too long to cash a check
  131. Those Aren't Shoes!
  132. Commissary sighting.
  133. I think he's a leprechaun, too
  134. A whole new kind of suck
  135. Hand gestures and power trips
  136. Caveman at Pizza Hut
  137. Sexist Yard Sale????
  138. Dunkin Donuts WTF
  139. This is not respectful or even acceptable
  140. Can't you just take my word for it?
  141. Let's swear at the garbage collector, shall we?
  142. $20 does not equal $6
  143. Asshats From This Week
  144. wherin I foil a condo sale...
  145. Scammer Tries Humor to Get Extra Cash...
  146. Sighting at the Movies!
  147. Movie Sighting
  148. Green Lantern Sighting (& Real3D) - no plot spoilers please
  149. Concert suck
  150. You must open your gate for me!
  151. Adventure At Sam's Land....
  152. Anybody know the name of this terrible customer service book?
  153. Those Darn Rewards Cards...
  154. This is how you try to make a sale?
  155. Ah... no...
  156. Gas shenanigans, part whatever
  157. Summer Sightings (*sigh*)
  158. Being a girl does not make me stupid....
  159. Victoria's Secret is...SHE'S FRIGGEN CRAZY!
  160. You need to change your sign
  161. I Want My Discount!
  162. Out of Order = We Just Hate You
  163. Bank and bathroom sightings
  164. Self-fulfilling Sighting - and a lot of fun. ;-)
  165. You're Not Being Convenient! (also possible slight self sighting)
  166. Do You Have to be so foul-mouthed?
  167. Now I remember...
  168. Airport Sighting
  169. City bus perils
  170. More on handicapped parking....and then some
  171. Again with Wal-Mart and the self check outs
  172. The local burger joint is a stupid magnet. Or: Happy Meal Mania
  173. Cabbage Patch kids
  174. Some privacy please?
  175. Adventures in Routing
  176. Well, I guess at least it was something to do...
  177. psycho
  178. Ruining the Product for Others
  179. Late Night Losers
  180. Well, I won't be going in THERE again...
  181. Bookstore jerk
  182. Back up!!!
  183. Clearly hates his job...
  184. Self sighting
  185. Let me help you steal that...
  186. How am I supposed to pay for this?
  187. Someone sure is cheap
  188. Overheard at the bookstore
  189. The Mall.
  190. Spoiled Rich Girl Hates Puppies
  191. Formula scamer
  192. Dinner Theatre
  193. Being thin is "shameful"???
  194. Tourist
  195. Out the mouths of babes! (not sucky just funny)
  196. Sometimes Americans can't understand me...
  197. Came to someone's defense tonight
  198. I wouldn't have believed it if....
  199. Apparently because I'm a married woman, I don't get to make decisions
  200. Forget the Vic, Did You Catch The Car!? + Bonus
  201. Bitter Much? The Cold Sholder Edition
  202. Sweet, sweet vengeance
  203. Another Screaming Brat/Parent Team
  204. Ooopsie.
  205. Lawyer Scam
  206. Sorry for my allergies...
  207. Walcreatures
  208. If you wear this, you are trashy
  209. T-Shirt
  210. Run In at Subway
  211. Even in the parking lot
  212. I may have to find a new source for my caffeine fix
  213. Making a burger= Rocket science
  214. Oh look, It's the future pervert of America
  215. I Can't Keep My Mouth Shut
  216. Um, my boyfriend is here too
  217. Not going to that theater again
  218. Fail at Trying
  219. Stay 1 night, get 4 free...
  220. Trying to damage people's property, that's awesome, bro.
  221. Really? That's worth an email? [Longish]
  222. Everyone else does it!
  223. Sucky Customers Abroad
  225. Sighting in a hotel outside of DC
  226. Library jerk.
  227. Herp... math!
  228. Greedy much?
  229. Heat does crazy things, apparently.
  230. Bus sighting x2
  231. You don't really expect to become road pizza inside a store
  232. I guess it's to be expected...
  233. Whaaaaaa????
  234. Shut UUUUUPPP!
  235. Someone needs an attitude aid
  236. So..
  237. bus sightings from the week
  238. Your eyes work!
  239. What the fuck?
  240. Park EW!
  241. They Won't Be Missed: Bad Neighbor/Bad Property Management
  242. No, I will not eat the produce with you
  243. Fun With Firecrackers
  244. Why are you asking my husband to confirm this?
  245. Sorry, you won't get to see that, lady.
  246. I'm sorry, were we talking to you?
  247. Is it wrong to shake old ladies?
  248. Are you going to pay for me? *slight language*
  249. Bigfoot Crazy
  250. Must be the heat?