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  1. Good Carpets = Better Business
  2. You know, when it's busy, you do have to wait...
  3. One reason to shop early
  4. I don't even work there, but I ruined a christmas..
  5. How many different SCs can I see in an hour?
  6. Ruining Christmas by being Closed on Christmas
  7. Check your stock before you sell it...
  8. Dear Mom: You did nothing wrong.
  9. Agreeing to disagree...
  10. Just friendly and rude
  11. Taking advantage of free?
  12. Front of house wait
  13. I was a slight SC
  14. Listen first then you'll learn something
  15. Frustrating(long)
  16. Rude woman attacks me in discount store
  17. Attention ladies...
  18. F*ck you archery club president
  19. To the jackass in his SUV...
  20. Yep, just endanger yours and other children....
  21. Bring It Back!
  22. Grandma of the Year
  23. Fun at the markets
  24. Guess they don't want their animals to get homes...
  25. The f-unfight at the gamestore
  26. If you're sick, don't see a movie!!!
  27. Things Not To Do In Sydney #459
  28. This DOES have a happy ending, trust me! (long)
  29. A few weird ones from summer shopping
  30. Open mouth, insert cash.
  31. My poor coworker was yelled at
  32. Random Sightings
  33. At Swarovski, not all that glitters is gold...
  34. There's a reason it's the road less traveled
  35. Glaciers are quicker...
  36. Was the girl on the register sucky?
  37. It's legal, go away dumb man
  38. Grape eater
  39. It's Getting Hot in Here... So All the Roads are Closed.....
  40. So, we went to a concert..
  41. I'd better get a tax refund this year!!!! (ranty)
  42. When asking for help...
  43. The Naked Restauranteur
  44. I see what you did there.
  45. self sighting...(long)
  46. Supervisor dealt with pissy customer; warning language
  47. Don't Make Comments about My Package
  48. Crap in the pants and unruly kids
  49. A little suck on both sides
  50. Take the till test...
  51. Come with me if you want to live
  52. "What new policy?"
  53. You're a bit late
  54. SCO twit
  55. No, we won't deliver to the place we delivered to before
  56. Movers, you're moving MY things, talk to ME
  57. Parental Correction *Warning: Racist Term Used
  58. Phrasing!
  59. Someone is SO fired...
  60. SC at 30,000 feet
  61. SC at Midnight
  62. Another 'Pissy' Day at Work!
  63. Scammer finally banned
  64. Booger Bread-Not for those with weak stomachs!
  65. Round and round on the bureaucracy train!
  66. Four months does not equal years....
  67. A funny ID story
  68. No Parking =/= Bus Stop
  69. Personal space violator finally gets told off
  70. What's the scam?
  71. You Forgot Pants, Miss.
  72. Extremely Rude Waitress Tonight
  73. You must be smarter than the machine.
  74. Scary dude at fast-food place (and a bit of instant karma)
  75. Pissed of handicapped parker
  76. Wrong order? She doesn't care!
  77. Childish antics on Facebook
  78. That's MY food!
  79. McMunchies
  80. Stay classy dude!
  81. Hit and run
  82. Unruly kids and no-hands driver
  83. Little kid in craft store
  84. I Wanted Breasts
  85. So I went grocery shopping today...
  86. Hubs gets complaint about himself
  87. Couponers galore
  88. Since when I become everyone's buddy?
  89. Judged by looks
  90. Cursing customer
  91. Quit, then promoted (MiM sighting)
  92. My nomination for Dim Attempted Thief of the Year
  93. Rebate Issues
  94. "But he told me drive the wrong way down this street"
  95. Does this make me sucky?
  96. Computer Blackout
  97. Drive-thru disasters
  98. I think my brain just committed ritual suicide...
  99. Great way to look for new staff there bud...
  100. so yeah, some people are just utter douchebags...:(
  101. I can't go anywhere!
  102. So I walked into a door today.
  103. Fun At the Agricultural Show!
  104. Probably not the best choices
  105. Playing Games
  106. You didn't want to do that, but you had to.. didn't you
  107. I Told You So!
  108. Funny spams
  109. minor bus sighting
  110. Hubby sucked.
  111. If you're not a child, OUT of the damn carriage!
  112. I want to be the GOOD cyclist.
  113. Try looking for 'big red car to win' instead....
  114. Hey,we're sales,not the local library...
  115. Sucky hotel guests . . . includes question
  116. No you don't have to share it or show it...
  117. Wants the teacher to spoonfeed us even more
  118. CW says I should've done more
  119. Bus Sightings
  120. I should be smarter than this!
  121. Absolutely mortified
  122. Disgusting teens
  123. Annoying Expedia Rep
  124. Cute kid sightings
  125. Spooky woman in Church
  126. This a grocery store not your living room...
  127. Woman at the doctor's office
  128. Annoying man on the bus
  129. A Series of Interesting Events
  130. "Sir, we're out of bread."
