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  1. Yep, this just fills me with confidence -- not. (Long)
  2. Seriously, I feel angry on his behalf
  3. One item only
  4. It's only six weeks, not 2 years...
  5. Lupo's Shopping Shenanigans - REVIVED!! (*WEEPS!*)
  6. Subtember Suck
  7. Yeah, you're sick
  8. Get Me a Taxi, Slaves
  9. Another reason to hate Walmart
  10. "I'm going to leave!"
  11. My laundromat crazy magnet was turned on
  12. Guess how he got paid
  13. Some people...
  14. While filling out an application, no less.
  15. Apologies to the pizza place
  16. Homeless Pervert At Gas Station
  17. This is always a good idea
  18. Let's go play in traffic. Literally
  19. But she tooollllld me you make them!!!!
  20. Starbucks suck
  21. Good luck on that application
  22. She had one job...
  23. Sometimes you have a bad day.
  24. Sighting at Starbucks: Butt cheeks
  25. Busted!
  26. I don't want to get shirty
  27. Possible self sighting?
  28. Rude and impatient. Seriously?
  29. Lines mean nothing to me
  30. Shenanigans at Starbucks: Impatient Lupo = Verbal Smackdown
  31. At the post office
  32. To be served first, all you need to be is an asshole!
  33. Fun at the local 7-11!
  34. These are the people of K-Mart... (With bonus unrelated sighting!)
  35. Wow, the salesman sucks more than his product
  36. The Happiest Place On Earth - Now with added butt cheeks!
  38. They're making him do what?
  39. Blind Cameraman at The Source
  40. Bravo idiots
  41. If you have to run your mouth through an entire church service,
  42. Idiots on a bus get pwned
  43. Sucky Vets vs Awesome Vet (and RIP Hoochie) Warning: Sad
  44. funny sighting at daycare
  45. Keep calm and be snarky
  46. Sucky Homeowner Sells House with Lein
  47. Heating Oil Company Dumps Their Product
  48. Now I get to be an SC
  49. Not sure how to put it but NSFW
  50. Grrr at entitled freecyclers
  51. Does this make me an SC?
  52. I know I'm on the wrong bus but take me there anyway!
  53. The Pedestrian and the Cyclist
  54. Spinoff - awesome bus driver
  55. It's missing an ingredient...
  56. A parade of sauces,but no waitress...
  57. Asshole (Holiday) Season Is On!
  58. What did I amlost walk into?????
  59. Delivery drivers always know
  60. Bus stop sighting
  61. Old bat screams at my CWs
  62. Stop commenting on my purchases!
  63. Not necessarily sucky just...wha?
  64. Pot meet Kettle
  65. Aggressive salesman insults me to try sell
  66. Lady, people in the Philippines wish they had your problem...
  67. Ganging up on the Cashier
  68. Bureaucratic Nonsense (longish)
  69. Parenting Inaction!
  70. Almost self sighting
  71. You want me to do what?!
  72. Impatient much?
  73. A Tale of Two Credit Cards
  74. Worst Buy
  75. My love letter to Costco
  76. college suck
  77. Well that was the worst service I've had in a while
  78. Dont antagonise the Bar Tender
  79. Sucky Tim's stories?
  80. Confirmed: FedEx has Flux Capacitors in their trucks
  81. The cleaning ladies at game day
  82. Army Saga
  83. Gas Station Bully
  84. Gas Station Attendant Ripped Me Off
  85. sucky pawn shops
  86. Train Stories
  87. I couldn't believe this bitch! {longish, language}
  88. Online Lowes HELL
  89. Nuts. Stuck with a bad pair of Jewelry Pliers
  90. Conveyor Etiquette
  91. Hooray for colossal wastes of time
  92. Bus sightings
  93. Eleventy/entitlement
  94. She Can't Let You In
  95. Baggers don't know how to bag
  96. STALKER!
  97. I gave a turkey a home
  98. Must have been one of those days
  99. Flaming hypocrite
  100. Neverending Sideshow At Taco Bell
  101. Donate an insane amount of product and we'll talk!
  102. Yet another horror story at the express check out
  103. Well, that wasn't condescending in the least
  104. Hotel Tales
  105. The secret to a successful McDonald's order
  106. Inconsiderate entitled lady coughs on my arm *ugh*
  107. Rock, Paper, Scissors!!!
  108. "That's what employees are for"
