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  1. Our parking lot =/= cart return
  2. Pizza Panhandler
  3. From the Facebook Page
  4. Wing place suck.
  5. Now just light a match and blow me up...
  6. Lady, you've got to be f**king kidding me.
  7. Today at the local inbred carnival....
  8. Panda Sighting
  9. Injuries, Insults, and Little Biddies
  10. I Felt So Bad For This Kid
  11. dont threaten violence because you failed at scamming
  12. Liar Liar you Shameless Ass
  13. Get a load of this call I just got
  14. Idiot Shoplifter
  15. Stalked by a toddler
  16. Maybe they're ignoring you . . .
  17. Really trying not to hit your kid with my cart...
  18. He went to Virginia . . . .
  19. Lazy mailman
  20. I guess I know where Billy lives now
  21. Did we have a national breakup that the media missed??
  22. sucky library customer
  23. Someone has bad karma
  24. My own wrong number story....
  25. Hobbycraft is not improving...
  26. Maybe that's not your method of accepting payment -- but that's what they did
  27. Oreo's before a dental cleaning
  28. SHUT. UP.
  29. I'm two blocks from you. How can you keep screwing that up?
  30. Metallic ice cream, anyone?
  31. Tax Mascot Brutality
  32. The Peacock And Other Rude People
  33. Partial Self-Sighting - I Hate Calling Customer Support
  34. Border Security Pwnage
  35. Mardi Gras!
  36. Faculty Parking: not a waiting area
  37. Was I a Sucky Customer?
  38. Where my personality is ignored and my looks matter....
  39. They actually thought this was okay to print, part deux
  40. Cops Called on Handiman
  41. More joys of flying National Airline
  42. THESE Boots Refuse To Do Some Walking!
  43. Name dropping-- ur doin it wrong
  44. You are a waste of $8 an hour
  45. SC's Turn up at the Oddest Times
  46. No need for perfume at the gym
  47. Grumpy Taxi Driver
  48. Not very bright for would-be uni students are you???
  49. Wherein I fear I was the sucky customer (I tried not to be)
  50. EPIC "you closed early!" story
  51. Stroller down!
  52. Why is it that those who complain loudest about children...
  53. Self Sighting
  54. Whereupon my jaw hits the floor....
  55. Definitely not "lovin' it"
  56. No line jumping for you!
  57. fast and efficient=rude, apparently
  58. The Sandwich Slammer
  59. "What the hell are peaches doing in pear sauce?"
  60. I was amazed...
  61. 'My hands are full!!'
  62. Opened games = FINAL SALE
  63. Free pretzel day SC
  64. Deciding you're closed after I've been in line
  65. Sighting of Kindness
  66. "You Ruined Winter For My Kids!" [Language]
