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  1. It's not spelled correctly!
  2. Why won't you help me????
  3. Know what you want!
  4. I must have bad luck with BK
  5. Listen to your cashier!
  6. Good Friday is worse than Christmas!!
  7. I threw a tantrum in a store
  8. The harpies
  9. I could have been sucky...
  10. Small time quick-change artist
  11. bored hotel lady?
  12. Assault and Batteries?
  13. The train won't wait for you!!
  14. 3 for me!
  15. Unsucky sighting
  16. Tire Fun (or, Three Stories in 24 Hours)
  17. The saga of Dumass's Garage, or, how badly can you eff up a repair
  18. Thank you, Captain Obvious: A quickie, non-sucktastical sighting
  19. Smarmie Desk clerk
  20. How hard is it to follow directions
  21. MacDonald's Recruitment Ad
  22. First post; very sucky customer
  23. The question never to ask of someone you don't know....
  24. Statement of the week
  25. Little girls tantrum
  26. Daddy, no!!!
  27. Someone call the waaaaaambulance!
  28. SC at the bank
  29. Wherein Boozy seriously loses her shit at the self-scan
  30. Time moves differently in her world
  31. well excuse me for interupting
  32. Go Nan
  33. Bread Lady Screams in Grocery Store
  34. Best wrong # call I've ever gotten
  35. Nickel Arcade
  36. I don't know if they were on to him or not
  37. My cat Darwin was the Sucky Customer!
  38. Morons in fast food
  39. Just.. Wow... Stupidity at Wal-Mart
  40. Leave the towels alone!!!
  41. Not sucky. Just kinda dumb.
  42. It shouldn't have broke!
  43. Cellphone A$$hat!
  44. Price Warriors!
  45. Don't hold that conversation in front of customers
  46. Onion skins??
  47. That's not a dog, that's ME!
  48. Got My Frappucino Free Today...
  49. SCs all over! There's no esape! Red alert! Red alert!!!!
  50. Cool sign I saw today
  51. I kept my job by keeping my mouth shut
  52. Sucky Teacher....
  53. Again with the MacDonald's!
  54. Sucky? or Not sucky? You be the judge...
  55. I was an SC today
  56. It's always someone else's fault!
  57. Where did you learn that word?!
  58. The Golden Rule, as told by The Towel Tosser
  59. Where are you??!!
  60. Sucky Best Buy!!
  61. My poor drink
  62. Crusty Old Bat @ the Beauty Shop
  63. They've closed down you idiots!!
  64. I'm going to have to find a new MacDonald's or just give it up for good
  65. Dumbass plumbers and fancy steak (long)
  66. Sucky Server
  67. Cashier tells someone off
  68. The marathon
  69. Never piss off a hairdresser!
  70. Misinformed Employee
  71. Whining < Laws of Physics
  72. I Just Wanted A Haircut
  73. Icky!
  74. Kill me.
  75. The most annoying girl in the world
  76. Social Security and the Drunk
  77. Harpy At The Market
  78. Not sure how to classify this one.
  79. If it's so important to you...
  80. Interesting Scammer
  81. I suspect he's not after repeat customers
  82. You are not to good to wait in line.
  83. Stop interupting us!!
  84. Hold while I bend the laws of space...
  85. My Visit to Sonic
  86. Drunk in Arby's
  87. The grossest example of entitlement ever...
  88. And WHY would waste another second of my life on you?
  89. Rude employee
  90. Public Address systems and the fun they cause.
  91. But I'll have the money eventually!
  92. I wrote my first complaint letter
  93. All this over 40 cents...(long)
  94. For want of a Penny
  95. My Mom was the sucky customer
  96. What did I do wrong?
  97. Ridiculously turgid phone script
  98. Idiots at the clinic
  99. Stressed much?
  100. Best Buy's sucky customer service
  101. Enterprising Subway employee (or not)
  102. A rude customer, and some great employees
  103. Update on a bus story
  104. Kennywood Sighting
  105. Exterior Grade Paint...
  106. Fun in the Wal-Mart Parking Lot
  107. She doesn't work here!!
  108. Screwed Up Returns..
  109. How not to impress the ladies.
  110. He would've gotten away with it too...
  111. Tattoos and Piercing Fun
  112. Another coffee shop tale...
  113. sorry bro, gotta tell the tale!
