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  1. They Don't Know How To Do It
  2. What a baby!
  3. SC Really DOL Say that!
  4. This wasn't racist, was it?
  5. Why can't people follow simple directions?
  6. Sorta Sighting, a bit of Karma, & good things come to those who aren't SCs
  7. Ann Summers triumphs over Marks and Spencer...
  8. They're just GRAPES, for goodness sake!
  9. You've never worked in retail have you?
  10. Clearly you don't have children...
  11. Am I... am I that approachable?
  12. Hey! That's my salad!
  13. "I Am A Prince Of My Country!"
  14. Complaint my co-worker received
  15. It's Not My Fault!!!
  16. You had to stop there, didn't you?
  17. Loud SC on phone
  18. Not talking business when I'm eating dinner, thanks.
  19. More fun with U Haul
  20. Another Mother of the Year
  21. Lost in Translation
  22. Overheard In The Gym
  23. "Borrowing" images from other sites
  24. Burnin' mah meatloaf!
  25. Manager that sucks
  26. Killing Time (warning: language on my part)
  27. Rednecks Behaving Badly
  28. "I can't serve someone who's already drunk and doesn't realise they're not in a bar."
  29. Elitist Geeks
  30. Self-Sighting at the Bus Station
  31. How our anniversary was nearly ruined!
  32. My trip to hell known as Wally World
  33. Art thieves on dA. As usual.
  34. Chasing the wind...
  35. Who are you to judge someone for BEING HEALTHY?
  36. Reporting an SC.
  37. Give me inconvenience or give me death
  38. It's a bus, not the Bog of Eternal Stench!!!
  39. realtor woes (long and a little epic)
  40. They ain't making them any saner
  41. School suck
  42. Crooks really ARE stupid
  43. Wonder what they said about me?
  44. The "are you blind?" thread made me think of this.
  45. Midsummer - and no suck!
  46. Upsuck
  47. Self-Sighting on a Bus, Partially Miscommunication
  48. New roller derby teams to support (Long background warning)
  49. Kennedy Space Center: "That rule doesn't apply to me, only everyone else."
  50. OK . . . this is creepy.
  51. Enough suck to go around, I guess.
  52. Free entertainment on the bus on ride home from work
  53. I never write complaint letters and I've just had to write 4....
  54. Card fell out
  55. You shall not pass!
  56. Great line from "2 Broke Girls"
  57. You Racist White Bastard!!!
  58. Oh no, my candle melted when it was HOT!
  59. Stupid complaint from Parking office employee
  60. And the on-base Mother of the year award goes to...
  61. Just...wow
  62. Sighting at local discount store
  63. Outrage in the Lingerie Department!
  64. I Stop at my Old Subway for only 10 Minutes...
  65. Idiot at Airport gets Owned
  66. Entitled shopper
  67. It's not MY fault....!
  68. Bus Driver rudeness
  69. Drunk patron gets hauled away by police with bag over his head
  70. My CW got the cops called on her.
  71. So, I'm at Subway...
  72. It's all the restaurant's fault!
  73. Self-sighting - anonymous complaint
  74. Traffic jam near dairy section - Get off the phone!
  75. I fail at mind reading.
  76. sighting at shichi/ju-ichi (longish?)
  77. Who ordered phonebooks?
  78. Love Letter From A Pedestrian.
  79. You want what for free?
  80. Co-worker received 2 write ups
  81. Movie Theater Patrons, The Good, The Bad, and The Downright Rude
  82. Bus sighting
  83. Where I'm a bit of a jerk...
  84. Personal sighting - Canadian Tire vs Lordco
  85. We've all lost a right today!
  86. Suckage at oilchange place
  87. My niece likes blue. :)
  88. !@#^#$% realtor
  89. Shouldn't you be privy to this information?
  90. A most unexpected visit
  91. Dog in car at Kroger
  92. Snotty wench in line next to us today @ costco.
  93. Vacation Sightings
  94. Verizon Store...
  95. Bank rep fail
  96. Oh, who watches the time, anyway ...
  97. Fail at Overpriced Coffee Chain
  98. Stage Parent Much?
  99. SC at shop and me been nearly hit by SUV.
  100. I was weirded out at big box store
  101. Yes, please, just stand there and dig through your purse!
  102. Cutting off the Handicapped in Line
  103. What... just... happened here?
  104. Not sure that's your dumpster...
  105. Priorities people! (TV sighting)
  106. Seriously dude, pay attention....
  107. Excuse me? I DO know how to read, thanks...
  108. Oh My God! Tram-AM-poline! TRAMPAMPOLINE!!!!
  109. This is not your private elevator....
  110. What's WRONG with it?
  111. This was to good not to post. But it's pretty long.
  112. Fun Run Follies
  113. Self check attendant more interested in flirting with stockers
  114. You can't do that!!
  115. Positive Sighting
  116. At a "Themed" park
  117. Actively trying to ruin my evening? (Language)
  118. Funeral drama - when grief meets idiots (long so will be multi-parter)
  119. This guy was an idiot
  120. Self-Sighting at the Notary
  121. Rude, unwanted grocery advice
  122. Dowel straightener
  123. What part of "proper ID" don't you understand?
  124. self-sighting at the craft store
  125. I love the logic....
  126. Really? People need to have courtesy?
  127. Was my Mother an SC?
  128. Grabby 3 year old
  129. Shooting on the interstate
  130. "I'll just unplug this. I'm sure it's not important."