  131. SCO story of the day.
  132. Terrible Takeaway
  133. My first ID failure, and proof I am a gentleman.
  134. How NOT to teach your son to line jump
  135. A locking gas-cap?
  136. A Concerned Veterinarian?
  137. People are animals. [LONG]
  138. Who is the Scammer? You decide!
  139. You're Trying to Steer My Package Wrong?
  140. Friday Night Plans
  141. crazy neighbor?
  142. You might want to mention that in the ad...
  143. Will this be sucky?
  144. Lost pictures.
  145. The few, ruining it for the rest
  146. Other Hotels don't know the meaning of sold out
  147. My first ever "do you work here"!!
  148. Navigating the switchboard operator of doom...
  149. Who wants to get eaten by wolves?
  150. Rude Starbucks Woman
  151. Staggering around in your underpants does not get you
  152. The Lego Thief
  153. Trespassing woman tries to "bust" Hubby's CWs
  154. Sixteen should fall under "about fifteen"
  155. ....I'm ashamed that we want to have the same career
  156. At least he has good work ethic
  157. Salon Cheapskate
  158. To quote Ultron...
  159. to an Amazon UK rep
  160. Anyone want to take responsibility for this car?
  161. My uncle Dickbag
  162. RUDE!
  163. Other Olypmic sprinters/timelords...
  164. weird and weirder calls
  165. Requiem for a doughnut
  166. Would you SHUT UP?
  167. I'm not great at sympathy.
  168. Let's call it plan P
  169. Dumb questions....
  170. Talk about the bizzare and the crappy. Literal
  171. Well, aren't you special.
  172. Sucky Bus Driver (bit long)
  173. Brainwashing at the buffet
  174. Angry client tries to get Hubs fired
  175. Horrible Angry Man (HAM)
  176. Did you want a drive through?
  177. Package Confusion
  178. I'll take my business elsewhere!
  179. Credit Card Craziness
  180. One from my co-worker
  181. Grossness in public
  182. i'm GOING to do this... oh NO you're not
  183. A Nice "Crazy" Person and a Clean and Polite Hobo
  184. OK, I won't say anything
  185. Drama at the bank
  186. Your Job is to Provide Information You Know
  187. Apparently we are polite.
  188. KFC doesn't sell capers!
  189. That's not the way to ask for help
  190. Creepy old dude
  191. One from today!
  192. Movie Theater Suck
  193. In which I get scammed at the bus stop.
  194. Greed Doesn't Pay
  195. Did you ever say "Do you work here?" to someone?
  196. "What have you done to your hand?"
  197. LIAR!
  198. Gallifrey Moving & Storage...
  199. I want the ORIGINAL flavor!
  200. I am ready to upgrade
  201. Hubby's MiM demoted him
  202. Tales from my holiday
  203. to a CVS cashier
  204. Whiny reviewers
  205. It's a man's world
  206. I Think I'm Funny
  207. Here's Your Sign
  208. Missing busload of guests
  209. I guess you can't argue with that.
  210. Story time. Dad's story.
  211. So Not-Sucky it Was Creepy
  212. Yeah, he was hussling
  213. Boom!
  214. Impatience will cost you...
  215. selfsighting b/c I felt ripped off D:
  216. That would kill a hummingbird...
  217. Travel Fails - Not My Fault Edition
  218. But how much will you give me for it?
  219. Creepy old man
  220. Grocery Store Manners
  221. Way to ruin a fun event.
  222. The worst waiter
  223. The clue was in the name...
  224. Really?!
  225. Try to scam me, will ya...
  226. Why won't people just listen?
  227. Mean dr. delivered me
  228. Pick a country, any country!
  229. Hubs has to go job hunting now.
  230. Co-worker got in trouble for talking to a security guard
  231. "a two digit month and a two digit year"
  232. Wherein a Liar Nearly Has Us Sleeping In a Cardboard Box
  233. She thought I worked there
  234. How NOT To Sell A Car
  235. How not to sell a house (long)
  236. One Place That Lie Will Never Fly
  237. Pissy customer who complained in the garage office
  238. Lady Almost Ruins Giveaway
  239. This week's [s]drunken fool[/s] comedy criminal...
  240. Great. Just lovely.
  241. Wrong number = kidnapping
  242. You never know who's listening do you?
  243. You don't have a data plan.
  244. Take me to the centre...
  245. lol
  246. Thank you, Captain Obvious.
  247. To the bus driver
  248. Don't give them ideas!
  249. Suck at the Self Checkout
  250. Police dump crazy girl on us...thanks!