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  1. Pawn shop pwnage
  2. Bus sightings and subway stupids
  3. Silly old lady changes her mind (a kitty tale)
  4. Almost Self-Sighting at the BK Lounge
  5. An opinion, and a Suck.
  6. Poor little girl...
  7. Something to brighten your day.
  8. Speak English
  9. Cabin Pressure
  10. Front door dumbfuckery
  11. Was I just almost mugged?!
  12. The perfect comeback! (Language)
  13. I saw a SC today in the express lane...
  14. SC Supernatural Fantatic
  15. Sucky with a side of awesome
  16. Lights would be good here
  17. sc at the gas station
  18. Do you understand what it means?!
  19. Do I see a gun next to your head?
  20. SC's come in all sorts, I guess
  21. self-sighting
  22. Saw an entire staff fired and replaced on the spot
  23. Nickel and Diming and B2M filter failures
  24. how to earn a stay in hell...
  25. Lying about store hours.
  26. The joys of clothes shopping.
  27. Really?!?!
  28. If they tell you NOT to do something
  29. Turning a negative into a positive
  30. Online PPV Streaming Woes
  31. You can't wait two seconds
  32. Semi-sighting: don't worry your workers weren't screwing up
  33. A 'quiet' dinner?
  34. Oh, give me a Brake.
  35. The Easter bunny is for all ages - funny
  36. Helped out with a possible sighting
  37. well, ain't you a smart one? (as seen on craigslist)
  38. Macy's Drives Me Nuts
  39. How to look stupid and alienate the public...
  40. PWNage in forum
  41. Who was at greater fault here?
  42. *bleeping!* robocallers
  43. Scotiabank suckage, oops and resolution
  44. Really? At the Food Bank? *sighs*
  45. Sucky singer.
  46. Things that go Bang in the Night
  47. Excuse me . . . GTFO
  48. Sucky Cashier (AKA Be Grateful You Have a Job)
  49. Hags (or why I hate the bus part 18373389729)
  50. job application wtf
  51. gas station prat...
  52. Hidden under a cart
  53. An encouraging sighting!
  54. why are you taking orders if you can't listen?!
  55. I About Shat My Panties
  56. High Theft
  57. Yay, discrimination...
  58. Leaving the honeymoon phase quickly
  59. Possible Sucky Woman sighting
  60. He's an ADULT!
  61. I don't know what to do
  62. Anyone else encounter this at full-serve gas stations?
  63. Nap Time
  64. Go Phish!
  65. Mothers Day gift idea
  66. Fish shop psycho
  67. Homeless Guy Flips Out At Pizza Joint Staff After I Buy Him Some Food ( Language )
  68. Just caught a couple scammers dead in their tracks!
  69. GF Restaurant Sucky Family Sighting
  70. How to get evicted from a hotel
  71. Delusional Restaurateurs Freak Out Online
  72. customer complaint turns into suspension
  73. SCs at the zombie run
  74. Then maybe you should close the door...
  75. Private event means closed.
  76. Crazy for tomatoes
  77. Apparently One does not delay the bus for any question
  78. Todays crop of 7th graders
  79. Yeah, they coulda done better ... (kinda long)
  80. Post graduation suck.
  81. So, why do you even care?
  82. Painfully Unfunny (or Why I Won't Dine-In at My Favorite Restaurant Anymore)
  83. I don't get it
  84. Gas station attended must have thought I was crazy
  85. Supermarkets get ppl reallllly jacked up
  86. My truck. Get your ass off of it.
  87. I want to be an SC so bad..
  88. Trippin' pregnant lady
  89. Why do you care?
  90. For the SECOND time, I DON'T work here! (with bonus loss of patience)
  91. Dumb shoplifters
  92. SC in Training?
  93. Baskin Robbins 31 cent scoop stories?
  94. No double bag for you!
  95. Refrained from a Self-Sighting of EW proportions
  96. Grrrr! Why must you call me a lyer?
  97. Unfortunate dining experience for my parents
  98. Pure Comedic Genius!
  99. what part of "No" don't you understand?
  100. I am capable of thinking despite my internal reproductive organs
  101. Do NOT cross my mother!
  102. I demand immediate service!
  103. Man of Steel, the power outage...LONG
  104. For those that work in large stores
  105. For those who work in call centers...
  106. Mind Over Matter
  107. Phones in the Theater
  108. Reading and comprehension fail
  109. Children =/= Dogs
  110. Why in the world would you want to buy our products?
  111. Next time, don't call from the subway station during rush hour!
  112. Observations these days...
  113. probably a self-sighting
  114. Choose your own Adventure Game-
  115. What's Your Guess?
  116. Confused woman on subway
  117. In which I decide not to be "That" customer
  118. Overheard in the Parking Lot
  119. Disgusting mess at the Corral
  120. Over two cents
  121. Feral woman at kennel
  122. This SC: The Freedom Fighter The World's Been Waiting For
  123. This would make a great Mastercard commercial
  124. A "Quick" Stop at the Credit Union
  125. we do not touch the customers
  126. "Yeah, that small lap dog I mentioned? It's not."
