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  1. A cute sighting
  2. Serial Complainer (swearing)
  3. Dark Ages DMV
  4. Welcome to the Hotel Hell-ifornia....
  5. Why you gotta be so rude?
  6. Dear man in the bookies...
  7. Ice-capades
  8. Oh Lawd Jesus It's A Fire!
  9. They don't do the toppings they used to do
  10. First time for Everything
  11. Excuse me? How is it that the plan I want can't be honored?
  12. My version of being an SC
  13. It was probably me--confessional/please cheer me up
  14. Sigh. Another upcoming rental inspection...
  15. I laugh my head off (self sighting???)
  16. No, we are not a long-term computer storage facility
  17. Customer hostile uniforms
  18. Cashier with a Backbone of Adamantium
  19. Argabarga, how you deal with road service companies, I have no idea.
  20. Truck Drive Delivery Fail
  21. She's Late! For an Very Important Date!
  22. that's okay, they can wait
  23. This is seriously ruining performing in wind symphonies for me
  24. Karma's a bitch . . . and so am I.
  25. Subway is INTERESTING on Weekends! (short & sweet)
  26. O.o That was a bit odd
  27. In Front of the Kids?
  28. Almost saw a hobo fight on the bus today
  29. I'll show you!
  30. Self sighting
  31. "Professional" Photography
  32. "But I just wanted to say hiiii"