  131. Not My SC but an Intervention
  132. Chick-Fil_A jerk
  133. I need more info
  134. Class Warfare (or, Classical Choir and the Locals)
  135. what am i doing wrong - ordering eggs
  136. Back of the line girl!
  137. Over a Dollar
  138. I want a badge!!! Waaaahhhhhhh!!!!!! It's not fair! Waaaahhhhh!!!!!
  139. Bad Experience With Newegg
  140. Sucky telco sales guy….
  141. It's Somebody Else's House!
  142. Koala Capers (long)
  143. No, You Don't!
  144. Is my sister an SC??? (Long)
  145. The bad tipper and the crass waiter
  146. How did you manage to drive a car through it?
  147. Not so much sucky as just irritating
  148. Really? You don't have anything better to do?
  149. I'm trying to give you freebies!
  150. Bookstore Fun
  151. So Embarrassing
  152. Best Reasons for Exchanges?
  153. Check-in rage
  154. Abusive wife/mother? You decide!
  155. Disappointed thieves
  156. We can't fix the roof because...
  157. I don't have a magic window near my phone, thanks
  158. New-fangled parking kiosks
  159. Wrong pass
  160. EW at work
  161. Fine, I'll just take my stuffed animals and...something...
  162. What the heck did I ever do to you buddy?
  163. Really? You were NEVER told that if software is opened you can't return it?
  164. A note I sent to corporate
  165. MY Cell phone doesn't work!!!!!
  166. Some cinema suck- squinnying kids and adult bullies
  167. Sucky? Not Sure. Creepy? Definitely!
  168. OPSEC fail funny
  169. Please don't argue with me
  170. Douchebag neighbor
  171. Attack of the MIL
  172. Had me rolling on the floor
  173. ALREADY?!
  174. Was I too upset @ "Car Section"?
  175. I'll huff and I'll puff and ... I'll pout a little too
  176. Some things never change
  177. Talk about Brazen . . . .
  178. First rule of law...(Or, Beware the Stony shipper)
  179. It's an allergy, not a choice
  180. What do you want to do?
  181. Sucky Bartender
  182. At the bar (thought of Jester) no suck
  183. Angry Bus Man (bit o' language)
  184. Shopping at closing time
  185. Vendor/EW pwnage
  186. Take it outside to the parking lot, willya!
  187. Derp
  188. It's not that I didn't BELIEVE you guys.......
  189. Pet Store suck
  190. Good Customer Service, where you go?
  191. Train Craziness D: (I post long stories, huh?)
  192. And now it's time for another game of "Who was sucky?" And a bonus story
  193. Fellow employee suck and some dude who is an impatient ass
  194. Attention seeking, uncaring bus riders.
  195. Airport Fun
  196. Hershey PA trip sightings
  197. Scary Encounter With a Manager!
  198. Forget the passport. We'll just wait for the killer bees to come to us!
  199. And just WHY did I have to go through all this? (Wordy)
  200. This HAS to be SC Fallout
  201. 20-items or less fail.
  202. Gaming Store Suck
  203. why you guys so scared? (long)
  204. I have personal space, respect it
  205. Stupid tenants.
  206. Monday Night RAW WWE sucky lady
  207. Funny Facebook Sighting
  208. MiM, road rage, and I-love-my-mom-but-she's-an-SC
  209. What's the Big Deal?
  210. Turruble Teacher(longish)
  211. Annoying as hell? Yes. Sucky? Eh...maybe? I dunno
  212. A Self Sighting... maybe?
  213. Rude Snob in Line!
  214. Possible self-sighting, but I think I was justified
  215. What I learned today
  216. Next time, I'll renew online (a brain burp/self-sighting and a rather bitchy trainee)
  217. The Ultimate Bridal Package In 3 Easy shops!
  218. Cute sighting
  219. Am I sad? I am, aren't I? A big saddo.
  220. Dog Park Fight
  221. Possible bar sighting or a brain burp on our part
  222. Asurion and Sprint hell (Longish)
  223. And the award for Stupidest Question Ever goes to...
  224. Were We Sucky? Opions On A Possible Self-Sighting, Please!
  225. Drive thru suck
  226. Creeper
  227. I really need to learn this SC's ability
  228. Special treatment does not extend THAT far...
  229. Oh, Dodge!(A Dodge saga)
  230. Kind of Had an SC Moment
  231. First time I've ever walked out like this.
  232. Thank you VERY much (Warning..gross)
  233. You have an ID. Use it.
  234. They were out of cheesesticks
  235. Did you really just do that??
  236. Ruby Tuesday Tomfoolery
  237. how to start an ironic flame war...
  238. Passive-agressiveness: ultimately counterproductive
  239. Multi-tasking Custodians
  240. So apparently Goodwill now thinks I'm a thief (LONG)
  241. Dear Transit Riders, part 2
  242. A Nasty DD employee
  243. Just pay for your treats!
  244. snob litmus test
  245. Is The Third Time Really A Charm?
  246. Mardi Gras in Vancouver! (rather long)
  247. Restaurant LIED on Menu!
  248. Public Relief
  249. no caller id. every fucking day
  250. Fun at the Fair