  109. A quick, strange sighting at the Chinese buffet
  110. The perils of the fish tank
  111. Restore Rummager
  112. Umm HELLO????
  113. Irv's gettin' nuttin' for Christmas....
  114. Poorly designed onlline checkout process
  115. And you expect your staff to respect you...?
  116. Whatever happened to basic manners??
  117. Customer and staff at odds in this one
  118. Amtrak got spine!
  119. Let's celebrate Christmas with theft!
  120. Doings at the DTA
  121. It's not such a big deal
  122. A capital amount of suck
  123. In which I try not to breath on the bus
  124. in-store Lowes HELL
  125. Just a quick question...
  126. Target Got Me
  127. Friendly Neighborly Relations
  128. Stop Resisting!
  129. Rude & Entitled with a Hotline to God
  130. Ripped off by Dunkin Donuts
  131. Stop jamming my internet! (epic length)
  132. College WTFs
  133. Was I sucky?
  134. Phlegm.
  135. Gee... I Wonder Why They Couldn't Help You?
  136. Some Customers Have No Respect
  137. Post-Christmas brawls, I mean sales - and we hadn't even reached the shops yet...
  138. Entitled Bimbo Outside Store
  139. Cellphone Scammers Blocked
  140. Boxing Day Nuts
  141. I just...I can't
  142. Closes at 6 means not open
  143. Just random stories
  144. Bratty adults, thongs, and idiots
  145. One Self Sighting...One near miss of slapping...
  146. messing with the (almost) owner
  147. Rogers suck (very long)
  148. Kohl's Suck
  149. Moving Suck
  150. Microsoft my ass
  151. Itching to complain
  152. The end of a Show Rabbit's career.
  153. Biology: FML
  154. Bowled over
  155. Should have stayed in school
  156. Nasty bitch at the "Big Bird" tonight
  157. Please,someone find switchboard a brain...
  158. Get a grip, Grumpy Man
  159. Dining Room Roadblock
  160. Bags o' Fun
  161. Dumb SC
  162. Can I have my dinner in a nut-free zone please?
  163. Sleeping, stroke or dead?
  164. And this is why I'm glad I no longer work retail
  165. Being the SC (this is gonna be long and probably a 2 parter)
  166. Women Scare The Piss Out Of Him
  167. Yet again, another story on handicapped parking and entitlement
  168. Entitlement at the mechanic
  169. The Happiest Place On Earth (warning: Nature red of claw and tooth and whatnot.)
  170. Funny taste in soda, workers don't care.
  171. I snapped at an SC and had an adrenaline rush for like a week afterwards.
  172. Mailman just chewed out receptionist!
  173. Maybe there's better times to give a sale pitch
  174. I am the SC tonight.
  175. Terrible phone provider service. (Very long)
  176. Reference Check =/= Sales Call
  177. Why Are You Giving Her That?
  178. I Went into the Operating Room, Sorry to Disappoint You
  179. Empty threats and Idle thoughts
  180. No food for you!
  181. Sewing Machine Shenanigans
  182. 3 cent idiots
  183. Hell Ride
  184. solar vs the charity leech
  185. The adventures of Digitalpotato and the rabbit family episode 1.
  186. Clearing snow? Why would he help with that?
  187. 'Thanks for saying hi' and 'I wasn't in line' 2-for-one!
  188. How my mentor teacher and I were stumped by a 5-year-old kid
  189. Awkward Moment At The Adult Novelty Store
  190. I want to be a SC so bad
  191. Excuse me while I talk on my cell phone. I'm not actually buying gas.
  192. Former neighbor
  193. The "Windows" Scammers
  194. You look pretty good for a dead guy!
  195. Creep gropes my CW
  196. Late night TTC shenanigans (warning: LONG!)
  197. Sucky parker lacks planning
  198. Racist jerk at the hobby shop
  199. Frat boys ahoy! (long)
  200. Kickstarter blues
  201. The Epic Saga of a Gift Exchange
  202. The stripping road trip
  203. I saw and talked to one!!!
  204. Creepy, or just plain stupid
  205. Even Worse Buy
  206. Are you trying to get mad?
  207. To A Not So Wonderful Mother
  208. Impound Idiots, or "Now I can safely say I've seen part of Argabarga's Job..."
  209. "That Can't Be What You Have"
  210. Dumb mechanic break my car and spite
  211. The parking lot is mine! All Mine!
  212. 'Cash for Gold' Privacy Fail
  213. Shady Photography Studio Fail
  214. It's MINE!
  215. Old ladies and myself, all rude
  216. Taco Hell - was I the SC?
  217. At the bank
  218. Lady all up in my business at the Stereo Shed
  219. Random sighting.
  220. We have a limited menu . . . .
  221. Um...But...
  222. Yes, because the cable company is trying to screw you.
  223. Husband pwns wife for not reading sign
  224. Am I the SC?
  225. Gas Station Pwnage
  226. Taco Bell
  227. Tales from the Blackout
  228. Bad manners and entitlement at the bagel store
  229. New (to me) phone scam
  230. To whomever owns the rental home...
  231. Multiple IHOP sightings
  232. Snake Lady
  233. Hmm could this be a scam?
  234. Librarian is sick of your BS.
  235. Short sighting
  236. Customer Supports Identity Theft At The Pharmacy
  237. Loud verbal argument erupts at McD's in Hollywood
  238. The Lego store is not your babysitter
  239. Family drama at the bus stop
  240. Customer Called Place I Was Eating At To Complain About Me
  241. You, woman, should be banned from restaurants... (swearing)
  242. Let's all ignore the fire alarm
  243. we're hiding the internet!
  244. It's Redunkulous!
  245. Permission? Work orders? Who needs em! TIMBEEEERRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  246. STFU! (Local library sighting)
  247. The unhappy lady at Papa Murphy's
  248. Lawn Service Leaves Weeds
  249. Parking Lot Flatulence ( Self Sighting )
  250. bus trip gone wrong