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  1. Monopoly suck
  2. Too funny not to share
  3. When life gives you lemons...
  4. This is not the best way to get people to give you money
  5. I'm invisible!
  6. and now i know why we don't see much sign-solicitation here
  7. The defensive power of sheep
  8. My friend at a Halloween store
  9. Self Scan Suckage
  10. Sorry, is that ever going to work?
  11. Inconvience Stores
  12. "I want a drink!"
  13. Hey, you paid for that hat right?
  14. Hotel owner failed "how to keep a customer 101"
  15. Talk about chutzpah....
  16. This is why you ask first
  17. I was an SC (I think?)
  18. Parents at Howl-O-Scream Busch Gardens!
  19. No ID check?
  20. Not an excuse...
  21. Parental Cruise Sightings
  22. I upset someone at lunch, today.
  23. Weirdness at Drive Thru
  24. Was I Sucky?
  25. UH no
  26. I can't believe I did this...
  27. Glad we were honest...
  28. I wish I had the balls to do this. . . (Long, with cursing)
  29. At least they're being honest...
  30. Over a @#$%ing salad
  31. Bus Stop Jerk
  32. Let's Calm It Down, Guys
  33. Morning radio
  34. If you've ever handled a penny, the government's got your DNA!!!!!
  35. Was I sucky?
  36. job application from hell
  37. Appearances may be deceiving.
  38. Insurance run around.
  39. I bite into a rock or something at OG
  40. Ruined someone's Christmas!
  41. small confirmation
  42. Seriously Qwest/CenturyLink?
  43. Moron Wagon
  44. Do you have your head up your ass??
  45. Out of order
  46. Really???
  47. Take a damn ticket!
  48. Follow me...
  49. Flyer fail
  50. Customers are bulletproof.
  51. CS dressing down at the vet's.
  52. Wow! They Really Don't/Can't Read!
  53. First time I heard of cheapostay.com and I'm not impressed
  54. The Family Tree or There isnt enough brain bleach in the world (NSFW)
  55. Dear Election Commissioner...
  56. Well does he?
  57. If that's all my business is worth.
  58. Entitled Sunbather
  59. Chronicles of the BroDude
  60. Animal stamps on wedding invites?
  61. WoW and SCs
  62. Customer sighted by my dad
  63. My poor CW... Warranty SC
  64. My poor CW...SCW accusations
  65. My brother lost a customer.
  66. Thanks, Bricktop!
  67. Seriously?!?
  68. And you said that WHY?
  69. Apparently, I'm doing nothing with my life
  70. Cheapskate aunt
  71. Lord Jesus
  72. Sucky Cashier
  73. A minor one I always forget to post.
  74. You walked RIGHT PAST it! (less sucky, more....er??)
  75. The things I've learned from this site.
  76. I wonder how this will turn out...
  77. Parent blames us for something that was her kid's fault.
  78. The Glare of Death
  79. Customer wanted to pay $1.50 for all day parking at parking garage
  80. Wrong location, wrong device. How could you even...
  81. How dare you have delicious desserts!!!
  82. Rude Employee
  83. Indecisive Suck
  84. Ship of Fools
  85. sith happens
  86. "How much do I tip?"
  87. Dude, where's my food?
  88. I want to use yours!
  89. Black Friday/Thursday SC's and PBcups (Epic Length, in parts)
  90. I don't think we needed to know that about you!
  91. True Blood
  92. Good feedback so far by workers
  93. I see what you did there. Price gouging
  94. Sorry, but no
  95. Um, how do I eat this?
  96. Ummm, Cheap are we?
  97. Snobby Pet Store
  98. *BeepBeepBeepBeep*
  99. Self Sighting: Lizard doesn't DESERVE wine!
  100. Post office is soooo rude!!
  101. Women's changing room on men's side
  102. Possible self-sighting ...
  103. Early Morning Woes.
  104. UNprofessional!
  105. you always gotta piss on something dontcha?
  106. Pissy customer told me "that foreigner needs to go back where he came from"
  107. crazy cabbie goes bananas!
