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  1. Parental Fail at Pizza Ranch
  2. Past retirement going on kindergarten age, are we?
  3. The Good and the Bad and Ugly
  4. Shoplifter Scum
  5. Your Lies might work a little better...
  6. Your Doctor Who costume just lost all of its "cool points"
  7. Windows of Perception are Closed
  8. Corn Maze Sighting
  9. Wait, What?
  10. UPS Woes
  11. My mom IS proud of me.
  12. Power company rep
  13. You should read what you provide.
  14. It's that time of week again
  15. Tada!! Or, Tale of the Traveling Salespeople
  16. Sandland suckage
  17. Massage Parlour EW
  18. "I said it was for a costume, what did you think it was for!?"
  19. Great Dinner Convo, Guy....
  20. Manners are stupid.
  21. I have to go throw up now
  22. It's Private Property, now GTFO
  23. Billy's friends have been getting worse
  24. Self-sighting: Halloween SC'S
  25. Nice Try, Bunghole
  26. Let's Just Ruin the Fun...
  27. "You HAVE to give us sweets!"
  28. My mom is a major SC.
  29. radio
  30. Dog in the Manger
  31. Way too late for a return
  32. Wherein I abscond with a douchebag's food
  33. Epic Screw-Up State DMV
  34. Let's intentionally damage someone's expensive property. That sounds fun.
  35. I can't escape the suck even on Halloween
  36. I'm a furry so what?
  37. "I have emotional issues at Wal-Mart."
  38. Tonight I dine IN HELL!
  39. No, you can't use our phone
  40. Happy Birthday!
  41. That takes some balls....
  42. Hands off the cart!
  43. Business Friendly Bus
  44. Headscratcher and epic cute in one trip
  45. Get out of the way! Yes, you!
  46. Instances of Sucky
  47. Her money isn't good enough.
  48. Drive-thru sighting
  49. Horribleness at the train station
  50. And now I am scared of dogs...
  51. How Not to Ask for Money
  52. Food Stamps to Cash
  53. Won't take "no" for an answer
  54. I got to watch someone get banned!
  55. I was here first
  56. Restrain your animal abusing child before I do it for you.
  57. My seat, MINE!
  58. Subway and cell phones
  59. Harry Potter and the Unreleased DVD
  60. Let my thundering chariot's roar tell you to hurry up.
  61. A Twist on a Tired Joke
  62. This is Not the Way to Get Donations
  63. Urrgghhh. I feel sorry for baristas.
  64. "That must be why it smells so bad!"
  65. The drink machine is broken, stupid
  66. Two idiots
  67. well, that's one way to get on the professor's good side...
  68. Well that's one way to get revenge!
  69. Tell me honestly: Was I a sucky customer in these situations?
  70. History Report
  71. Subway...eat eventually...
  72. No Air and Air Heads (Twofer!)
  73. Would you like some Suck with that Sandwich?
  74. Now this pisses me off
  75. Sighting on TV
  76. no ice cream for me.....
  77. Met Ed Problems Part 4
  78. Bus sighting (short)
  79. I need to cuddle my goggie now
  80. Is that your real name?
  81. faculty member was offended she could not park
  82. Scam, Brainburp or just Sucky?
  83. If this was a uniform....(Another Case Of "I don't work here")
  84. The Crazy Close-Talker
  85. Disgusting Kohl's commercial
  86. And they found this fit to print because....?
  87. O.o dude chill out, it's just a lane...
  88. (FAIL) A Special Kind of Trifling
  89. Baffeling resturant behavior
  90. Wherein it is Inferred that I am a Liar...
  91. Sucky Landlords X3 (very long)
  92. Rude, unsocialized, or just a straight up asshole?
  93. Self-Suck: Not my debt, don't call me about it.
  94. Two rude old ladies
  95. They'll learn eventually
  96. Input as to who might be sucky here?
  97. Girls like Action Movies too
  98. A Blank Stare is Not an Answer
  99. Stupid guy ruins the water by fixing the furnace
  100. Can't read a sign AND impatient!
  101. How to ruin thanksgiving - brain bleach required NSFW
  102. Silence that kid already!
  103. Cashier of... what?
  104. Now you are just being petty.
  105. Debit not credit!
  106. He tried to steal WHAT!?
  107. "Where'd you get that?!"
  108. I want my card!
  109. You Don't Have What I Paid For?
  110. The proposition.
  111. Banking WTF.
  112. Moar tomato!!!
  113. I'm apparently a bad group member.
  114. The Most Ridiculous "Offer" I've Seen
  115. Guy At Sally
  116. Drive Thru Hell
  117. That takes some guts. And a big backpack.
  118. I think I was an SC yesterday :(
  119. Somebody took my stuff!!
  120. Pissy customer could not get free parking; Long post
  121. Larry, Darryl and Darryl Plowing
  122. You're kidding, right??
  123. One of those conversations that should have remained private
  124. I dodged a bullet- it hit my bro
  125. Freecycle Freeloaders
  126. Coupon entitlement - and being buddies with the in charge
  127. Michael's Check-Out
  128. Photo Appointment Cancelation Karma
  129. Craigslist pets :( (warning, pet lovers may be icked out)
  130. Just 'cause you're nearby doesn't make your kids supervised
  131. Black Belt Madness
  132. Papa Murphy's Poopheads
  133. Everybody dies, Rose! Just this once, everybody dies!
  134. Fucked over just before Christmas :(
  135. So, are you TRYING to be evicted??
  136. zero to bitch in 10 seconds!