  127. No means no...
  128. Hitting on a photographer 101
  129. Lottery asshole
  130. Must be a joke because there is a punch line
  131. Got insulted at pet store today, I think...
  132. Funny that happened at Man of Steel - possible mild spoiler
  133. No Tip for You, Sucky Waitress
  134. Slow check-writer
  135. Stupid blowhard
  136. I think someone may have flung their drink in joy
  137. Ugh, just had to call the police on my downstairs neighbors
  138. The return of Billy Don't Lose My Number
  139. Hired, then fired
  140. looks like this business knows jobs way too well
  141. Weight dropper
  142. Well, I Feel Secure
  143. B***h grabbed me (language)
  144. No curbside service here!
  145. Bathrooms and my friend Emmeline's wedding
  146. Doesn't like the gate in gated community
  147. If you're Asian, surely you speak X!
  148. In case I didn't already trust mechanics..
  149. What is this, Asshole Day?
  150. Great New Show, Not.
  151. My Letter to AAA [That I Actually Sent Them]
  152. Post office wtf?
  153. Making Your Own Parking Spot
  154. me being a jerk and enjoying it - smartass self sighting
  155. Are you okay?
  156. Customer Service with Shadrach
  157. The Suck was strong yesterday at Sainsbury's...
  158. semi self sighting...
  159. Failure to Launch
  160. Even a child knows you're an idiot
  161. Bastard interview
  162. Derpy rude man at post office
  163. No, cant ship that...
  164. Way to give us a heart attack, bank
  165. SC spotted in mirror
  166. Getting Drunk And Stupid At Your Job- On Your Day Off
  167. Comcast shenanigans.
  168. Possible Self-Sighting (Pizza!)
  169. Unplugged and dumped
  170. Co-workers sucky customer
  171. My first bad tip
  172. Cursed Trip (a GWC sighting)
  173. Wherein the lottery invites identity theft.
  174. May have to turn on the SC "charm"...sorta
  175. Miserable about Les Mis
  176. "You're useless"
  177. Self-sighting at Chinese food kiosk
  178. A VERY snotty jerk (grossness warning, just eww)
  179. Sucky sales staff, sucky customers, and no less than three different penises
  180. Empty storefront is... empty?
  181. Hmm....it seems to be working....
  182. Really? You're just going to rip my phone out of my hand?
  183. At the library
  184. Chocolate Store Flasher
  185. Brain broken, please use other gate
  186. Do you have any idea who I am!?
  187. Cranky old ladies at the thrift shop
  188. Nickeling and Diming
  189. This was slightly horrifying
  190. I am sick to death of this.
  191. THAT'S why you're holding up the line?!
  192. The park is on fire, now really isn't the time to complain.
  193. I may have just checked out behind one of my SCs
  194. Sucky Customers/Staff in Israel and Palestine: Part 1!
  195. Possible self sighting
  196. Preparing for SCness in 3...2...1
  197. "I'm glad to see you failed"
  198. Someone Dropped the Ball
  199. The U-Pick Real Estate Agents
  200. My friend was an SC tonight.
  201. Neighborhood Watch
  202. Scratches Head in Confusion
  203. I am not here for YOU.
  204. Spoiling Someone's Intimate Moment ( Sighting Myself, A Friend, and A Business Owner
  205. driveway =/= carpark
  206. If there's a sign that says "Bathroom Broken Do Not Use", maybe you shouldn't use it
  207. Don't Eff with me or a Dog in my care.
  208. Burrito!
  209. Lying, cursing sack of sh*t.... (long)
  210. You could've told me that when I called...
  211. Want a job too
  212. No receipt?
  213. It's Defective!
  214. How to get an entire class of students to rebel against you...
  215. I got the waitress in trouble
  216. More on those electric scooters in stores
  217. SCs at the hotel's continental breakfast
  218. It happened at lunch
  219. Passive Agressive Much?
  220. It was most likely an error, NOT a scam
  221. First World Problems
  222. Slaves
  223. But at least he was patient
  224. All I want is a simple oil change/state inspection!
  225. Okay it's time to settle an argument...
  226. Possible self-sighting?
  227. How about that karma? :P
  228. Self-Sighting? (Bugs+motorcycles)
  229. That is one way to do it
  230. Machine woe?
  231. How not to save money
  232. Scammy former owners
  233. Differing points of view...
  234. Incident at lunch
  235. Maybe if my man-boobs were bigger...
  236. Impatient customer was given a freebie
  237. I've booked the same table for 15 years, now you've ruined our evening
  238. Was that necessary?
  239. Was the skydiving instructor sucky?
  240. Big Dick Delivers Wood
  241. This just chaps my hide!
  242. Cop complained about receving dimes as change
  243. How to make my mom go from zero to queen bitch in 5 seconds or less.
  244. Now my CW is pissed off too!
  245. bookstore sighting...
  246. Well I guess they like breathing in dirty air then....
  247. I lost my temper
  248. This ruined your day lady?
  249. Managers should put someone who knows English to take orders
  250. Lovers garage