  108. Some People Are Never Happy...
  109. Yes, I am a Grinch
  110. I was with a SC and I wanted to hide
  111. job hunt hell - college spam & why I love google voice
  112. Dildos, Doucebags, and being Dead on my feet!
  113. Yes, helping me sure is an imposition, isn't it?
  114. I earned some good karma points today, hopefully!
  115. Are you really the cable guy?
  116. Self sighting: whilst Bob Cats ring (very cute)
  117. The craziness has followed me
  118. Helped an older couple yesterday
  119. GameStore sighting
  120. Gas station owner treats me like I am a sucky customer
  121. why I don't feel bad about being on my phone in the theater right now
  122. In which my husband saves Christmas (or Christmas music)
  123. Get tea behind me, Satan!
  124. Phone Prank Causes a Nurse to Commit Suicide
  125. I found this phone; it's mine, but I'm going to claim it's not!
  126. Are you serious? Holy crap, you are...
  127. Impatient ole cow at the bank..
  128. One bad apple is all it takes
  129. The Hobbit, An Unexpectedly Horrible Journey!
  130. Why it is important not to be a dick
  131. Old man hates whispering
  132. Self-sighting: At the last minute
  133. Black socks
  134. An unexpected Kidney Stone Jouney of suck - Language, Long and yucky
  135. Well, now I'm glad I didn't take the job
  136. yet again they let the cat out
  137. I don't want your germs!
  138. Random Mall Sightings
  139. Dumbest Customer Ever
  140. Apartment from hell OR we can't breathe!
  141. Applebee's Fail, or...why I left a paltry tip...
  142. Tipped for being mistaken...or possibly insane
  143. Cut Yer Hair!
  144. Red Robin YIKES!
  145. email from my cousin....
  146. Never seen someone so irate over not having a problem...
  147. Are... Are you being serious?
  148. Apartment property damage from EW neighbor
  149. Walmart worker
  150. Are you going to pay the legal fees?
  151. You mean we have to put the sugar in OURSELVES?
  152. Wait your turn!
  153. Taxi Hell
  154. Trashy people at the health foods store
  155. ebay Suck
  156. Coupon Question
  157. Pharmacy ID suck.
  158. Weird restaurant experience
  159. Get over it; it's lunch now
  160. Yes, even the swimming instructors need to be kept safe too!
  161. A recent sighting at a new Pizza Hut
  162. Are you seriously that stupid????
  163. Keep calm and race card on
  164. "YOU HURT MOM!!"
  165. It's NOT legal theft (or why you need a receipt!)
  166. The sad story of Brutus
  167. Children should be seen and not heard.
  168. I just want some milk
  169. Lady, just knock it off already.
  170. Epic End to a Police Career, Told by a Now Truck Driver!
  171. I went through four cable company reps today. Does that make me a sucky customer?
  172. Random pool sightings
  173. Funny supermarket clerk
  174. Sheep. They're All Sheep.
  175. Possible self sighting?
  176. Student Loan Fun.....
  177. Wrong Number!
  178. Gas station to SCs: We aren't responsible for your stupidity
  179. Line Jumper DeNIED!
  180. So, who decides what's healthy for everyone?
  181. Petrol station brain burp
  182. Some people will do anything to get a story
  183. I Won't Talk to YOU Because YOU are the ENEMY!
  184. yay for food poisoning
  185. You just took their word???
  186. The sad ballad of my sassy jeans.
  187. Some people really have too much time on their hands
  188. Nomination for idiot[s] of the century
  189. CW on CW Sighting
  190. sex club???
  191. Read the effing sign!
  192. You honestly think YOUR luck is bad?
  193. I have the SC mentality, sometimes...
  194. You stay classy, locals
  195. Run,,,,, Run ....
  196. Yeah. Im a jerk.
  197. At the urgent care
  198. Bigotry, Leve Nine.
  199. Hot Yoga is too hot!!
  200. DMV license suspension Fubar "you owe $00.00"
  201. neat stuff at the local gas station
  202. He doesnt look that important!
  203. A poor man's white board
  204. well this is a great reason to avoid the on-base dog park
  205. Habits of Highly Defective College Students
  206. Was this woman an SC or did she have a legit complaint?
  207. I think my jaw is still on the shop floor!
  208. No, I'm Not Trying to Pull Anything Over On You
  209. do you really think you'll get sued?
  210. We're not going to wait forever!
  211. Horse Ass Scammer
  212. Stupid female customer with a crappy attitude
  213. Paid twice! whoops!
  214. Wherin I give Carl's Jr. both barrels (a bit sucky, but a lot justified)
  215. DOB fail
  216. Life Chronicles: And then he walked away. Brilliant.
  217. Wrong number arguer (short)
  218. So authenticity trumps safety....whoop-de-doo!
  219. Smoking= we all go poof!
  220. Pulling a joke on the new guy at Subway
  221. Did I act like one of them?
  222. A sighting about..myself.
  223. I don't -think- we were sucky...
  224. Disabled Me and the TSA
  225. Asshat SC sighting at former retail plantation (rant, some language)
  226. View from the workplace
  227. An apology from me on behalf of my team
  228. Almost had my credit card jacked
  229. Sucky Service seen at work, or am I being too sensitive?
  230. I got my way, but I'm bothered enought to post
  231. Val Market... was this picky?
  232. Wow. You are THAT impatient...
  233. They finally found me!
  234. Cranky Woman
  235. Avoiding the point
  236. I don't think I was sucky...and I don't want to be...(longish)
  237. Parties and Power Cuts!
  239. Handyman's secret fashion weapon
  240. "That is for a lack of service"
  241. I am the Laundry Fairy
  242. I hope that's not your breakfast.
  243. I... is there a limit on those??
  244. The Casino caller and the missing loyalty points
  245. How dare you smirk!
  246. Wherein I become the first to notice
  247. The travels of Carmen Sandiego and Waldo - Long
  248. too good for the deposit slip
  249. Adventures on the Train
  250. The Decider