  137. pain in mind and body
  138. You're Contagious! Don't Touch Me Baby! Don't Gimme Whatcha Got!
  139. GOOD sighting!
  140. Don't tell me what I want.
  141. Reading Comprehension Failure
  142. Truck Rental Customer's Math and Reasoning Failures
  143. Are they pushing the holidays evern faster?
  144. In Which thedrunkenmonkey gets dog biscuits and highly impatient
  145. In which TDM picks up embarassing personal items at the store. Oh, and croissants.
  146. Christmas Shopping Fun
  147. Court Sightings
  148. Don't fight the Christmas Crowds... (language)
  149. Movie Theatre Talkers
  150. "But, she tahhhhched it!" - then it became a freebie!
  151. "But it's CHRISTMAS!!"
  152. Chick-fil-a
  153. "There's bugs on them!!"
  154. Get those apples away from my poor kids!
  155. Looks like someone's going to be asking Santa for some new tires...
  156. Trying not to be a SC
  157. I felt kinda sick...
  158. Fucking survey company
  159. A toy shopping story: sucky or responsible?
  160. Short change scam? Or just can't count?
  161. Wherein I once more don't really like UPS
  162. 4 Sightings, 1 Restaurant
  163. Delivery Driver suck
  164. A Delivery of Suck
  165. I will just sit here, go do my shopping for me!
  166. Lady Didn't want to be Sucky
  167. Have yourself a crappy little Christmas
  168. A ruined Christmas
  169. Left her brain in storage
  170. Conversation I heard behind me in line at Game Stop
  171. If looks could kill...
  172. We've been waiting here an HOUR!!!
  173. How much fail does it take to power a light bulb?
  174. Assholery on my FB wall
  175. oh you fer you are lucky.....
  176. "Are you married" crazy on the bus
  177. Bieber Brawl
  178. Yelly McLiar On The Bus
  179. It Happened on the Bus
  180. Easiest sales pitch ever
  181. Wherein I take a shopping trip to hell
  182. Scam Company Messed with the Wrong People...
  183. Following Directions - Too Hard for Cheesesteaks?
  184. "No kids" restaurant
  185. You can't kick me off!
  186. Coca-Cola Fountain
  187. NPO blues (long)
  188. Worst anime convention EVER.
  189. The infamous "in the back"
  190. are you fucking insane? ***NSFW***
  191. My dad.
  192. New Old one from my Dad.
  193. The Dead Bearded Dragon
  194. Sucky Sucker Customer
  195. How do I keep attracting these people? HOW?
  196. Taco Bell Fail(s)
  197. Travel and Train joyfulness
  198. Train sighting
  199. pizza suck
  200. Tales of wide-eyed sales clerks (long)
  201. Nice ladies on the bus
  202. Stupid Bitch
  203. Sure, and should we grab you a coffee on the way back ... ?
  204. Old ID story from my father
  205. Slight Suck Slight Ownage
  206. You complain, yet contribute to the problem!
  207. "I swore at a customer today"
  208. Thanks for ruining my appetite!
  209. Well, at least he admits it
  210. Not really sucky, just a little weird
  211. Pizza What.
  212. Self-sighting, I'm a bitch
  213. Wal-Mart Pharmacy
  214. You might want to rethink that...
  215. Weirdness at the bus Stop
  216. Walgreens follies
  217. They don't make the laws
  218. The Tower! Ah Wahn Mah Tower!
  219. Manager win
  220. Shitty property management
  221. I have never had a job like this
  222. The sensitivity of flies around fresh excrement...
  223. Level 5 Security Risk
  224. But I don't even work here!
  225. Traffic controller stories!
  226. Shopping Weirdness
  227. The Joy of Fabric Stores
  228. Put-upon idiot at Lowes
  229. So that's where YOU work
  230. Put it away! Put it away!
  232. Snow grinches
  233. Self sighting getting a haircut.
  234. Clueless Bus Passenger
  235. March of the Dummies
  236. Bitchy Cigarette Lady
  237. "On another note customers suck!!"
  238. HomeAgain confusion (only semi-suck)
  239. Three Free... Hmm
  240. Hilarious Music World closing surprise!
  241. Telephone Idiot
  242. Parking Moron.
  243. You don't have enough to complain about?
  244. Dick is the Nicest Way to Describe this SC
  245. Transportation Woes
  246. McDonalds drive through scammer
  247. Immovable object
  248. my mother....
  249. Fine, don't acknowledge me... you'll be closed soon enough.
  250. Shooting the messenger at the pharmacy