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  1. One from my coworker
  2. Walmart Sighting
  3. I love kids/I hate kids...
  4. smelly bus couple
  5. Walmart gripes, Movie fights, and incest...Oh My!
  6. Picture it!
  7. Paddy cake, paddy cake, get the h*ll out!
  8. I'm in the ER, isn't that Enough Suffering?
  9. Bus Follies
  10. false advertising for a horse
  11. This really bothers me . . . .
  12. And your choices are superior because....?
  13. Raunchy Greeting Cards? (NSFW)
  14. Can I Order My Breakfast Without the Side of Fat-Shaming, Please? *ranty, language*
  15. We Are Not Amused
  16. At the library
  17. HEY I need that!!!
  18. Customer Standard Time works in reverse.
  19. GIT R DONE
  20. Interesting proof of age?
  21. "It just makes the God in our hearts go, 'AAH!!'' (plus bonus sightings!)
  22. It Had To Be Me
  23. Should I write a letter?
  24. lack of trust
  25. potential self-sighting
  26. Gas Station Mayhem
  27. Shitty customer service
  28. Horrendous Hotel Breakfast
  29. Chipotle sighting (short)
  30. Wait, you want a discount WHY?? Oh my goodness
  31. Box that up please
  32. The Lost Pizza Boy
  33. What were you expecting?
  34. I made it right!
  35. McD's Moment...
  36. Hunt for Elusive Spectacles, Courier Douchebaggery and Other Stories...
  37. Dude.
  38. Veggie =/= seafood
  39. I've had it with the Cici's near my house!
  40. Pass office pwnage
  41. Attorney bitched out MOD over parking lot fee increase
  42. WHAT?
  43. Stroller rollin' solo
  44. Redbox Sighting
  45. One suck and two awesome interactions with strangers
  46. At the line up for a table
  47. Newspaper numbskullery
  48. And how was YOUR week?
  49. New sign at lowes - or at least the first time I noticed it
  50. One from the Subway worker yesterday
  51. Oh well. WTF?
  52. Can I watch you do it now?
  53. Why won't you break the rules for me? I'm oooold/busy/more special than anyone else!
  54. It was a good day, until this
  55. WTF lady?
  56. okay, so the London riots were my fault...
  57. From my BFF: You come in and insult me on the job??
  58. Wrong number!!!
  59. Half Priced Books Attracts Half Priced Idiots
  60. One to go at Sonic
  61. The morning's entertainment (long)
  62. KFC Drive Thru...RAGE!
  63. total entitlement bitch
  64. No Mayo =/= Double Mayo
  65. Nut Bag at the Vet....
  66. Don't you have a drivethru?
  67. Sucky Security.....
  68. Grocery store huh
  69. You don't want to drive in this... why should they?
  70. woman at McDonalds with "dying" dog
  71. Always ask for proper ID.... (longgg)
  72. We hate you Met-Ed
  73. So we were watching one of those pawn shows on tv last night
  74. Stupidest threat I ever heard
  75. Another old band story
  76. Tell Me About Sam's Club
  77. I go to the zoo for the benches and paintings, you?
  78. Another "I Don't Work Here" Situation
  79. Opening the door for crazy old biddy
  80. But, it's only thursday!
  81. McSuck
  82. "Look For Yourself!"
  83. Really? You're complaining about THAT?
  84. And the used electric razor from Wal-mart goes to......
  85. Watching the Detectives (Very Long - sorry)
  86. Community theater suckage
  87. "Three employees not doing ANYTHING!!!!!!"
  88. City Fails and Construstion Worker Suckitude
  89. Is that a threat or a promise?
  90. Gravekeeper breaking out!
  91. Sucky pizza shop
  92. Gas station sighting
  93. Brats got owned!
  94. Get down now!
  95. I accidentally glow boobs?
  96. GO. AROUND.
  97. Can I Tan In Peace? Creep.
  98. The first time I have EVER complained as a customer
  99. Fedex can BITE ME.
  100. Another guy with a sign...
  101. Hurricane idiots
  102. So much for the day off...
  103. Cloudy, with a chance of McFlurries
  104. "Are you sure you don't have any in back?"