  114. The Point Stealing Cashier
  115. I don't even look like I work there!
  116. The comedienne cashier
  117. SCs invade Battleship Cove
  118. Not Sucky, Just...Odd
  119. I wish I got her name
  120. Delusional woman at express line
  121. Get Ye To A Disney Store
  122. We have no record of you.....
  123. Proof positive.
  124. Nipped in the bud
  125. The pub is empty!
  126. Back it up, Gas Station Lot
  127. Parking and Racism *brief strong language*
  128. But... I Wanted a Pizza :(
  129. Three hour pizza and you want me to pay?
  130. Excuse me...?! What the hell is wrong with you?
  131. Sucky phone rep
  132. Yes, the panties are cute, but . . .
  133. Dick's whining.
  134. Monday, Monday (Warning: Whiny Rant)
  135. Incredible idiocy
  136. We don't price match!!
  137. Overreact much, buddy?
  138. But... I don't want pepperoncini's in my sub!
  139. The Haggler
  140. Worst take-away ever... (rant)
  141. BK does't pay them enough to care about you.
  142. Gas Station Twerp
  143. American Idol
  144. Waiter Stands His Ground!!!!!
  145. Being an SC can cost you friends.
  146. I dreamt my mom was an sc
  147. Two scenarios that could have been bad..
  148. Making things just a little harder for an SC
  149. Uh, yeah...I've been on the road too, moron...
  150. Pet Store Exchange
  151. Hot dogs are NOT innuendos
  152. The "Splash Zone" at a Shamu show..
  153. Where's my money?
  154. Zoo crazy
  155. Credit Fraud Stupidity
  156. No, I'm not 12. No, I'm not a boy.
  157. Bloody Mugs
  158. Excuse me, but your ass is showing
  159. Who was the sucky one?
  160. Staples Gang War?
  161. Turn off your light then!
  162. This is a stupid happening
  163. Apparently getting what you deserve is sexist
  164. Red Meat
  165. She might be a SC, not sure...
  166. The Joys of Karma
  167. Sucky Employees everywhere!
  168. Catfight in Self Serve!
  169. Ever hear of tact? (Sucky Employee)
  170. a fly in the fries
  171. Miss Attitude coming through
  172. Landlords who just don't get it
  173. Maybe if I sacrifice a goat you can help me
  174. Cultural Sensitivity
  175. Just a quick one
  176. Is it wrong for me to be laughing?
  177. Just a nice little interaction this evening.
  178. Feel free to slap me.
  179. The magic elevator
  180. Socks?
  181. Racist bastard at dinner tonight
  182. My 5 AM breakfast on Sunday
  183. Dine & Dash @ IHOP
  184. Um... I didn't really ask your opinion on anything
  185. Wench in Wal-Mart pharmacy
  186. Campground rowdies.
  187. I'm not dumb or blind, thank you.
  188. Rude old men
  189. *scoff*comics
  190. Sobbing drama
  191. The Towel Tosser Has Crossed The Line
  192. Lazy or just can't read, or ????
  193. How's THIS for your weight loss? (AKA: Best exit evah)
  194. Clockwork is Probably Laughing About This One
  195. Work in paint dept, don't know how to mix paint?
  196. Peeing in McDonalds
  197. Just another time when I didn't get service
  198. A mad man is me sighting.
  199. Yeah, I'm 16,your point being?
  200. Wait your freakin turn idiot.
  201. Racist two faced delivery guy and a question.
  202. Not sucky, quite the opposite...
  203. No no im fine...
  204. Not the race card!
  205. My Roomie The SC
  206. Cussing out a bank employee, yeah...
  207. Get your cart out of my butt!
  208. Unsupervised children.....what can't go wrong?
  209. I Think They Misunderstood the "Strip" in Strip Mall
  210. My dad's idiot customer experience
  211. "You shouldn't have done that." - re: a discount
  212. Why are the shortest check-out lines always the ones held up by an SC?
  213. man apologizes for SC wife
  214. Kids and cell phones
  215. Supersized Karma with a Sprite!
  216. Shirtless Sucktacular Shenanigans
  217. My Mom works with an auctioneer...
  218. Another cell phone story
  219. Lady, there's not just one kind of peach
  220. A good customer!!
  221. Defense or prosecution?
  222. Wow, thats.....um.....Embarassing (NSFW?)
  223. Green Dot, (wherein Repsac confuses a cashier)
  224. Comics: The Anti-Suck
  225. "That Bitch": My sister-in-law
  226. The SC who rushes to beat you to the check out line when they are not done shopping
  227. It Helps to be an Ex-Cop
  228. If it's animated, it must be for kids.
  229. The Missing Link? Found.
  230. Sucky customer code name:MOM
  231. Mall rant
  232. rude rude rude
  233. Stupid blood donation lady.
  234. Thank you for DOUBLING my train journey
  235. Is that your highbeams or are you happy to see me?
  236. Local Drive Thru Worker Assulted by SC
  237. If things are better in (Name your state), who's twisting your arm to stay here?
  238. Sign in the Woman's Bathroom
  239. Sneaky, sneaky
  240. Sucky parking lot lady...
  241. Computer says what?
  242. my hand is there, you put items IN hand
  243. Testerossa
  244. Another Happy Starbucks Story
  245. "Dogs are nicer than customers"
  246. And what a sight it was!
  247. Things I Have Learned From Retail
  248. I will fix computers for free before I tell anyone to go here (long)
  249. Boy, you passing me a fake ID?
  250. Your car's spoiler is not a passenger seat