  67. Body Shop Woes
  68. What. The. Frack?
  69. And...you thought you could get away with this...?
  70. It's not deliver! It's...ok, no, it's just not delivery...
  71. Appropos or no?
  72. Fun with Diversity...
  73. I just wanna smack em
  74. Why should I pay to shop here?!
  75. Self sighting - so proud of my niece and nephew
  76. Nice Weather + Theater = Annoyances
  77. I "stole" a patent
  78. Kentucky Fried Fish
  79. The Domicile of Despair (long, epic, get your popcorn)
  80. Fins to the left, Fins to the right
  81. Long time, wish I didn't have to...
  82. I loathe the gym because of people like this
  83. Age restricted material (quickie)
  84. I say tomato....they say kimchi. o.O Lupo's Dinner Tales
  85. Son-in-law arrested, get travel comp?
  86. Put it out or I'll slap it out
  88. Horse play (or how I nearly broke my foot because my neighbors were idiots)
  89. Cranky Fabric Customer
  90. Do you work here or just eat here?
  91. Complaint About Store Selling Fake Product
  92. Kanalah's Honeymoon Adventure
  93. NEO New all around
  94. SHAD0W SMASH!!!
  95. Grapes SC
  96. Are you in line?
  97. Mindreading - Selfsighting
  98. A sighting about my own sister (Contains Survivor spoilers from 3/21/12)
  99. Idiot tried to complain about me - only I wasn't an employee...
  100. Mr Intereuption and Mrs Personal Space
  101. I don't think I was sucky
  102. Wherein a little Rabbit is detained and almost has a heart attack...
  103. Sort of sucky
  104. Jerk serving ice cream
  105. CSI Rerun vs. Tornado
  106. Smiley's glorious return... to public transit
  107. Too close and no comfort in Death Valley
  108. Why did you steal that!?
  109. Sucky neighbor is sucky
  110. I know you want to turn by house into a parking lot... Long
  111. Mom's Gotta Get Her Tan On....
  112. I don't care if its the law- you do what I want!
  113. BK Konfusion
  114. Brother and a bad day for Mytical
  115. Wherein my Brain to Mouth Filter fails...
  116. The Little College of Horrors Mr. Tipsy
  117. Smug Bastard's not so Smug Now
  118. b**** SC
  119. Racist Cabbie?
  120. Use your words.
  121. Now I really have seen everything
  122. Love at the end of the street
  123. Waiting for the shuttle means at or near the curbside!
  124. How Playboy is a teaching moment....
  125. I'm still eating that!
  126. Parking Availability Fail
  127. GMs inventing their own rules
  128. The person in front of me at Taco Hell
  129. Is it that weird to be honest ?
  130. I sincerely hope I wasn't sucky.
  131. I might have been kind of an Ass, here. (Self-Sighting, Mild Rant)
  132. Naughty way of getting my debit card details...(with bonus stories!)
  133. Possibly karma of the hair falling out variety
  134. Roller Derby possible suck
  135. Cruise ship sighting
  136. Delivery D'oh Moment
  137. Too Dressed Up For The Dollar Store
  138. Higher-up's family...
  139. More Chatter at the Movies
  140. Sucktastic at Taco Bell
  141. Rusty Shackleford in the wild
  142. Dafuq?
  143. I was someone's hero :) (long, but then it seems all my stories are)
  144. Another reason why you shouldn't let your friend borrow your car
  145. Waver Goodies
  146. Train Conductor Embarrasses Sucky Passenger
  147. Polite thief??
  148. Late Night at W4LM4RT
  149. Did you just call him stupid to his face?
  150. The pumps are open even if the store (and the SC's mind) are closed.
  151. DragonCon / Convention Sightings
  152. Unbelievable stupidity
  153. I just want to go home *cries* Epic
  154. Disgusting!!!
  155. 10 minutes =/= 1 hour
  156. Road Rage and Other Such Stuff...
  157. To The Big Satellite Radio Company...
  158. Useless and fun on the phone
  159. Good and Bad.
  160. No Grandpa, that's NOT the phone company!
  161. Begging for gas. again.
  162. Wherein we argue semantics at Subway.
  163. Coffee Refill Argument
  164. Didn't know there was an aged-mother card to pull....
  165. Strange dude at the game today...
  166. Epic Beg for Gas Story
  167. No, THIS is what you need to buy!
  168. Sucky bar customer
  169. Is it a smell or something?
  170. No you're going to order from US!
  171. Great product, bad Customer Services
  172. Don't ask me if I need help, if you don't want to actually help me
  173. Scheduling Emergencies?
  174. The Roomie is at it Again
  175. Employee Fail
  176. A little help, please....
  177. GO. AWAY.
  178. Cable Co. Follies
  179. I was a jerk to the Starbucks girl
  180. Customer told supervisor he will sue the parking company
  182. I Love The Smell of Instant Karma- short and to the point
  183. Horrible night last night
  184. Who would steal a toilet brush?
  185. My high school friend the SC?
  186. I was sucky and I feel bad
  187. When I asked you three months ago...
  188. Gaia Art Shop idjits
  189. I did what I had to do
  190. Self-sighting: I made one of THOSE jokes
  191. No cups for you
  192. Be Quiet!
  193. Overprotective Mom or Just Stupid Mom?
  194. You prove the stereotype.
  195. Bad Dentist!
  196. sin x / x =/= sin! It's a SIN!
  197. You Cannot Be Serious! (Sandwich Edition)
  198. WHAT did you just say?
  199. It was me this time
  200. Sucky Bus Patrons
  201. Theater Ownage
  202. You actually drive that? Without a paper bag on your head?
  203. Never going to Petco again!
  204. Awareness Fail (lol)
  205. Cute sighting @ work
  206. Staples.
  207. SC Facebook sighting
  208. Throwing Myself into SC Hell
  209. Yes, I do get to go home on time and other stories
  210. Sucky - and dead
  211. Ah, yes, this is why I avoid movie theaters, isn't it?
  212. Wherein we learn the value of READING THE SIGN!
  213. Gazebo goes to the theater
  214. Not toys for teens
  215. Wish I could have set them on fire. . .
  216. A nice sighting at IHOP
  217. Lets try and make this train journey uncomfortable for EVERYONE involved, eh?
  218. Deaf or stupid? You decide!
  219. This is a pub... some people are eating!
  220. Airhead at the movies
  221. Self-sighting? I want free stuff!
  222. Learn to work the cash register!
  223. So You're Discouraging People From Spending Money in the Store?
  224. sucky water bill manager
  225. Stupid Uni Students
  226. Sucky + stupid = entertainment!
  227. Bad Bartender!
  228. Why don't you people ask?
  230. Full service attendant didn't hear her right?
  231. Was I overreacting?
  232. Band Pit Failure
  233. The one with the sucky waitress
  234. Mildly sucky
  235. "Well I'll Steal It Anyway."
  236. I Walked Out (possible SS)
  237. making me glad i moved out
  238. An Overheard Sighting and Someone Tries to Rip off a Non-Profit
  239. Should I Report Terrible Service?
  240. But.... that was mine...
  241. Appropriate or no?
  242. Dream Self-Sighting
  243. Were we the SC?
  244. Red Shirt Lesson
  245. Bad Nails Day
  246. It may be theft, but AN APPLE IS NOT AN ORANGE
  247. Don't worry... he's only blind!
  248. Not at ALL crazy!!!
  249. What happens when you ask someone to do their job.
  250. Uh...ok?