  105. Quick Karma
  106. Do you just want us out of the store or what?
  107. Mild Suckage
  108. You were disappointed by WHAT?!
  109. School Principle Overreacts
  110. Costco Gas Station
  111. This happened 2 hours after the hurricane
  112. And they wonder why we tell jokes about them
  113. Confirmation of what I think we've always known...
  114. Seriously, it's right over there.
  115. Floods and asshats
  116. A small collection of sightings--kinda long
  117. Sucky Administrator.
  118. Oookay? (Kinda Long)
  119. Ugh, sick and ranty
  120. A Letter to the Rude
  121. How to alienate customers
  122. Interesting incident at Air Force Recruiting Station
  123. People will steal anything
  124. Waiter drops the ball at the end of the meal
  125. Get lost...no wait! Come back!
  126. first week back to school
  127. Idiot thief (short)
  128. To the moon, lady, to the moon!
  129. the "excuse me" lady
  130. Fake Owls
  131. Sad sight on the way back from Dcon
  132. Livid!!! (Part-self-sighting)
  133. Chubby Haters
  134. Anddddd your sandwich
  135. Worst funeral I have ever been to
  136. Failed Theft or Brainfart - You Decide
  137. Woohoo! I found The Devil's Panties @ DragonCon
  138. Yeah, I'm not buying it
  139. Suckiest Customers I've Ever Seen
  140. your baby's dirty diaper = eye-roll at us
  141. Her right to pee is greater than mine...
  142. Assclown on the bus
  143. WTF do you THINK a bathroom is for?
  144. Thanks for telling me what I want.
  145. Wal-Mart = Open Mic Day
  146. Getting grumpy in my old age
  147. More proof about what we already know about SC's
  148. Shoplifter Denied
  149. TMI.....
  150. Wal-Mart Ghetto Trash Sightings
  151. I remember now... (now with possible self sighting! for a limited time only!)
  152. Quick and nasty sighting - with bonus SC ownage
  153. Smiths just lost a customer
  154. She may complain, but *I* loved the service!
  155. Bigotry at the Fire Hall
  156. Possible self sighting
  157. But I need it!
  158. Mumbles does not understand NO (long)
  159. It's All So Quiet...
  160. Captain's Vodka
  161. You're not invisible. (Kinda gross)
  162. The pool is closed - so give me a free room!
  163. Poor Stocker at Kroger
  164. Returns Bitch at Walmart
  165. Wherein I am cockpunched by a toddler
  166. "That's not my job." LONG
  167. My new hobby is watching people failing to enter a building
  168. Met-Ed Problems Part 3
  169. At least she carded me - self sighting
  170. National Grid, you suck
  171. Well Guys, I Think It's Time...
  172. Don't make promises you can't keep!
  173. He didn't seem that sucky to me
  174. For the Love of All That's Holy - Shut Up!
  175. SC on Facebook
  176. Pizza Place SC
  177. Bathroom user
  178. to the drunk guys on the bus
  179. Captain?
  180. I just want to do my shopping!
  181. TSTST in action
  182. Idiot Bleeding Hearts
  183. my sister's new neighbour is a psycho.
  184. Brazen purse thief - long
  185. Stolen Mustard
  186. No! Don't do it! NOOOooooo....
  187. Make up your blasted mind!
  188. Horrible student loan lenders
  189. Why screening employees is important
  190. Moron kid can't handle the plane
  191. Sometimes, it's not the SC's that make you weep for humanity...
  192. Good Idea, Bad Idea
  193. Pizza, Pizza
  194. You better NOT give me what I order!
  195. Please don't blow us up!
  196. Sighting or Joking Banter?
  197. Gas Station Fun
  198. sick again, must mean scs
  199. Homophobic idiot vs nice gay guy (warning language)
  200. My Laundry Room Suck
  201. It's a small world...
  202. No I will not walk your children to school
  203. UTA sightings part- umm... is anyone keeping count anymore?
  204. Bit of a story from the world of Mouse
  205. if only the brakes didn't work so well
  206. Stupidity isn't covered under the warranty
  207. Well I can tell "Mr. North" is back
  208. It pays to be nice...literally.
  209. Not Enough Brain Bleach in the World
  210. Wait, can I have MORE free stuff?
  211. Make them both at once!
  212. Eww Germs!
  213. Phone surveys... aaaaarrrgh I hate people like this....
  214. Hillbilly at Subway
  215. Hell Night at C-Store
  216. Dumb Landlord Strikes Again
  217. Buy one: Get two
  218. Ultimate Coupon Asshattery
  219. What do you mean, 'other customers'?
  220. Sightings from Hubby's job
  221. Snake equals evil
  222. Annoy the Photographer
  223. stupid phone company
  224. "What's wrong with her? Why isn't she screaming?"
  225. Line cutting pays off big time
  226. WTF in the coffee shop...
  227. So much for knowing Consumer rights.
  228. Creeper at Dunky Doo's
  229. thief at future shop
  230. One Of The Reasons Why Big Guys RAWK!
  231. Fast Food Scam--Denied!
  232. Part sighting/part general work
  233. Continuation of part sighting/part general work
  234. McDonald's Drive-Thru Sighting
  235. Watch your language, buddy...
  236. When recorded calls become... awkward. (Possibly NSFW)
  237. Bookstore awkwardness
  238. holy hell domestic violence
  239. Scuse me but that's my game...
  240. Do Not Annoy Ms. B!
  241. Adventures with Ontrac
  242. Why does PetSMART have DUMBcustomers??
  243. One from my CW: Had to kick some guests out
  244. Why are you still talking, please just call security on me already!
  245. local post office... HUH?
  246. I was here first!! (little bit of language, little bit long)
  247. Unsure whether to be PO'd ...
  249. You're lucky I'm not naked
  250. Is paying for your shit a new concept to you?