  33. Hot Wheels Scam
  34. Used Car Dealership Ruins Coworker's Credit Score
  35. Bro Gets a Tow!
  36. B**** yells at another student
  37. Be Careful What You Ask For!
  38. Security does not equal adult babysitters!
  39. Not Sucky, But Weird
  40. Cashier b*tches while coworker tried to save a life!
  41. Waste of a 2 hour commute
  42. This is why we can not have nice things
  43. I know my kids are bit unruly, but...
  44. Mobile phone issues *sob* (long, get comfy) - update, maybe resolution!
  45. Seen (Scene?) at the post office
  46. Biggest bunch of bs I ever did hear
  47. Paranoid business owner
  48. Returns don't work like that...
  49. Yes I'm sure you really want to advertise THAT!
  50. Failed Giftcard
  51. When no means yes and yes means no
  52. When towing goes wrong
  53. Tales of my former roommate
  54. fun at costco
  55. Share, share, that's fair
  56. Cell Phone Charger
  57. Oh, sorry.....we don't have the meds you require to live
  58. Selfsighting again
  59. No I don't work here, NOBODY works here!
  60. Thank you for almost costing me a thousand dollars
  61. Why blocking the rest rooms is a bad idea
  62. How dare you give me a discount
  63. Long Distance Lovin' at the Wal
  64. A negative tip?
  65. The Re-seller sucktitude
  66. Self sighting, maybe?
  67. Self sighting (but a funny one)
  68. Achievement Unlocked: Federal Agent Lock-Up
  69. I get towed and I'm not happy
  70. Oh the Humiliation.....
  71. I get scammed and I'm not happy
  72. Ice where's The Ice
  73. Fun at the Thrift Store
  74. Shopping Shenanigans
  75. You need to see my ID?
  76. I'm the (accidental) ID idiot this time
  77. Smacked in the face, repeatedly
  78. Bins on parade!
  79. This week's parade of God's special snowflakes
  80. Momma's morning story of glory.
  81. Sucky situation at the diner
  82. I was the idiot this time
  83. You called it
  84. Immaturity at the Checkout
  85. Wahh! These shoes are tooooo tight!
  86. Your ticket is not THAT important
  87. That Would Be Stealing
  88. Today our guest server is the woolly-brained sloth...
  89. There's probably a reason he's not answering her calls.
  90. A co-worker of my husband was written up & suspended for one day
  91. GET A JOB!
  92. Random sightings from around
  93. You're gonna break the machine!
  94. You can't even wait 30 seconds....
  95. They're DONUTS!
  96. Closed? That doesn't apply to me
  97. Mrs. Loudmouth
  98. But I'm buying it for myseeeeelf! *whine*
  99. Hold up at the McD's
  100. Running from the cops is a family affair
  101. IDing everyone in the group?
  102. Bye!
  103. I Don't Work Here
  104. This just happened
  105. Closed means...
  106. Incident between boyfriend and an university employee
  107. Screaming woman
  108. Who do you have in the cup? - GET OUT!
  109. Co-worker dealt with impatient pissy customers
  110. E is for Entitled. That's not good enough for me.
  111. Wakin' me up and makin' me grumpy
  112. AP Peeve
  113. I don't even work here! And neither does he!
  114. Give them an inch...
  115. Another one thwarted...
  116. Hubs helps out
  117. That akward feeling....
  118. What do I have to do to get cookies? ARGLE BLARGLE!
  119. Short, sweet and stupid
  120. Grand Canyon of Suckage
  121. Oblivious and entitled
  122. Overheard conversations
  123. Vamonos Pest drama
  124. You're not qualified!!!!
  125. Subway adventure with ingredients
  126. It's Open box, dude, what do you expect?
  127. Telemarketer Retry Fail
  128. The smart and the not-so-smart
  129. Lawyer SUCK (long)
  130. Open Your Mouth!
  131. Real men don't need no stinkin' flowers!
  132. I do not care about that; I am not leaving
  133. LIAR! You are a liar! LIAAAAAAAAR!
  134. Stress Test
  135. Annoying children at outdoor theatre - long
  136. Thieving children in training.
  137. Tight Squeeze
  138. Lack of Communication is Just the Finale
  139. Old rude lady dine and dashes
  140. I just need a mobo and CPU!
  141. Nasty-minded people! (swearing)
  142. Go through the whole catalog with me over the phone
  143. They're not called self-checkouts anymore...
  144. You should've known!
  145. International Post Suckage. >_<
  146. Yes, you did, Brett! Yes, you did! You tried to !#$% it!
  147. today's sighting
  148. Are you f*cking serious?!?
  149. Phone suck (MiM sighting)
  150. Rent is due
  151. The jeans-eating escalator
  152. Of lost dogs and snotty ex-friends.
  153. I'm not real...?
  154. You're asking a lot from gravity
  155. More dogs in stores...
  156. I am going to throttle my grandparent's mechanic
  157. Why I hate doctors
  158. Weird, therefore sucky
  159. Bus Driver takes none of Thug's Lip
  160. The bus that almost never came....
  161. Entitled old bat
  162. Stupid survey results
  163. Liquids aren't good for laptops
  164. Coworker is the bathroom attendant
  165. My Housemate loves his new pizza delivery job...NOT!
  166. Obviously she isn't a people person...
  167. We are not your pizza delivery
  168. Well, I tried . . . .
  169. Not understanding the concept of being "cut off"
  170. $3.25 does not equal $325 - any better way to handle this?
  171. I'll have what the twelve year old is having.
  172. How Stupid?
  173. The trifecta of suck is complete!
  174. I'm not supposed to, but I'll do it for you!
  175. Sighting from last year regarding parking for a charity fundraiser
  176. Manager Too Good to do Work at Wal Mart
  177. I hate post offices...
  178. The Chick Filet's Guide to the Economy
  179. Hot Rod Lincoln
  180. Way to Endanger a Neighborhood Guys!
  181. The wheels on the bus go round and round and keep going round and round.
  182. This is not a game of Hide & Seek lady
  183. Then why do you keep coming here?!?
  184. Don't drag me in to your fight
  185. Yo-Yo Coworker
  186. It's only a bottle...
  187. Witless Waiter
  188. Fun at the bank
  189. Deadbeat, Repo Thyself!
  190. Freaks come out at night
  191. Dinner Delayed for Hit and Run!
  192. I feel violated.
  193. Gym Grunting is Annoying
  194. Sure, just help yourself, it's not like anyone OWNS that.
  195. Wow...what a total cluster****!
  197. Yes, they use the numbers!
  198. The scariest thing I saw on Halloween
  199. minor sighting at the state fair tonight
  200. I'M getting debt collection calls disguised as job offers for my Housemate...
  201. The Perfect Storm... of Halloween asshattery
  202. Coworker's Bro - Wants Unemployement for 4-Hours of Work!
  203. One for Argabarga
  204. What is this limit of which you speak?
  205. Rah Rah, I'm such a BIG fan I'm going to shop during the big game!
  206. They Make Them in That Color, Too!
  207. Didn't read, didn't listen, yelled at the cashier
  208. Short Ew comment
  209. This is why I never shop in the afternoon.
  210. No, murder isn't funny
  211. Why would downed power lines keep you from delivering pizza????
  212. If a LARPer Pees in the Woods...
  213. Pretty sad Emts won't help nowadays
  214. What the Fark?
  215. Where is my burger!
  216. Because yelling and screaming at the ATM will fix it
  217. Leggo my almonds!
  218. Small eBay funny.
  219. "I have been parking in this spot for 5 years"
  220. Doubling up
  221. I'm Your Customer, Chica.
  222. STIFLE your BRAT!!
  223. Another One Rides the Bus
  224. You spit in my food!
  225. Black Friday is Black Friday everywhere
  226. Buggy Douchebag
  227. "Can't or Won't?"
  228. Today I almost started a riot at Sears over the Christmas Music
  229. You're there to HELP as well as SELL...
  230. Too lazy to clean until she was yelled at (slightly gross)
  231. I Want My Bridal Makeup Done For Free
  232. WTH, Phone Scammer? What part of "F**k Off!" is hard to understand?
  233. The epitome of suck
  234. The parade of the dim-and-dumb criminals
  235. SC at Sea
  236. Tales from my coworker
  237. VP's credit card had expired
  238. Fun with name badges
  239. Today's unambitious scammer...
  240. It's Sexual Deviant of the Year Winner!
  241. Dora vs. Barbie
  242. In a hurry: was I sucky?
  243. Wherein a cashier is threatened with death
  244. Victory!!!
  245. BOGOsity
  246. "Quick bite" is anything but....
  247. Try as you might, Can't ruin my wedding
  248. Trashcan lid is missing
  249. Pretty good day...
  250. It's the Most Suckiest Time of the Year